"Chinese Chief Sexual Health Manager" Tong Songzhen and "Late Night Health Room Host" Cheng Kar-shun jointly launched the first online "Sex Practice" course "Late Night Practice Class", combined with the "Blush Red Bed Game Card Card" app, from the emergence of desire, action to physical and mental satisfaction, gradually leading you to experience the joy and beauty of sex.

Love to the depths of the difficulty? In order to systematically transmit professional sexual knowledge, the digital content production team "Fresh Times" joined hands with Tong Songzhen, "Chinese Chief Sexual Health Manager" and "Late Night Health Room Program Host" Cheng Kar-chun, who have long advocated positive sex education, to launch the online course "Late Night Practice Love Class", combined with Taiwan's original design of blush bed game cardsApplication, and invite Taiwan's well-known AV male and female actors to practice practical exercises, from desire emergence, action to physical and mental satisfaction, gradually leading you to experience the beauty of sex.

"Free the toys stuffed deep in the bedside table!" Continuing the accumulated super popular network program "Late Night Health Care Room", Tong Songzhen and Cheng Jiachun once again co-authored to create the first online "Sex Practice" course "Late Night Practice Love Class", which went on sale at 8 pm on August 8. In order to teach "zero dead ends", the course also found AV male and female performers, and the students could not only feel the joy brought by "color energy", but also completely break the myths in their hearts and resolve embarrassment.

Liu Junyou, founder of the course team "Fresh Time Book", shared that when his father asked about the class, he said "I don't understand this." But if you don't understand, "How did I give birth?" One sentence points out the problems encountered in family education and school education in the past - encounter sex, avoid talking about it, everyone has to watch A film to learn posture and knowledge, but A film is to meet the product of people's sexual fantasy, not for teaching, which is also the blind spot that "Late Night Practice Love Class" wants to break through.

Concerned about body autonomy and sex education, women's fan brand "Blush" and "Late Night Practice Love Class" joined hands to sell the "Blush Bed Tour Card" with the course, brand strategy development director Ke Caicen shared that the blush bed game card cooperated with "Late Night Love Class" was launched on the Geejiao platform in 2019, and exceeded the standard by 2,000% in one month. This proves that there is a real demand for such products, and a desire to understand more, and let us see together the importance of contemporary sex education and sexual health issues. He also shared that "sex is not only about posture, but also knowledge", the opening day is not only Father's Day, but also the International Orgasm Day, I believe that this online course can correct the interaction of sexual health!

Shi Wenfei, the founder of Taiwan's first menstrual pants "Moon Pants", pointed out that in Chinese social education, discussing orgasm and lust is always relatively closed, and I believe that "Late Night Practice Love Class" will be a milestone in Taiwan's physical issues and erotic orgasms.

Sex is an expression of love, can also be a way of enjoyment, sometimes the disharmony between the two parties, in fact, the root cause comes from themselves, perfect sex does not rely solely on the ideal partner, but knows how to communicate, sincerely understand each other's needs, and further use skills. Practice Love Compulsory 5 college points "Practice Love Well", "Bed Etiquette", "Engagement Manual", "Maintenance Tips", "Sexual Trends", plus 2 elective credits "PRO-level Tricks" and "Sexual Welfare Menu", all in the classroom, one learning in place.

Tong Songzhen, the chief sexual health manager of China, is an internationally certified professional sexual health manager, and has successively obtained the certification of ACS Clinical Sexologist College in the United States and Tantra Performance Development Workshop in Germany, and has more than 20 years of experience to help tens of thousands of people regain sexual happiness. Cheng Ka-shun used to bring correctness knowledge to the screen through the online programs "Late Night Health Room" and "Pure Chat with Quilts". Continuously conveying the impression that "sex is healthy" and "advocating correct sexual concepts", the program has been viewed more than 60 million times, with a strong faculty lineup, which has ignited the popularity of sex.

"Fresh Times" has also cooperated with four major brands, "Solid Color", "Women's Fan", "Gu Mumu" and "FunNow", respectively, to provide the unveiled Pure Love Cup 2.0, blush bed game card, moon pants lace quiet black, and three motel thousand yuan accommodation coupon codes, so that online courses not only stay on the screen, but also can really allow students to follow the course content offline. "Late Night Love Lesson" was officially launched on the PressPlay Academy platform and Digging Shell at 8 pm on August 8.