The "Love In" trilogy is a classic romantic representation for many people, and Julie Butterfly, who plays the heroine, transforms all the way, taking us to see that it is very attractive to be comfortable and confident in our own appearance!

Speaking of Julie Butterfly, perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is her appearance as the heroine in the classic romantic love movies "Love at the Dawn", "Love at Sunset in Paris", and "Love in Midnight Greece" series.

From an innocent and agile young woman, to a smart woman in her thirties and forties who have fought with reality and gradually become worldly. Julie Butterfly has always been the appearance of French beauty in people's imagination: smart and sexy, playful and rebellious, full of electricity. In movies, she is more often the object of people's desires.

But she has been challenging people's fantasies about her.

I'm sexy yes, but refuse to be lustful in a single way

When Julie Butterfly was young, she participated in the audition of the great director Kislawsky's film "Two-Faced Veronie". In the audition, the first question asked her to look sexy, she was a little upset, and simply extended her tongue to lick in the direction of her earlobe.

When encountering this kind of request, no matter which big director is in front of her, she is unwilling to aggrieved herself and embarrass herself to do what she does not want to do; She doesn't want to succumb to stereotypical sexiness and simply be funny. Julie later recalled, she said: "When I saw the expression on the director's face, I knew that I was finished, and Chislawski would definitely not ask me to perform."

However, this also made Chislawski remember her, and later Chislawsky's classic "Blue, White and Red" trilogy invited her to pick a big beam to play the protagonist of "White Love", when Julie Butterfly was 25 years old.

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Image|"White Love" stills

Not only actors, musicians, but also directors and screenwriters

Many people don't know that the scripts for "Love at Sunset in Paris" and "Love in Midnight Greece" were actually co-written by her with Ethan Hawke and director Richard Lint, and she was also nominated for an Academy Award twice. The "Love In" trilogy movie has her shadow and her rebellious spirit.

In "Love in Midnight Greece", Julie Butterfly played a person who is no longer so naïve, and also quarrels with the male protagonist day and night for firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce and vinegar tea. In an exclusive interview with the media, she said that she deliberately wanted to play a forty-year-old heroine that the audience hated because it was closer to a woman struggling in reality.

At the same time, Julie Butterfly also resists people projecting film images onto her real life. She has said many times that she does not want to be exotic and used as a symbol of "French woman". In the films or interviews written and directed by Julie Butterfly, she loves to bluntly poke everyone's fantasies about French flirt and French sexy women.

To say that she is French style is actually a bit lazy simplification, people prefer Julie Butterfly's "comfortable" aura than "French style". In Hollywood, Julie Butterfly has also always been an outlier. She is one of the few who is willing to speak openly about the plight of women in the film industry and the body outside the aesthetic framework of Hollywood.

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I have a wide French ass and don't care about bare breasts at 40

Julie Butterfly has always been very comfortable with her body, some people say that she has a big ass, and she also jokes to herself: "I just have a big 'French' ass." "There's no time to diet, dieting is exhausting, you have to constantly worry about your appearance and keep going to the gym," she said.

"If you worry about your appearance all day, you won't have time to write scripts or take care of children. Not being too surprised allows me to focus on more important things."

Wearing black comfortably is her secret

Finally, if you also like the atmosphere and look of Julie Butterfly in the "Love In" trilogy. Julie Butterfly in the movie often sets the tone for her dress through black and dark colors. This is the case with the "Love In" trilogy, because the film is shot in one day, and the entire film often relies on a single set of costumes, and black is a color that she always wears on her body in addition to her blonde hair.

The second episode also has a costume from beginning to end, a black sleeveless top, jeans and a white embroidered cotton jacket. When the two were in a strange relationship, she wore a coat. When it was hot, the two became more and more intimate, so they took off their coats and exposed their arms and skin. In the third episode, it echoes the thin shoulder strap small polka dot dress of the first episode.

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Image|"Love at the Dawn of Dawn" stills

This time, there is no T-shirt in it, and as she gets older, Julie Butterfly feels more comfortable with her body; When she and her children were in the orchard, she wore a checkered shirt and jeans, echoing the shirt of the first episode, but showing a different style.

Watching the "Love In" movie trilogy, in addition to reliving the classic romance, I also see that if a person is comfortable and simple to wear, they are all very good-looking, all of which are so-called "French style". Being comfortable with your body and being confident in what you are is the style we see and what we learn from Julie.