Secretary General Wu Shumei has long been committed to the prevention and treatment of gender-based violence, let's take a look at how to face sexual violence and understand the three laws of sexual violence!

The second episode of "Talking with Xuanxuan" invited Wu Shumei, secretary general of the Taiwan Little Ant Education and Care Association, Shumei sister is committed to sex work, including issues such as child sexual assault law, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. She has been walking on this road for more than ten years, and her biggest wish is that the world no longer needs Sister Shumei.

I'm a 4P master! Which 4P is it?

Sister Shumei smiled and said that she is a master of playing 4P, which 4P is it? The first P is Protection, and Sister Shumei is specifically protecting victims, including the victims of domestic violence and sexual assault, sexual harassment and child sexual exploitation just mentioned; The second P is Prosecution, they will also prosecute and punish the perpetrator;

The third P is Prevention, which should do more prevention education and advocacy, so that everyone knows how to protect themselves, but do not let themselves become the perpetrators of harm to others; The fourth P is Partnership, because everyone has different backgrounds, education and concepts, and how to cooperate with each other in such work is a very important issue.

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MeToo: Wei Xuan's personal case sharing

"I'm not going to talk about sexual assault, but what I want to talk about is sexual harassment in the workplace. Oh my God, I think MeToo is really hard." Wei Xuan sighed vigorously, looked at the floor, and began to talk about what happened.

"On the road to starting a business, because there is no capital and no resources, there will be this kind of VC [venture capitalist] who says that they are very interested in your company and want to invest in you. We have no experience, and he is a VC who has returned from abroad, so everyone says that he is very good, and Silicon Valley is back, so of course we have to fight for it."

"When he reaches out to you, of course you go. When I asked the location of the meeting, he asked me about the lobby of the hotel. The first thing I want to say is whether you want to come to our office or not, because if you are a VC and you are interested in us, it is very reasonable to come to our office, because you want to check our environment and see that we are really working seriously."

"Then he said that because he was very busy, everyone in the lobby of the hotel where he was staying was talking in a row. When we had a good conversation, he said that we would talk about some things related to numbers now, so we would go to the room to talk. I really didn't know at the time, I couldn't."

"He came back from Silicon Valley, he must have been an experienced and famous VC, and he must know what he was doing. Then we'll go up."

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Speaking of this, Wei Xuan sighed heavily and continued, "I can only say that I am really very lucky and grateful. During the elevator ride, I felt a little too uncomfortable, and from the second floor to his room, I suddenly had a sense of self-control." Wei Xuan suddenly couldn't stop his tears and skimmed to the other end.

"It's really the coldness that comes up from the bottom of the spine, and that's where you ask yourself what I did, oh my God." Wei Xuan shrunk his shoulders and clenched his fists again. In fact, at that moment, I don't feel like saying what the other party is doing, and I think I'm in my early twenties if I did something wrong, shouldn't I say I can go upstairs."

"I just felt really wrong at that moment, I told him that he went first, I didn't take the information, and I gave him a bright smile that I will definitely go to you, because I am afraid that I will not be able to get out." Then he went out and my hands were shaking as I pressed the elevator. I later said that my information is in the office and I may have to go back or something."

"Then he sent a lot of messages, including that he wanted to come to me at 11 a.m., help me deliver supper, and so on. Then I have to say, I just deleted everything at that time, because the mood at that moment was dirty and angry, and I wanted this person to disappear into my world."

"So anything, I don't have proof at the moment, because that emotion is that I can't help it anymore, I can't see it anymore." Sister Shumei nodded gently and said, "Yes, it will." Many people just delete it all, but delete all the evidence."

And the reasons why Wei Xuan wants to tell this story are: first, we are not dirty; Second, it's not our fault; Third, if there is a way not to delete it, it is better not to delete it.

"The case you're talking about is typical, you think about everybody wants their work to be smooth and successful, and someone provides such a good opportunity, so we want to grasp it." However, we are kind and do not expect that there will actually be bad people." Sister Shumei responded to Wei Xuan gently, while calling on everyone to trust their instincts, and you should find any excuse to leave.

Three Laws on Sexual Harassment: Gender Equality at Work Act, Gender Education Equality Act, and Sexual Harassment Prevention Act

Wei Xuan seriously asked Sister Shumei, if we encounter these situations, what method can we really use to take the judicial route? What are these laws?

Sister Shumei replied: "Sexual assault is an independent law, but in the case of sexual harassment, Taiwan has three laws. What protects workers and job seekers is the Gender Equality at Work Act, and the second is the right to education, whether it is the right to be taught or the right to teach, and then this is the Gender Education Equality Act."

Wei Xuan quickly added: "So the Fang Siqi and Lin Yihan incident is not a gender work equality law, it is a gender education equality law." Sister Shumei nodded in response, and then explained: "The third is the Sexual Harassment Prevention Law, which is different from work and education, and the others are classified as the Sexual Harassment Prevention Law. The Sexual Harassment Prevention Law protects personal safety."

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