Before the start of this year's DEI Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award, let's review how local companies will practice DEI in 2022.

Women fans have been deeply engaged in diversity and inclusion for ten years, and have been invited by UN representatives many times to share their experience. We are seeing a global job restructuring where companies are facing a pinnacle of job shortages and high turnover. If companies want to strengthen their image, recruit great talent, and further promote performance growth, DEI (Diversity, Fairness, Inclusion) is the solution!

Women are obsessed with planning the DEI Diversity for Better Tomorrow Awards (DBTA) for the first time in 2022, which recognizes companies with DEI policies and hopes to encourage companies to join allies. As we are about to launch the second DBTA, let's take a look back at the 2022 event and examine what local companies in Taiwan have done!

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Taiwan Port Corporation Limited: Step by step, listen to employees

Zheng Shuhui, deputy general manager of business of Taiwan Port Co., Ltd., said that the company promotes gender equality and the prevention of illegal infringement, and also provides employees with learning maps and planning complete functional courses, so that they can learn step by step and reduce their fear of work.

At the same time, whether it is a new employee or an executive, the company supports the phased career growth of each employee, and also listens to the voice of employees, provides annual relocation opportunities, home or flexible work, hoping to improve employees' happiness and sense of security.

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Fubon Media Technology Co., Ltd.: A diversified and inclusive workplace is a win-win situation for employees and customers

Ye Lingling, Director of Sustainability Development Department of Fubon Media Technology, shared that MOMO has actively introduced a diverse and inclusive workplace culture since 2019, promoting three major actions, including gender equality, female empowerment and diversified hiring, thereby strengthening the company's human rights protection and employee welfare, such as paying more attention to the balance between employees' family and life, eliminating gender and sexual orientation discrimination, and significantly increasing employee retention rate.

In addition, in the use of talents, we also adhere to the principle of diversity and friendliness, in addition to over-enrollment of people with disabilities, aboriginal people and middle-aged and elderly workers are also welcome to join. When the composition of the employee structure is also a diversified and inclusive combination, the company can be closer to the needs of consumers and help optimize services and products.

Advantech Co., Ltd.: Diversity and inclusion have become the DNA of the company

Liu Weizhi, Associate Director of Advantech Co., Ltd., mentioned that Advantech, as an industrial Internet of Things industry, needs diversified talents and capabilities, so it has been developing towards diversified talent recruitment. The company not only has a clear recruitment strategy, but also provides employees with diversified internal training and talent development channels.

In addition, Advantech is actively promoting gender equality in the workplace, and the proportion of female employees is increasing year by year, and middle and senior managers and managers in many departments are held by women. Nearly a quarter of Advantech's global headquarters management team is headed by women, and one of the three co-governed general managers is a top female executive, reflecting gender equality among professional managers.

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Zhongding Engineering Co., Ltd.: Create an inclusive workplace that combines sustainability and culture

He Liyan, perpetual director of Zhongding Group, pointed out that Zhongding's employees come from more than 20 countries, and it is very important for the company to diversify the composition and create an equal environment.

Zhongding attaches great importance to sustainable development, combined with the implementation of DEI, the company has refined human rights policies with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, established a sexual harassment prevention committee, employee opinion platform, etc., and also provided employees with diversified resources such as medical treatment, neonatal care, Muslim prayer room and so on.

By building a diverse organizational culture and providing physical resources, Zhongding hopes to make employees feel comfortable in the workplace and gain a greater sense of belonging.

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Taiwan Fuxing Industrial Co., Ltd.: Diversity allows us to grasp the needs of the public and move from competition to progress

Lin Yizheng, cultural director of Taiwan Fuxing Industry Co., Ltd., believes that the promotion of multiculturalism is a must, and diversified enterprises can more accurately grasp consumer needs. In order to create a diversified and friendly workplace, the company adopts 7 flexible recruitment channels, and also formulates new personnel assistance plans and foreign staff care plans.

In addition, Fuxing has been cultivating "migrant workers" for many years, and external initiatives have also been continued, such as cooperating with One Forty to tour the Migrant Voice photo exhibition. Fuxing is committed to a diversified and inclusive workplace environment, hoping to promote the development of employees' ideas and abilities, so that they can shift from competition to common progress, and strengthen the cooperative relationship between colleagues.

We invite you to join the ranks of diverse and inclusive enterprises

After reading the 2022 local enterprise sharing, are you also willing to try to join the ranks of diversified and inclusive enterprises? The final entry for the 2023 DEI Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award is in full swing, click the link to register now and join us in building a win-win world of diversity and inclusion!

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