Rose Zou shares with us how to face success and failure, let's take a look at her method!

In the first episode of "Telling Xuan Xuan", Zou Kailian Rose, former managing director of Verizon Media International Business, was invited to share with us some of life's secrets, secrets of success, and untold life stories.

How Rose overcame her fears and set her face for success

Rose often trains herself, but it turns out that it's really not as hard as she thought. Most of the things you think are terrible, but not so terrible. Like driving, I used to feel very afraid of driving, driving in Taipei is too scary, she looked at the people around (sorry it's not very polite to say this), thinking to herself that they are smarter than me? I don't believe it.

Rose knew in her heart that she would not be dumber than them, why everyone on the road loves to drive, what to be afraid of, there is no reason! Therefore, she also told her daughter to believe in herself, if there are already 1 billion people in the world who have done something, you don't ask, just do it.

The other is that in the face of the unknown may feel that you can't do anything, you can't do it, then tell you what the worst will look like in the worst situation. In fact, honestly, if you think about the worst-case scenario, you will realize that there is nothing at all. What's great, it's a big deal to be laughed at twice.

After listening, Wei Xuan asked: "But it will be remembered for a lifetime, because once the film is filmed, we live broadcast, and we say the wrong thing, will it be ruined in this life." Rose responded angrily, "Then I'll tell you, unfortunately, no one cares. Nobody care about you. 」

"In fact, I often tell myself that even Biden can fall in front of the whole world, he will be the president of the United States tomorrow, why should I be afraid." And these news will have 1,000 funnier and more ridiculous things happening tomorrow than you, drowning this out, so don't care about liking or scolding you for the sake of people who don't know you."

Photo | Zou Kailian Rose @ FB

Wei Xuan took this opportunity to point out the situation of an era, that is, many people will want the like, tracking number, message, etc., which will actually have a psychological impact and pressure on many people. Now there is a data in the United States that shows that 70% of young people use social networking sites for a long time, so their personality building, or emotional stress index, is actually much higher than previous generations.

And one of the points shared through Rose is very related to a saying that Wei Xuan used to learn in the drama department, that is, we need to know that we are really very important, but we are actually not that important. If the balance of this matter can be grasped, you can bravely say yes to all that happens, and it will not happen so accidentally.

Rose smiled and said, "Yes, it will be really much easier, and then you will realize that it is these very worthless face problems that often stand in our way." I find that success is just a chance, because I probably give myself more opportunities than the average person."

Wei Xuan listened and exclaimed, in fact, everything is to try more, and more trials will increase the chance. Rose continued to share that success is whether you want to do a little more, whether you are willing to ask people again. Your team will tell you not to ask again, I will just say I will ask again.

Success is really a matter of chance, and when you are willing to try more and try more, you increase your chances of success. Success is a chance, success requires us to be curious, and success requires us to consciously practice something. We need to do more, try more, and know more about ourselves.

How Rose faced failure

Rose used to stutter a little and couldn't even speak English, especially if she started with a vowel. Rose, who has been invited to speak by women's fans, was asked how to overcome stuttering and pronunciation, and she affirmed: "It's definitely through practice, and I think it's more important to relax."

People who can stutter, unless you are congenital, if it is psychological, there is a tension, the other is that you are very anxious, often you think so fast that your mouth can't keep up, which is also easy to stutter. Stuttering can become a stress, just like insomnia as soon as you see the bed and feel like I'm going to lose sleep again, you think about whether I will have this pressure if I have to talk again today.

This is what I have experienced, and I have experienced such intermittent and ups and downs since I was a child. Rose thinks that God seems to have little mechanisms in us, and it's a mechanism to remind you. She is grateful for this little mechanism that will alert you when you are too stressed.

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Photo | Zou Kailian Rose @ FB