Huang Zhikai, founder of Story Factory, shares with us his vision of Li Guoxiu, let's see the meaning of "teacher" to him!

Huang Zhikai is the art director of Story Factory, which is good at pushing characters to the precipice of the plot, showing the value and emotions of human nature. His motto is "Make the world what we like", believing that theatre can shape a better and more engaging world, and inspire audiences through the power of art to feel the beauty and meaning of life.

Li Guoxiu in Huang Zhikai's eyes

"What do you think Guoxiu Teacher would say to you if he was still there?" Wei Xuan asked. Zhi Kai shared that he followed the ancient rites and kowtowed to the teacher, and in the 11 years of the master-apprentice relationship from kowtowing to the death of the national cultivation teacher, he has never been praised by the teacher for a word, he has never said a good word, not a word.

The teacher feels that doing well is deserved, "I am your master, I just want to tell you what you are not doing well." Teacher Guoxu once said, "This is really something that I will miss and feel very sad." Wei Xuan responded choked. When Zhi Kai heard the teacher's praise for him, he sorted out his recording files after his death and heard the teacher's affirmation of him from other people.

"He used two words to describe me, silly and enthusiastic." Zhi Kai said that this was the only affirmation he received after his mentor's death. Zhi Kai said that he does things himself to be worthy of his heart, people are creating or we inevitably make mistakes when living our lives, and we also learn from mistakes.

If you can grow up with the people around you and grow up with this society, it is a wonderful thing. "If Guoxiu Teacher is still alive, he may still not praise you, he will say that this play has three more acts, or it would be better to remove one scene." Wei Xuan said with a smile.

"I'm sure he will give me a lot more advice, because when I encounter confusion in my life, I think what he would do and say if I were a teacher today." Zhi Kai smiled.

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Life mentors in life: Li Guoxiu and Simon Beauvoir

In fact, people really need a life mentor in life, this life teacher may not be a real teacher, he may be an elder or various types of people, he is an existence. When you get into trouble, you wonder what he would do if it were today.

"Before filming, I told Zhi Kai that we are in different industries, in fact, it is really difficult for women to find seniors, and they can become power structures or relationship circles to pass on experience. So I often simulate Simon in my head. Beauvoir is my teacher and I think about Simon a lot. What would Beauvoir do?" Wei Xuan said, and this kind of time will give her a lot of strength and let her know that she is not alone.

"We try to do it, and then it's like there's an idol, a faith in your heart, and this belief in values can take us forward." Zhi Kai said.

To become the light in the lives of others, since there are so many seniors moving forward, we also hope to be able to keep up with their footsteps, so that those behind can see hope. Many mistakes we don't have to go through again, such costs are too great, we should learn on the shoulders of giants.

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What does Huang Zhikai want to say to Guoxiu teacher?

I am very grateful to the teacher for teaching me, I will take these kindness to heart. When I am doing drama, or when I encounter fatigue and confusion in life, I think about what I would do if I were a teacher today. You have always been my faith, and I have always told myself to move forward in the direction I strive for in my life. I will continue to work hard to make the world what we love.

When you also become a teacher

"When you accumulate social experience, there are fewer people who will directly say that you are bad. You can set certain rules, but you'll see yourself less often." Zhi Kai said that for him, in addition to the teacher of national cultivation in life, if he is his own teacher and this society is also my teacher, then you have to talk to the teacher and you will improve.

"So I will watch women's fans, and women's fans are one of the teachers of this society." Zhi Kai smiled. "All the accumulation in our lives actually comes from the help of many people, for Zhi Kai is a teacher of national cultivation, and then for me Zhi Kai is also one of the teachers." Wei Xuan said.

There are some things we need to say in time, and if you are someone else's teacher now, we also encourage you to say it in time, because we would like to hear the encouragement and affirmation of people we value very much.

"What we saw, could we make a difference within our power, from the first second it happened, how we made the world the shape we liked. This is something I learned and saw in Zhi Kai twenty years ago." Wei Xuan looked at Zhi Kai.

Twenty years ago, Zhi Kai was the one who created a space for everyone, and Wei Xuan was very happy to see Zhi Kai develop Taiwan's original stories in his troupe, nurturing many talented actors and choreographers in Taiwan. In addition, he is also very serious and hard to be a husband and a father of two children.

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