Do you also have age anxiety? Worried that you will no longer be liked when you are older, and that your job search will no longer be smooth? This time, let's see the myth behind anxiety and face life after aging!

"Thirty years old, provocative and full of life. Thirty, flirty and thriving." This is the note to the movie "13 Going on 30" about the age of 30.

The movie tells the story of Jenna, a 13-year-old girl who has always been full of longing for the adult world, looking forward to growing up quickly, loving the fashion industry, imagining herself becoming a successful and amorous 30-year-old.

However, after actually experiencing the life of 30 years old, she found that in the skinny reality, the imagination about 30 years old that was raised by social expectations was very empty and not interesting.

Now nearly 20 years since the release of the movie, the actor who played the young Jenna has already reached the age of 30.

Time flies so fast, looking back, you and I may have experienced the kind of troubles for exams and interpersonal relationships when we were children.

At that time, the troubles were small, but they were not yet overwhelming for you and me at that time, so we longed to skip the chaos of adolescence, look forward to growing up and entering adulthood, and imagine that life would really begin at that time.

But when we finally get there one day, you feel more sad about the end of an important part of your life than looking forward to the beginning of a new chapter. Many people are stuck in a state of anxiety about the age of 30.

(Guess what you want: age is a blessing!) Unbehaved and disobedient after the age of 30, far from toxic relationships)

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From the data, 30-year-old workplace anxiety

In fact, you are not alone, let's take a look at some data to let you know that many people are sharing the same "30 anxiety" with you.

According to a survey published by charity Relate in 2022, 77% of 25- to 39-year-olds feel pressured to step into different stages of their lives.

Earlier, LinkedIn published a global survey in 2017, which found that 75% of young people between the ages of 25 and 33 are experiencing a "quarter-life crisis" – around the age of 30, experiencing periods of insecurity and self-doubt due to career, financial and interpersonal relationships.

But have you ever wondered why these numbers are so powerful, and where we are behind them? And how did 30 become a milestone for the anxious generation? How can we overcome workplace anxiety at the age of 30?

Let's focus on the workplace and point out those heavy, suffocating, what are the workplace anxieties about 30-year-olds that you and I may carry?

Can you still resign naked at 30?

There is a common social narrative that the twentieth generation has endless resources for exploration, adventure, pleasure, and can do everything they can to figure out their hobbies, but before the end of this generation, we must temper our curiosity about life exploration and erase all instability and uncertainty.

Once you enter the age of 30, expectations that you must be "stable" are everywhere, but if we in the 30th generation find our own likes at this time and want to try, then do we still have the right to resign?

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Vera Wang, a Chinese designer known as the queen of wedding dresses, only changed jobs at the age of 40, and from her career story you may see the courage to persevere, innovate, and succeed in adversity.

Before starting her own wedding dress brand, Vera Wang, Vera Wang was a fashion editor at Vogue, but she decided to quit her position as a senior fashion editor in her 16th year after joining Vogue, realizing that the job of editing was no longer her desire, and pursuing her dream of designing clothes.

She only decided to switch to a fashion designer in middle age, when she had no formal design degree and no experience in fashion design, but she still relied on her personal aesthetic and attention to detail, as well as exquisite craftsmanship, she became a celebrity rush to buy weddings, and also began to make her brand Vera Wang prominent.

Vera Wang, who has resigned from the naked and changed careers, is inspired by this: "If you find that your enthusiasm in a certain field is fading, it's time to try something new. Don't be afraid to change, be afraid to find new inspiration and excitement."

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Continue her ideas, when there is something you want to pursue in your heart, you can also try to use the perspective of the next 5 or 10 years to agree with yourself a time limit for yourself to still be brave to try after the age of 30, and set up a stop point, and then step out bravely, after all, if you haven't tried, you may always leave the idea of "what if".

