Zou Kailian Rose shared what she wants to say to her 16-year-old self and her best wishes to readers!

In the first episode of "Telling Xuan Xuan", Zou Kailian Rose, former managing director of Verizon Media International Business, was invited to share with us some of life's secrets, secrets of success, and untold life stories.

Rose wanted to talk to her 16-year-old self

Rose thinks her 16-year-old self may have dared to try a lot of things and participate in a lot of extracurricular activities. "Are you in love?" Wei Xuan asked jokingly, and Rose said that she had never been interested in falling in love, and only talked a little until she was 18 years old.

And Rose wants to say to her 16-year-old self the most: "Be grateful for what you already have, don't keep looking at what you don't have." The second is to be patient, when you are young you will feel as if the world is small, I have been a person who dares to try anything since I was a child, but my problem may be that I am more impatient."

"I also encourage those who are watching the show today to be patient with yourself, because it really takes time for us to grow. We're going to hone on anything we have, or where you want to go, and that journey takes time. The third I will tell myself that although I was 16 years old and I was an inner double, don't worry that it will become an outer double in the future, you will be more beautiful."

"Too many children have appearance anxiety when they are young, in fact, I was looking at pictures of me when I was a child that day, I am really not a very good looking person, but you are really attractive is definitely not just that face or body. Your vitality, your aura is attractive, and honestly, there seems to be no shortage of boyfriends at that time."

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Photo | Zou Kailian Rose @ FB

Rose's blessing to the audience

Rose smiled and pulled out a card that also represented Rose's values. The card reads, "The world is worth exploring, don't define the world too quickly."

"I think it's a very good quote, if the world we explore is limited by the success and rules of the game defined by news, community, etc., then sometimes the world doesn't seem to be much to explore. Because I always feel that I can't go that way, which is why many people stop exploring, but don't define this world, this world is really rich."

Rose said as she picked up her book, the card and the title of the book matched each other, and this is exactly what I want to tell you today: Honey, don't be afraid, be brave and explore!

Finally, Wei Xuan said sincerely: "The Rose in my mind is very much like a rose, it is blooming forever. It has some sharp thorns, but those sharp thorns are not to stab people, those thorns are the armor and strength that she has grown out of all the pains of life."

Dear, be brave together and say yes.

Picture | Inner Child Happy Card Card