What is Thalesnomics? Let's take a look at why she can create such amazing economic benefits!

When it comes to Taylor Swift, everyone has at least one of her songs playing in their heads. She sincerely sings about the experience of different stages of her life, accompanies her fans through the journey, and whenever the concert starts, she always does her best, even the stage and styling are not sloppy, so she has always sat on a large number of Swiftie fans.

As a pop music diva, Taylors, this year's The Eras Tour is still a sensation, but also set off a wave of "Taylornomics" that should not be underestimated.

Thalesnomics that is hard to ignore

Last year, Thales announced a major tour after 5 years, taking the lead in the United States. Whether it is general ticket sales or VIP limited package tickets up to 899 US dollars, it is sold in seconds.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Times Tour is worth $1 billion, while research group QuestionPro estimates the economic benefits of touring the U.S. to be as high as $5 billion, more than the gross domestic product of at least 40 countries around the world.

AMP Capital chief economist Oliver pointed out that the benefits of Thales's concert in Australia may be comparable to an Olympics. Australian News Network said that since the announcement of the tour of Australia, Hilton hotel bookings in Sydney and Melbourne have increased by 1129% and 9400% respectively.

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Photo | Taylors @ Twitter

Domestic consumption in the United States has repeatedly broken records

The major domestic lodging and dining industries are booming, with businesses taking advantage of the trend to launch donuts featuring Taylors' portraits or cocktails named after her songs.

In terms of accommodation, the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia pointed out in the report that thanks to Thales, May 2023 was the largest month of revenue growth in Philadelphia's accommodation industry, and Chicago also broke a new record for local hotel occupancy rates, with a hotel occupancy rate of nearly 97%.

The Las Vegas post-epidemic tourism spending report pointed out that Taylor can drive the economy more than gambling entertainment, high-end restaurants and wine tasting, and the Cincinnati City Government Tourism Office said that the surrounding consumption effect of Thales' concert can reach 48 million yuan.

A senior analyst at the Kamuan Association, an economic research institution, commented on this phenomenon, saying that because most people were at home during the epidemic, they couldn't wait to see Taylus concerts after the epidemic.

Photo | Taylors @ Twitter

Overseas countries are also booming

The Thales craze is not limited to the United States, but has swept all the way from North America to South America, Asia, Europe and Australia. Among them, Singapore, located in Southeast Asia, has triggered a rush of millions of fans due to its geographical environment and the advantages of visa-free in many countries.

Singapore, which has only 300,000 concert seats, has poured in 22 million people to register for tickets, which in addition to showing a serious shortage of supply, has also led to a 45% increase in the number of cards issued by China's third largest Chinese bank, Southeast Asia's third largest bank that opens credit card purchases.

Such a crazy rush for tickets inevitably led to chaos, and also led governments to intervene in ticket purchases, such as Brazil. Brazil has filed a Taylor Act, which punishes scalpers who illegally sell tickets with up to four years in prison and fines.

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Photo | Taylors @ Twitter

The rise of the women's economy

The Wall Street Journal found that from Thales's era tour, we can see that the spending power of the female group cannot be ignored, and the multiplier effect of women plays a role in it, they repeatedly participate in entertainment activities with different relatives and friends, and everyone spends more.

The "Common Sense Institute", a media research institute, estimates that the consumption opportunities created by Thales' tour can reach NT$160 billion, and each fan may have to spend NT$40,000, but there are still many women who pay.

The Taylor economy reflects the potential of the female economy, where women are more willing to spend money to pamper themselves after hard work. According to the Nielsen survey in the United States, women will control 75% of trade-off spending in 2028 [1], and women with monetary autonomy will not only determine their own spending , but also bring greater economic benefits.

"Tai"'s powerful gold-absorbing power will continue to be powerful

Why does Taylor attract so many fans? Returning to the source, Thales's life and love are the best material for her creation. She always resonates with her true face, deeply reflects the female mood, and this resonance translates into a significant business opportunity, prompting dignitaries from all over the world to invite Thales.

Not only that, Taylor usually interacts with fans through multiple channels and builds a relationship with them like friends. Various factors make fans willing to shell out their wallets to support her. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Chilean President Borek and others have contacted Taylors on Twitter, hoping that wherever she goes will bring great economic growth to her country.

Taylornomics confirms what the late veteran American journalist Barbara Walters said: "Thales, represents the entire music industry." And why does Thales continue to retain her gold-absorbing power? Part of it is because she has been committed to making music from beginning to end.

In the music industry, singers must have unique products that can be sold in addition to records, called "complementary products", such as co-branding, side hustles, etc., and her serious creation has created her strongest complementary product: concerts. Involving the global economic chain, she will continue her tour in the future, believing that no matter the performance or income, it is bound to be brilliant.

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