How is overture of favor and harassment distinguished? How to complain about sexual harassment or sexual assault? Come and see Secretary General Wu Shumei share how to protect yourself!

The second episode of "Talking with Xuanxuan" invited Wu Shumei, secretary general of the Taiwan Little Ant Education and Care Association, Shumei sister is committed to sex work, including issues such as child sexual assault law, sexual harassment, and sexual assault. She has been walking on this road for more than ten years, and her biggest wish is that the world no longer needs Sister Shumei.

Procedures for legal channels: judicial proceedings, administrative appeals, applications for mediation

When you encounter a problem related to sexual violence, there are several ways you can appeal.

The first is judicial proceedings, you go to ring the bell to declare; The second is an administrative complaint, you can appeal to the competent authority, or to the Domestic Violence Center or the Social Affairs Bureau; The third way is to apply for mediation.

Just when one thing happens, it can take different paths, and the above three paths can be carried out at the same time, but they are all punished. If you don't know what to do, in fact, after several years of training, the police are very good, if you don't know how to distinguish and who to complain to, it is faster to call the police directly.

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Timeliness of alarms

"I don't know how to do it, the easiest thing is to go to the police, but the alarm has the so-called timeliness." Sister Shumei and Wei Xuan mentioned the issue of timeliness in unison, and Wei Xuan asked if you want to call the police, how should it be time-sensitive and mastered?

"Frankly speaking, if you can go to the police as soon as possible in the shorter the time of the incident, it is more feasible for you to collect evidence or arrest the perpetrator as a flagrant. However, we can imagine that if a victim is sexually assaulted, his shock may make him bad..." Sister Shumei responded, "He will be paralyzed and stiff." Wei Xuan lowered his head and said.

"He would feel dirty, go back and brush for three hours, and all the evidence was brushed off by him. The second is just like Wei Xuan said, go back to the whole stiffness, and then maybe spread it out at home for three or five days. Then I must say that if the other party is forced to intercourse, his bodily fluids have long passed the period we can collect, and it will be difficult to obtain justice in justice."

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The difference between "overtures" and "harassment"

Wei Xuan looked at Sister Shumei seriously and asked: "A challenge that many people will encounter at the moment is that he really just has a good impression of you, he will say that I am just pursuing, I have never seen such a smart entrepreneur like you in the world, I have more kindness to you in addition to business, I want to know you more, so how to define sexual harassment and overtures?"

"This example has always felt a pity, so I will share it with you. In this example, two people chatted on Line to avoid isolation during the epidemic. Chatting will become a little ambiguous, and the two will meet each other after the quarantine is lifted."

"The boy seemed to show favor to the girl, so he grabbed the waist, but after grabbing the waist, his hand slid down, and to me this is touching." After going to the movies, as soon as the advertisement passed and the lights went out, he put his hand under someone's corset, which for me was a forced indecency of sexual assault." Sister Shumei explained, and also explained the distinction between sexual assault and sexual harassment by the way.

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Sexual indecency vs. sexual harassment

Sexual harassment refers to taking advantage of the time to resist or guard against it, such as the first time a girl says no, the boy takes his hand off, but after a while he puts his hand in again, which is against the will. Sexual harassment is telling Nai that you have to file a complaint or that you report it.

If it is a sexual assault, it is actually a person who violates his will and then forcibly commits an indecent act, which is a matter of non-telling, as long as the prosecutor knows it, he will take the initiative to investigate. Returning to the above example, when it comes to the part of showing favor, it is already forcibly indecent to put the hand in first.

"After our interview, we found that we reached out to the bodice, the bottoms, touched her buttocks, and I said sorry we only accept buttock touches, and the rest of us are responsible reporters, so we report sexual assault. Because he has violated the will of others and touched the first and second sexual characteristics, this is already a criminal law to deal with." Sister Shumei explained in detail again.

And Wei Xuan continued to share her way of self-preservation, when you encounter behaviors such as picking your palm, it is to use a strong way to make him feel that you don't want to, and the other party's middle finger will be clamped by you.

If you can, try to turn your fear into an action, which is a way to protect yourself.

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