"I want to rest but dare not ask for leave", "I think there is a better proposal, but I dare not resist the supervisor", "I have too many tasks but dare not refuse", do you also have these workplace problems? Fan editor design super accurate "workplace psychological test", find your workplace high emotional intelligence guide!

When you take off your student status and go to the workplace, you look forward to using what you have learned in school to express yourself to the fullest, only to find that there are many eyebrow corners and communication skills in the workplace that are not taught in school. This also makes you tie your hands and feet in your work, afraid that a mistake will leave a bad impression on your supervisor and colleagues.

According to the 2023 Workplace Environment Survey of Women's Fans, we also found that 55% of participants believe that there is still a lack of psychological safety in the workplace, and the biggest problems are "too much emotional work" and "insufficient psychological safety in communication".

When the company cannot provide employees with a psychologically safe environment, employees will have too many concerns in the process of team communication, which will affect the efficiency of the team. Employees also need to spend more energy to deal with the emotions of supervisors and colleagues, and finally affect work energy.

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I want to take leave to plan a travel break, but I have to spend most of my day thinking about the reason; Have ideas for the project, but dare not directly propose them in order to take care of the face of colleagues, resulting in regrets in the results; The things at hand are too busy to finish, and they still can't push off new tasks, so they can only be completed in off-hours.

Is the above situation familiar to you?

To create a workplace with sufficient security, in addition to relying on the establishment of the company system and company culture, the communication training of employees themselves is also very important. When you master workplace communication skills enough, you can easily solve difficult situations with high emotional intelligence!

The fan editor has designed a simple psychological test to see what workplace communication dilemmas you are facing through the ability you want to acquire, as well as a high emotional intelligence guide suitable for you!

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Back on the day you first started your career, what competency would you most like to build?

Think about your current work status, if you can return to the day you first entered the workplace, what special abilities do you hope to have?

A: Mind reading

B: Time manipulation

C: Hypnotic spells

D: Energy restoration

Choose A "mind reading" for you

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You are careful, always put yourself in people's shoes, are not used to bothering others, and are an intimate ghost in the workplace.

Are you always speculating about the thoughts of your supervisor and colleagues at work, obviously there are things you don't understand and don't understand in the process of communication, but you are still accustomed to solving problems by "guessing"?

And after you bite the bullet to complete the task, you find that because the information is not equal, you have done a lot of white work, which makes you feel that it would be good if you could read people's hearts.

Not knowing how to ask questions is a common situation for many people, especially newcomers in society, either asking questions without sorting out their needs, being mistaken for not taking the initiative to learn, or not daring to ask for help, burying their heads in hard work, but the result is the wrong direction of execution, dragging down the progress of the team.

(Screening: How to develop problem-solving skills?) You should practice observing and asking questions.)

If you have this problem, you can try to do this:

  1. When you encounter a problem, look for answers from existing resources and think of several possible solutions.
  2. Before asking questions, write down the needs and card points to help you clarify the core of the problem, and also let the other party quickly understand the context of the event.
  3. While getting the solution, don't forget to take the opportunity to learn the other party's thinking logic and way of doing things, and improve the ability to work independently.

You who choose B "Time Manipulation"

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Be careful, you may have "good guy syndrome"!

The more you understand the task, the more trust your colleagues and supervisors have in you, but the work at hand can no longer be handled, but you don't know how to say no, and in the end, you either force yourself to die in front of the dead line, or you are reviewed for being inefficient because of late submission.

Learning to refuse is also a subject that must be learned when entering the workplace. Clinical psychologists said that most workplaces in Taiwan emphasize "group", which has led many people to suffer from the "good man disease" of only thinking for others and not living for themselves in order to cater to others.

The "good guy disease" makes you prioritize others in everything and sacrifice yourself to achieve the group, but you always feel that your efforts are not seen and are not respected equally. At this point, you should learn to use communication skills to draw psychological boundaries and stop being a good person in the workplace.

