Badminton player Li Jiaxin started the idea of retiring from being injured to practicing diligently to try to advance to the Olympics; Xu Le found a sense of belonging and confidence in athletics, and tirelessly practiced to overcome the disadvantages of hearing loss.

The World Universiade is over! This year, Taiwanese players performed well in Chengdu, winning 10 golds, 17 silvers and 19 bronzes, setting a record for the best number of foreign medals ranked eighth overall. In addition to the tennis tournament with the highest number of gold medals, Taiwan also has a dazzling performance in badminton and hurdles.

Badminton player Li Jiaxin originally had the idea of retirement, but relying on "rearrangement" of her body, she still won medals in women's doubles and mixed doubles under the pressure of a tight schedule. Hurdle rising star Xu Le suffers from hearing impairment, but with the appreciation and cultivation of the junior high school coach and unremitting practice, he overcame obstacles to become a world record holder, and also advanced to the semi-finals of the World Universiade.

Photo|Li Jiaxin's Facebook fan page

Badminton player Li Jiaxin

Known as China's "first mixed doubles" combination, badminton players Li Jiaxin and Ye Hongwei won the mixed doubles gold medal at the World Universiade and prepared to move towards the Paris Olympics.

Learn to live with injuries and enjoy the arena, from thinking about retirement to deciding to advance to the Olympic Games

Li Jiaxin was born into a badminton family, with a strict coach and father, Li Jiaxin once half-joked that she did not like to play when she was a child, "I was forced". However, as the physical education class became a daily routine, hard training became commonplace.

Li Jiaxin pointed out in an interview that her unsatisfactory results in the competition in 2019, coupled with injuries to her hands and feet, made her have the idea of retirement. The turning point was to come into contact with a different training mode, so that the body seemed to be rearranged, and also adjusted the mentality to start enjoying the feeling of competing on the field, this time representing Taiwan, in the mixed doubles and women's doubles have won outstanding results.

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Strong psychological quality, can also play the advantage in the opponent's home field

During the mixed team gold medal match, at the home of the Chinese team, Li Jiaxin and her partner won in the cheers of the field, admitting frankly: "I can only say that it feels really cool to beat the opponent at the opponent's home court, especially the moment I stand on the podium, my goosebumps are up."

In the first half of this season, Li Jiaxin has played 55 games, and she can be called a very strong ironman player physically and mentally. She also said that especially when there are many competitions, it is especially necessary to take care of her body to maintain good condition. She jokes that sometimes she plays too many games and wakes up in a restaurant without knowing where she is.

Photo|Li Jiaxin's Facebook fan page

Survived the mixed doubles partner run-in period and won the gold medal with tacit understanding

In the early days of the partnership, Li Jiaxin and Ye Hongwei quarreled because of one cold and one hot, and different personalities. Li Jiaxin said that when the quarrel was at its worst, the two were unwilling to communicate, and they just listened to the coach's instructions when they went on the field. Later, he found a communication balance and tacit understanding gradually got better, and finally won the US Open and the Chengdu World Universiade.

The two set their goals on advancing to the Olympics, but Li Jiaxin is also well aware of her limitations, saying that this is likely to be the last opportunity to challenge the Olympics, so she will attach great importance to and cherish it.

Hurdler Xu Le

Xu Le, a hurdler with congenital severe hearing loss, successfully reached the semi-finals, coexisting with the electronic ear to overcome the problem of listening to the starting gunshots and the obstacle of hearing loss affecting the sense of balance, and became the only female track and field athlete in Taiwan to advance to the semi-finals under the training and encouragement of the middle school coach.

Photo|Le in Athletics-Xu Le Facebook fan page

A track and field runner who starts with an electronic ear listening to gunshots

Xu Le, born in 2003, was diagnosed with congenital hearing loss at the age of two, the left ear is an electronic ear, the right ear wears a hearing aid, when everyone talks and the noise increases, Xu Le often can't hear classmates clearly. Because she was unable to integrate into her peers, she experienced a period of deep setbacks in her relationships.

With successive achievements in sprinting competitions in school, Xu Le gradually found a sense of belonging and achievement in athletics. She said that she did not receive professional training in the early days, and she practiced running in the park with her father.

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Meet Bó Lè and mentor Jian Qinghong

Joining the track and field team and meeting coach Jian Qinghong was the official beginning of her athletic career. Under his careful training, Xu Le overcame his physical limitations, continued to strengthen speed and hurdle skills to compensate for the delay caused by gunfire, and passed the hurdles all the way, starting from the Brazilian Olympics to show his prominence on the world stage, winning the gold medal and winning the hearing-impaired hurdles world record in his first overseas competition.

Regarding how to aspire to become an athlete and persevere under high pressure, Xu Le shared her parents' reminder that her strength to move forward. Her family told her to calm down when she wanted to give up, "calm down on the verge of every collapse, look back, and find that she still loves athletics."

Photo|Le in Athletics-Xu Le Facebook fan page

As a result, she has endured all kinds of hard training to this day, during which she also survived the feeling of weakness from her thigh strain and could not train, and practiced taking care of herself and maintaining her physical and mental condition away from home between field changes.

In every interview, Xu Le always expresses her gratitude to the coach and family, and the teacher-student friendship between her and the coach is also moving. Last year, when Hualien was in the middle of the games, Xu Le donated a gold medal prize of 100,000 yuan to his alma mater of the middle school, thanking Jian Qinghong for his cultivation and giving back to his younger siblings. At this year's World Games, Jian Qinghong flew to Chengdu at his own expense to watch Xu Le's competition and gave her a surprise. Jian Qinghong revealed after the game that Xu Le also shed tears of joy when he saw himself in the arena.

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Athletes and their bodies: to coexist with defects and pain, to regroup is to go the longer way

It is the norm for athletes to coexist with their own flaws or weaknesses, injuries and pains on the road to development. Whether it is Li Jiaxin, who has been trained by her strict father since she was a child, or Xu Le, who was discovered by the coach halfway, they have experienced the hesitant period of having to be injured and recuperate for a long time, and they have also mentioned the importance of managing sports injuries and maintaining physical and mental condition.

"Taking care of yourself" may be the basis for athletes to adjust to their state and achieve outstanding performance, and for ordinary people, it is a lifelong practice of being gentle with themselves. The "rearrangement" of Li Jiaxin's conversion training method may be like a hearty breakfast at the beginning of the week, or the first movie watched after a big argument with your partner, resetting the body and reorganizing the mind, in order to take a longer journey.