What does Story Factory founder Huang Zhikai have to say about drama, intimate mentoring and couples? Let's take a look at his sharing!

Huang Zhikai is the art director of Story Factory, which is good at pushing characters to the precipice of the plot, showing the value and emotions of human nature. His motto is "Make the world what we like", believing that theatre can shape a better and more engaging world, and inspire audiences through the power of art to feel the beauty and meaning of life.

What Li Guoxiu taught me: the definition of drama

Zhi Kai shares with us the definition of drama, which can be traced back to his mentor Li Guoxiu. The education he received in the screen performance class is that drama is acting, drama is story, and drama is playing the role of a fictional story, playing truthfully and sincerely.

Zhi Kai believes that because the drama must be realistic, everything must be one-to-one. If someone wants to shoot in today's play, why didn't they really get shot? If you have a way to act like you've been shot, that's real acting. If there is really sexual assault in the play, why can't it really be restored or simulated?

"It doesn't have to really come, in fact, it can be figured out through acting skills, not really entering to be called a real performance." Wei Xuan responded.

"When you actually happen, it's not called acting, it's putting on stage under such pressure. These things have to be communicated beforehand, because no one is coming to work, and they should be injured. Every job has its own occupational risks." Zhi Kai said.

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You must know that all industries have occupational risks!

Zhi Kai shared a hypothesis, if I go to build a house today, I am a plate molder, I need to know what risks I should take when entering this industry, you must know beforehand. So the worker has to wear a hard hat, a reflective vest, etc., because he knows that there is a risk.

In the same way, people who come to make a play should know what possible risks there may be before doing this scene, including physical and psychological emotions. For example, if you need to slap this play today, then the slap can be real or fake, and I won't want the actor to really slap him. To Kaijia to share the borrowed performance, Wei Xuan also demonstrated it himself.

Of course, because of the camera angle, maybe some angles are similar, and some angles are not. There are many ways we can keep actors from really getting hurt.

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What about "intimate instruction" in drama?

Zhi Kai said that when he used to be an assistant director and assistant director next to Guoxiu teacher, he would be called to replace the actress, and then the teacher would explain some actions. Basically, the director does not directly touch the identity of female actors, or other actors of the opposite sex, and he also understands that this is how it works.

When there are moments when we have to touch, we'll talk about it first. Like myself in the past in the rehearsal of several plays, I will first talk about the fact that there may be holding hands and kissing scenes in this play, and there are also fake ways to borrow seats in the kiss scenes. At work, Zhi Kai is not very likely to ask about the intimate performance content on the spot, because there are so many people next to him when asking, he will feel as if it is unprofessional, and can only agree.

"I don't want both actors and actresses to show their professionalism in this communication situation, so I agreed first, and the more I thought about it afterwards, the more wrong it became." Zhi Kai said, he usually takes men and women to ask questions separately.

He talked about one of his plays, "The Accidental Death of a Civil Servant", which included a bridge to the hotel, and he would tell the actor that he might need to touch your thigh in this play, touch this side, and tell him if it was not OK.

"So what would you do if he really said no?" Wei Xuan asked, "I'll change my movements." To Kai answered immediately. Wei Xuan continued to ask if there would be no idea that the actor would sacrifice for the play, and Zhi Kai thought that it was necessary to see if this action was necessary in the play, and if it was necessary, he would talk about it before the other party took over the play.

Li Guoxiu: "Watching the drama to cultivate the mind, acting to practice."

In the work, it is actually simulating.

"To us, it's like you've died many times, you've lived many times. So what did you get in the process? So respect for each other is important. Every character, regardless of the number of words or plays, is equally respected on stage." Zhi Kai said seriously.

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Story Factory Ten-Year Drama "Countdown Marriage"

Zhi Kai once shared that after falling in love and having children, his life experience is different, "As a junior, I can't help but want to care, is our senior's marriage okay?" Wei Xuan asked with a smile, while hoping that Zhi Kai could talk about this desire for creation.

Zhi Kay said that no matter what kind of story is presented today, the most important element is home, and marriage is the starting point of home. Modern people have many definitions of marriage, whether it is necessary to have that piece of paper to call it marriage, including same-sex marriage and so on.

In husband and wife, we will have quarrels, clashes of values, and sometimes we feel that we can get by, but he just can't get by. I just think through my works about how we should face some of my self-righteous dilemmas in marriage.

Sometimes at a certain age, the topic of conversation with your friends is no longer what is trending in the world right now, but what you are going through.

The true voice of the local dad

Some people come home and say why the house is so messy, aren't you all at home? Zhi Kai shared the voice of a local father who encouraged his wife to go to work and would alternate with her to take the children, because he liked children very much. When the child finally falls asleep, it is the time to do housework, because when the child is crying, you can't hold him while washing the dishes, and you can't take a break.

You go to do it yourself to know that hard work, this achievement is not known by others, so some people ask why to go to the baby, that is his sense of existence, I think husband and wife should give each other affirmation.

In fact, the name "Countdown Marriage" is a pun, one is to say that marriage has entered the countdown stage, and the other is to say whether we can return to the beginning of love through a scene by scene review. Where did we go wrong, and whether the original intention was still there.

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The meaning behind "Countdown Marriage"

Marriage sometimes ends sadly because it only has a financial role and no love anymore. Zhi Kai said that his wife taught him a lot and grew up.

"Because we are different beings, even if we are two twins, they will quarrel with the same family background. You and your wife have different backgrounds and values, how can you not argue?" He explained.

But every quarrel allowed Zhikai to sort out and reflect on himself.

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