(Same scene plus screening: The first lesson for bad people: Practice rejection is not bad, people with boundaries are the loveliest)

If you have this problem, you can try to do this:

  1. When encountering a new task, take stock of the work at hand, confirm the priorities, and assess the feasibility.
  2. If you decide that the task at hand cannot be loaded, you can first provide possible solutions from your own perspective. For example: Since OOXX is still on hand, is it too late to postpone OOXX provision?
  3. If the task is difficult to push, remember to ask your supervisor and colleagues for help at any time. You can communicate like this: OOO has an OOXX request, but I am still working on OOXX, can you ask XXX to assist with this task? Or can the XXOO job be postponed and I deal with the urgent item first?

The workplace emphasizes efficiency, and when encountering difficulties, it is not only possible to solve problems faster, but also to practice mastering their working time. Under normal circumstances, when you are thinking and prepared enough, colleagues will not be disgusted by your rejection, but will know that you are a principled person with control over time.

Choose the C "hypnotic spell" for you

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You are very personal, like to add your own ingenuity to your work, and are a bit of perfectionist.

In project collaboration, you will always actively propose ideas, but if you encounter supervisors and superiors who have different ideas than you, you will choose to compromise regardless of the other party's face. This makes you feel powerless because you trust your judgment, but you don't want to argue too much and lower your emotional intelligence.

If you have this problem, you can practice the "yes, and" communication method!

What is "yes, and" communication? The essence of the "yes, and" communication method is to make the other person feel that their opinions are fully accepted, and thus open up more space for discussion. The opposite is yes, but communication method, although it is a friendly response, but it will give people the feeling of being negative, the following example sentence will take you to understand the difference between the two.

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If a colleague wants to offer a different point of view today than you, which of the following sentences will make you feel more accepted?

  1. yes, but communication: I think your idea is good, but if there are OOXX problems in this way, I think it is more appropriate to implement it in the OOXX way.
  2. yes, and communication: I like your idea and would like to add my opinion that doing it in OOXX in the OOXX part also solves OOXX problems.

Although the "yes, but" communication method is also releasing kindness, because of the slight difference in context, the other party may misunderstand that your kindness is just "polite", and will respond in the same polite way. The "yes, but" communication rule can better establish a sense of team communication, not "I want you to do this" but superimpose everyone's ideas to create results where 1 plus 1 is greater than 2.

In the future, if you want to persuade others to adopt your opinion, in addition to thinking about hypnotizing him, it is better to try using the "yes, and" communication method to create a win-win situation!

You who choose D "Energy Restoration"

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You are very responsible and know that the team needs you, but often feel that you are not doing well enough, and sometimes you have imposter syndrome.

You force yourself to work all year round, even if you have consumed too much, you still dare not ask for leave. Because you are worried that a short departure will affect the company's operations, and you also think that you have to do well enough to be eligible for a vacation.

(Screening: A Guide to Workplace Survival | Feeling powerless at work? 10 signs to check if you have run out of energy)

Want to rest, but afraid of being blinded? You can do this:

  1. Synchronize long-term holiday planning as early as possible, so that supervisors can have time to arrange manpower support and staff representatives can have time to hand over work content.
  2. Anticipate possible situations and plan for handovers to avoid overwhelming colleagues with too many unexpected situations.
  3. Even during long holidays, provide flexibility in emergency communication and let partners know how to contact in an emergency. But the premise is to establish good principles, avoid vacation can not be relaxed.

People's work energy is to be replenished, and when you over-consume it will only affect your own work performance, which is the main reason that will bring down the team. When you're aware of your energy loss, remember to think more about what you're doing well and plan a recharging vacation for yourself.

As long as you do a good job handover, your partner will definitely support your plan and look forward to your return full of blood!

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After taking the above quiz, do you also have more ideas about workplace relationships?

"High emotional intelligence" is not about letting go of oneself, but about being able to learn to think differently and use your own traits to communicate effectively. To create a diverse and inclusive workplace of DEI, we cannot only rely on top-down system iteration, but also need bottom-up motivation at the bottom.

Do you want to build a workplace environment with psychological safety? Invite you to follow the annual workplace survey of women fans.