The first episode of "Telling Xuan Xuan" invited Zou Kailian Rose, former managing director of Verizon Media International Business, to share some of life's secrets, secrets of success, and untold life stories.

Rose gave himself the keyword

Wei Xuan asked, "If you had to write down three keywords for yourself, how would you describe yourself?" This keyword is a fun thing to do, because Rose just told me that she is a very honest person who can face herself. Will your own imagination be the same as that of others?".

Rose smiled and added the English keywords, confidently revealing the answer in her hand. The first is sincere, the second is energetic, and the third is brave. For Rose, what she has always felt lucky about is always living like herself.

"I've made a lot of decisions in my life, deciding whether to or don't want to, and that criterion is not what other people think of me, but how I see me, and I care how I see me." When Rose said this, Wei Xuan couldn't help but echo forcefully. When you are weak, what is really sad is not who said anything to you, but that you lose confidence in yourself or feel disappointed.

So be sincere, it's important to be able to live like yourself. When it comes to energetic, Rose generously said that she is very energetic, and Wei Xuan immediately said that the first thing everyone feels when they meet Rose is that it is very much like the sun.

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Photo | Zou Kailian Rose @ FB

The most exaggerated description of Rose that Wei Xuan has heard is a person who worked with Rose at Yahoo, who said that when he made coffee in the pantry, Rose walked like a gust of wind, bringing its own solar energy, making him feel a warm current. This warm force is constructive, not destructive.

"Actually, energetic is action-oriented, compared to when I see what I want to do and I should do, I will do it. That's definitely going to be about bravery. Because this matter is closely related." Rose said forcefully. Sometimes we feel like we should do what we want to do but don't do it because we may be afraid of what others say, or fear failure, etc.

So take that fear off, and you can also replace bravery with cheekiness. In fact, we all have moments of fear, absolutely not without, but to remove this thing, and everyone tries to make decisions in fear and uncertainty, the impact is the problem of probability.

How Rose sees herself

In the eyes of others, Rose is a person who is equated with success, "Then will there be more pressure at this time, that is, I Zou Kailian cannot fail, because I am synonymous with success." Wei Xuan looked at Rose curiously.

"Never, I've never had this kind of baggage!" Rose replied cheerfully that this kind of thing was a small burden for her. Because she always feels that she never stops, she has always lived herself as a verb, and she rarely thinks about what others think of her. When she thinks about how others see her, it is to help herself correct herself and make herself less influenced by others.

Wei Xuan quickly asked, "Because this matter is very difficult, I must help everyone and help myself, and I must ask whether this is a habit that you can have since you were a child?" Or have you ever failed because you've listened to some of other people's evaluations, so you know that this matter doesn't matter, or are you really born to be fearless?"

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Photo | Zou Kailian Rose @ FB

Rose believes that everyone's personality is different, her sexual orientation test is 100% extrovert, but Wei Xuan is 100% introverted, and many people may not know that Wei Xuan is so introverted. Being a 100% completely outgoing person gives Rose a lot of energy when meeting others, but doesn't care about what others say.

"How did you do it?" Wei Xuan clenched his fists excitedly, "I think that fearlessness is definitely accumulated little by little, in fact, it all starts from the smallest things. When we were young, you might wonder if you should raise your hand in class or not, and the teacher said who would like to help you or not, these are the little things."

"Then you'll find that you came forward and the results weren't bad." Or sometimes you feel so terrible, and that terrible and scary thought is often given by ourselves."