The 2023 DBTA Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award invites judges from diverse fields and professional experience, hoping to observe the unique DEI practical experience of enterprises/organizations through multiple perspectives, and select Taiwan's pioneer enterprises of diversity and inclusion through a fair evaluation mechanism.

The 2023 DBTA Vision Award for Diversity and Inclusion is expected to have many highlights, in addition to many experts signing up for the competition, women fans also invited judges with diverse backgrounds and rich experience, hoping to create a communication platform that all participants can trust and participate.

The selection is fair and focuses on substantive experience

First of all, we focus on the actual experience of the enterprise/organization, and for the qualitative DEI indicators, we encourage enterprises to propose "supporting information" and "data information" in addition to textual descriptions, and the judging will be based on the specific practices and experience of the enterprises, so as to uphold the principle of fairness.

"Best attempt" is more important than comprehensiveness

In addition, we encourage "best attempts" rather than "total perfection", and companies/organizations only need to fill in the application information with one existing attempt, and do not need to fill in all of them to register. The judging will also focus on practical experience, and it is not necessary to score 100 points in each item, but also to be the first place.

Uniqueness requires a diverse vision

It is not an easy task to be able to choose the best tries in different types of businesses/organizations. This is why women invite judges based on the principle of "diversity and inclusion", hoping to select pioneer enterprises of Taiwan DEI through the perspective of diverse backgrounds, identities and experiences.

The final list of winners will be judged by an independent jury, and the final results will be checked by KPMG, a global professional consulting service organization that guarantees the fairness and fairness of the awards through a professional perspective. The following is a breakdown of the judging of the 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Vision Awards.

Review individual presentations

Cai Yuling

She is currently the co-founder of Lee & Tsai International Science and Technology Law Firm / the founding honorary chairman of the Association of Women Directors.

In addition to her extensive experience in both the public sector and the corporate sector, Ms. Tsai is also committed to promoting the increase in the proportion of female business leaders on the board of directors, initiated and established the Taiwan Women Directors Association in 2018, promoted research on Taiwan's female business leaders during her tenure as chairman, continued to publish the "Women's Governance White Paper" every year, and actively nurtured the next generation of Taiwanese female business leaders.

Yu Xiuzhi

She is currently a director of the Taiwan Equal Rights Network for Women with Disabilities, and served as a member of the fourth and fifth sessions of the Gender Equality Committee of the Executive Yuan.

After Yu Xiuzhi was paralyzed by illness 24 years ago, her life walked from the runway to the stage of life, expressing emotions and transmitting ideas through writing, from stepping out of her heart to discovering the "barrier environment" is the real dilemma, and began to practice different channels and methods, publishing, speaking, broadcasting, painting, etc., to let the public understand the real life of people with disabilities.

Simple to clean

He is currently the Secretary-General of the Taiwan Partnership Advocacy Alliance.

Since 2012, she has been formally established as the secretary-general, leading the team to complete the draft of the three laws on pluralism and family formation, the interpretation of the constitution on equal rights in marriage, the anti-gay referendum, the same-sex legislation, and the legality of cross-border same-sex marriage, and in recent years, she has deeply cultivated transgender human rights.

Ma Yue · Than roar

He is currently an imager and the CEO of Ruma Nama Agency.

"Mayaw" means star guarding the moon in the Ami language, and in addition to shooting award-winning ethnic documentaries, he was also selected as one of the "Top Ten Potential People in Taiwan" ethnic harmony category and served as the chairman of the Tainan Nationalities Committee. He is currently the CEO of Uma Nama and is committed to promoting all-mother tongue education, and currently has a "riverside classroom" in Ami and a "mountain classroom" in Rukai.

Zhang Weixuan

He is currently the founder and CEO of Wusi Media.

Successive presidents have been honored as representatives of female entrepreneurs, Digital Time magazine has selected the top 20 women who have influenced Taiwan, the U.S. Department of State has invited to participate in the Young Global Leaders Program, and Taiwan has represented Taiwan at APEC meetings many times, promoting the enlightenment of gender and diversity and inclusion in the Chinese-speaking world in a popular and technological way.

Women's fans look forward to creating a communication platform for DEI through discussion, and on the day of the award, they have the opportunity to exchange DEI's experience and ideas with major industry leading enterprises and professional and diversified judges, which is a rare opportunity, and register for the 2023 DBTA Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award now, don't miss it!