Living with your ex for three weeks, would you choose to get back together or move forward? Han Zhen's "Change to Love 3" is about to start, and before enjoying a sweet, sadistic love, the women's fan editor wants to take you back to the impressive ex-artists of the first two seasons, and what we can learn from them! (There are spoilers inside, please read carefully)

Looking at your ex-boyfriend and girlfriend, dating other people in front of you, or even about to enter a relationship, is there a way to do nothing?

The Korean love variety show "Change Love" tries to answer this question.

The show revolves around the tenet of "My EX is Your NEW", inviting five pairs of ex-boyfriends and girlfriends after breaking up to spend three weeks together.

Despite the name of the show "Transfer", the actor has the right to pursue new encounters, and is also eligible to find broken love, or choose to be alone.

Today, "Transfer to Love" has been recorded for its third season and will soon start broadcasting at the end of the year. Before we start broadcasting, let's review the first two seasons, those couples who watched the impressive and heart-wrenching ones!

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Coco and Min: Time is magic, and while fading love, it also dries his eyes

Coco and Min in the first season of "Changing Love" probably didn't think that after separating in the United States, it would be 12 years since they saw each other.

They fell in love at the age of 20 and met again at the age of 30, growing up and transpiring time, fading not only the youth of the two, but also the love for each other. Therefore, when other couples try to sort out their contradictory emotions because of the mixed old and new feelings, only Coco and Min are there, because they know that they can't go back to each other's partnership, so they can comfortably enlighten each other and support each other as friends.

What left behind them was the decision to "Love Each Other as Good Friends" and those casual revelations.

For example, once, when Min shared the object of his pursuit with Coco, just a look, Coco could understand that Min's unspoken words were: "She really resembles you when you were younger." This also makes us think, the impact of first love on ourselves, is it after love, from now on, I will always find your shadow in the people I love, and will always be like you?

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But even if the two get along without mustard now, it is all bought with time, and we can see in Coco and Min that time is really a good medicine, those painful, often wet and hot eyes that you dare not mention can finally be put down lightly after being drawn on the axis of time, and can finally be relieved.

At the end of the show, Coco drove Min to confess, although Min got out of the car first and left Coco alone in the car, but this time she was different from when she broke up with Min 12 years ago, she no longer felt that she could not live without Min, this time she left happily and dignifiedly, even if she returned alone, it didn't matter, because this was the growth that made Coco feel gratified.

The joys and sorrows of the world, once met in the years, dyed the clouds in the sunset, and Coco and Min will continue to get along as friends in the future.

Haeun, Gyumin: We don't leave at the same pace, but I will eventually leave

"Why are we always at the wrong time?"

Some of them happen impartially, some of them are jerky and hard, and if you can only explain the former pair of Hain and Gyumin in "Switching to Love 2" in one word, it is "missed".

The course of Hain and Kuimin in their relationship has always been out of line.

At first, because Hain joined the show late, he already had a new object Kuimin and chose to be cold to Hain; Then, after having a chance to get along with Quimin, Hain finally melted Quimin's heart, and when he had the opportunity to have more development with Hain, Hain had already cared about others.

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Maybe love and separation are really similar.

At the first acquaintance, everyone stepped on different steps and approached each other at different speeds, and the one who arrived first tasted the throbbing throbbing of the heart; The same is true for separation, some people leave, some people stay, the speed of leaving each other is not equal, the direction is not even one-way, and the one who leaves more slowly needs to bear the pain of being eroded by memories.

Hain and Kyumin can't leave that pure love memory side by side and rely on each other like Coco and Min in the first season, and in the relationship between Hain and Gyumin, Kyumin left first, and it was Hain who was left behind.

Compared with Hain, Kuimin's pace is firm, without giving Hain any chance to get back together, so the audience will see a lot in the second season of "Change Love", and Hain, who is in one-way love, is hurt all over and crying alone.

In Hain's eyes, she thought that what she hoped and thought would change differently after meeting Kui Min, but her sincere and warm feelings, in Kui Min's eyes, became a burden that he wanted to unload, and this time he didn't want to carry the weight forward.

Although the process was bumpy, fortunately at the end of the show, Hain and Quimin could finally walk from the eyes of love and the low temperament of the run-in to the appearance of friends. Haeun also finally stepped in the footsteps of Kyumin, left the beauty that the two had shared, and met Hyunkyu, who was always only Hain's place where his eyes fell, and wrote a new chapter of love between the two of them.

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Hyun Kyu, Nai Yan: Love flickers in the sinking gaze, I will always cheer for you

The love in the student period, because of the small possession, so Xiaoru naughtily dismantled each other's straps when studying in a café, secretly tied each other's shoes to the foot of the table, and other small things in life, you can also gain happiness that only the two can understand.

It was also after those little things, unconsciously taking turns with the chronology several times, that we saw how the love of Hyunkyu and Nayan stacked up.

At that simple age, he filled in some parts of her informalities, and she stitched together the delicate sentimentality of some parts of him, and at the same time happened to share the love for each other. The reunion of the two is like relighting the story of aging and putting the inherent feelings on the color again, only this time they no longer get along as a couple.

Hyunkyu and Nayan do not have the flow of love in "Swap Love 2", they are always the object of cheering each other on.

For Nai Yan, the time with Hyun-kyu is the person who Hyun-kyu takes her to know the world, and it is also Hyun-kyu who makes her better, so in the show, she always congratulates him; And Hyun Kyu also cheered up and provided ideas for Nai Yan, who was about to confess.

Perhaps it is precisely because of their love for each other that they can stand at a relatively long distance, look back at those years of separation, and have the opportunity to say those words that they too hasty to say because they were too hasty to say.

After grinding away the edges and smoothing each other, they finally determined that neither of them felt sorry for their previous encounter.

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As the writer Huang Liqun once said: "Love is like a blindfolded gamble, big wins and big losses, there is no need to say more", we never know whether our own investment will necessarily be answered, and not all trips have a way out, but in the limited time, everything we encounter will be worth it.

Maybe at one moment you will suddenly realize that you are not sad, but at a certain moment you will be pulled back to the original point by memories because of a scene that you once shared.

"Changing Love" interprets the pull of feelings between couples, and while watching, you may feel heartache because of the appearance of someone in your heart, but please believe that everyone is like flowers blooming one by one in the chaotic season, staggering to show the beauty of blooming, even if it is not yet waiting for your flowering period, don't be in a hurry, waiting for you to bloom, it must be dazzling.