It is certainly not easy to quit naked at the age of 30 and jump out of the original stable environment to pursue a future that you can't be clear about, and you may also feel that this period of trying is so long, you can't see where the future is, and you will doubt yourself that you can still try and make mistakes at the age of 30?

But after surviving this brave attempt, you will find that in the long life, the period when you stop is actually not as long as you think, but you may become a big help that brings you closer to your ideal 30-year-old appearance.

Remember, when life beckons to us, we always have the right to respond to it!

Do you have to be a supervisor at 30?

The phrase "standing at thirty" Confucius's evaluation of the age of thirty was written into textbooks and engraved into the mind, and became a hidden and pursued guideline in society.

And one of the establishments he speaks of is that 30-year-olds should establish their own careers.

In the modern context, perhaps the ideal career process is to enter the company at the beginning of the 20s, spin and learn in the company and the workplace; Before the age of 30, you must be promoted to a supervisor, if not a large supervisor, at least the head of a small department.

But what if you're not after a successful life?

Netflix's "Two Tracks" shows different choices and different outcomes.

The plot describes that the heroine is a student with great enthusiasm for animation production, on the eve of graduating from college, because she suspected that she was pregnant, she chose a pregnancy test, and since then her life has gone in two different directions: one is to give up her dream for her child and return to her hometown, and the other is she who is not pregnant and came to Los Angeles to pursue her dream.

(Same scene plus screening: pick a drama for you|"Two-track Life" Even if the plan can't catch up with the changes, you must believe that the universe will make the best arrangement for you!)

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When watching the movie, you will find it difficult to say which option is best, so we can refer to the Odyssey plan used in Stanford University's life design class to plan your own two-track life.

To execute the Odyssey Plan, you need to use the following template to imagine 3 versions of a 5-year life plan, the 3 versions are:

  1. Plan A (As usual): What you want to do at the moment
  2. Plan B: What you would do in case Plan A changed
  3. Csative & Carefree) Plan: Ignoring the limits of reality limiting the life you want to live

The plan is written as follows:

  1. Write a yearly plan according to each version
  2. Evaluate the resources available to the plan (can the resources available help plan execution?) ), like (do you like life under this plan?) ), confidence (is there confidence in achieving this version of life?) ), consistent (Is the plan consistent with your own outlook on life and work?) degree
  3. Assess the issues that the plan may face
  4. Name the plan

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-lived, Joyful Life + The Designing Your Life Workbook: A Framework for Building a Life You Can Thrive in

Just like when you were a child, you imagined how it was possible to look like an adult, and now you are also building and imagining what kind of life you want!

How much is the monthly salary of 30 years old, which is normal

When you are nearly 30 years old, you may find that suddenly, the people around you begin to have plans to buy a house and a car, so they begin to talk about mortgages, and further extend the topic of how much monthly salary should be in order to achieve these goals, which invisibly formed the so-called standard of how much monthly salary should be 30 years old.

However, as discussed in the aforementioned Odyssey Plan, the income standards corresponding to the different lives you plan and expect will be different, so there is no one-size-fits-all guideline that tells you how much a 30-year-old monthly salary should be normal to, and the so-called normal may not exist at all, depending on how the person you want to grow.

And suppose we start with another perspective, "happiness", then you can also think about what makes you happy, try to reshape the source of your happiness, and list what the thing that makes you happy, whether it is an enviable income, a stable relationship, or a work-life balance day.

Then, start with the end thinking and think about what conditions need to be met to meet these happy situations, and then go back and set your own monthly salary standard.

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To you who are entering 30, even if you feel anxious at the moment, remember to gently tell yourself that this anxiety is normal, but we have a choice, we can bravely face it, undertake it, outline what you expect, you know, those wisdom and experience that grow due to age are not fake.

To you who have not yet entered your 30s, even if you have not reached the age that will make you a little anxious, you may wish to let us at all ages, strive to see our own advantages, create our own value, and suddenly face and enjoy different stages and different scenery of life.