Netflix high-scoring love variety show is online! "Men and Women Who Recovered Single" and "Love in the Mountains and Forests" show you how an adult version of love looks like...

What should love look like in your mind?

Psychologist Sullivan believes that love is selfishness for two; Writer Zhang Ailing said that love is not worth asking whether it is worth it; Steinberg gives the formula of intimacy + passion + commitment.

The interpretation of love is not unique, when people go to different ages, people's interpretation of love is even different, when love is erased by the reality of day and night, can it be called an adult version of love?

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"Love in the Mountains and Forests": mature love with an average age of 40 years old

"Love in the Mountains and Forests" attempts to answer the question of what adult love looks like.

The program is set in mature age, limited to participants should be at least 35 years old, so a combination of eight mature men and women (4 men and 4 women) with an average age of 40 years old, the oldest participant is 60 years old.

After watching sweet love variety shows such as "Single is Hell" and "Change to Love", the number of 60 obviously subverts the public's imagination of love variety shows.

Not only age, but instead of a beautifully decorated house, the group lived in a century-old house sitting in the countryside, and the environment was completely decorated, thanks to the participants' own repairs.

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During the days of living in the old house, participants could not use their mobile phones, but could only seize the opportunity to get to know each other deeply during daily repairs and cooking.

In the old house where there is nothing and will not be disturbed by external factors, people's desires and urgency are put together, and the pursuit of the object of their love becomes real and direct.

Therefore, in "Love in the Mountains and Forests", you can't see the ambiguity of slow simmering, let alone the timidity of love, replaced by active and ardent pursuit.

When you want to express your friendship, you can ring the bell of love located on the hillside behind the house and confess to your favorite person. If the confession is successful, the couple will leave the love village together; Conversely, the confessor will leave the love village, and the defendant can continue to stay, which means that every time the bell of love rings, at least one person will leave, and when a member leaves, there will continue to be a replacement member, maintaining a combination of eight.

Dilapidated old houses, a confession, three meals a day, everything is realistic, but that is the essence of life, and it is also the thinking that mature love has to think about.

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Love for me is finding someone who can help me change my diaper

People who come to "Love in the Mountains" have a clear goal, they are not looking for a passerby who will get off at any time, but to find the last partner in life, as the oldest participant in the show, Mina sister even said: "I just want to find someone who can help me change diapers."

When love is promoted to being willing to change diapers for a person, rather than two little guesses who go to the supermarket together, you can see that the feelings explained in "Love in the Mountains and Forests" are broader and more realistic than physical and lust, even if you encounter the object of passion, it will also return to peace because you have already experienced these passions in the past.

However, even if there is a relatively open-minded understanding of love, you can still see the participants who have enough mature thinking, and inevitably experience the struggle and pain in the process of pursuing love, so the audience can see that behind those stoic and independent, they are people with blood and tears after all, and it is precisely because of this that love is possible.

In the narrow old house, some love is happening, and they who are in mature love in "Love in the Mountains and Forests" have not forgotten the courage to love.

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"Men and Women Who Recovered Single": Do I still have the courage to love after being hurt?

In love, there are always stumbles and injuries, and as the number of injuries increases, will people heal faster and grow into more resilient appearances?

The Korean love variety show "Men and Women Who Recovered Single" may be able to give you the answer.

Similar to most romances, the show plans different dating bridges, gets to know each other, and during the week of cohabitation, participants have the opportunity to find the next companion, it is worth noting that these participants are all divorced people, like a social experiment, the results of the experiment will show whether they can regain confidence in love and marriage after being married once.

Although she/he, who had been with her at that time, has been lying in the memory and has become a blurry shadow, the wounds are real.

The years passed, and those wounds that grew in the heart were engraved with the names of the past and turned into words that were easily spoken, including domestic violence, affair, and mother-in-law and daughter-in-law problems. The tone is calm, the corners of the eyes are slightly raised, but the audience is sad to watch, and it is inevitable to think of the injuries carried by the participants one by one, and this bridge of why Chen ended his marriage has also become a particularly heart-wrenching picture in the show.

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The fourth season of "Men and Women Who Returned to Single" has not yet aired on Netflix, so viewers cannot be sure of the final matchmaking.

When watching, if you are ready, look back at your own scratched wounds by reality, maybe you will think of someone who makes you love and hate, remember those layers of setbacks, but time will wash out what really shines, I believe that in these large and small cracks, the light of the day will eventually be revealed, and bless all of us who are carved by love to be angular, still maintain a soft essence, dare to stagger, dare to love!