Writing a handwriting account helps you achieve your goals, live a more satisfying life, and convey emotions and personal taste. There are many more benefits to discover!

Have you tried to record your life with pen and paper? Why do you want to write handbooks, and why is there a boom in handbooks in Japan? Have a handy notebook to doodle, plan for the future, record your life, start by choosing the right notebook, start a journey full of wonder and healing, and write your own textured life proposal!

1. Arrange the itinerary

According to Takashi Ikeda, chairman of Japan's Open Platform company, the purpose of time management is to "put every minute to good use," create surplus, increase spiritual satisfaction, and feel happiness. The specific implementation method is to make good use of the piecemeal work through the handbook, leaving five hours a day for yourself.

The handbook "visualizes" the time and gives a fulfilling and productive day. Many handbooks will be accompanied by an annual plan, and a handbook with multiple time segments can accommodate the flexibility of time scheduling.

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Daily timelines as small as hours, weekly, monthly, and annual plans help you grasp the allocation of time, and also see the itinerary and activities that will occur at a glance, and you can gather resources in advance, prepare the mood to face each day, and create a good mood that is calm and not flustered.

Second, organize your emotions

The lecturer of the spiritual writing course under the pseudonym "Slimpe" wrote in "Write! In order to reach oneself, the benefits of journaling are advocated. The book mentions that in addition to writing catharsis to settle the heart, grasping thoughts in the chaotic thoughts, the original vague solution is likely to emerge.

In the world of handwriting, individuals can become their own wise men, with the most thorough perspective, the clearest voice, and objective and honest advice for seemingly chaotic and disturbing situations before them.

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Consciously reviewing the people you met and what happened during the day, and recording your emotional feelings, you can instantly organize your physical and mental state and track your mood temperature. Gazing at your inner thoughts through the handbook can help you get rid of the negative thinking of the present moment and not fall deeper and deeper.

Third, the review is wonderful

Psychologist Hong Zhongqing shared the note-taking technique mentioned in Kenichi Nagatani's new book "Got the Diary", and found that through the process of recording, review and introspection, self-confidence and satisfaction can be effectively improved, and goals can be found more effectively, laying the foundation for success.

Try writing down milestones in your own life or someone else's in your notebook. Whether it's "Erbao learns to walk!" , "3rd Anniversary of Relationship", or "200th Day of Cat Ownership", "First Cooking for Family" are all memorable moments. Review these shining moments in your life regularly, so that you can count the days of your career without boredom, and you can affirm yourself every day, discover surprises, and look forward to the next good arrival.

4. Set goals

Why is it that everything that must be done can be done, but what you want to do has not happened? According to Listful Thinking, writing down a list is the beginning of all action. After all, empty vernacular is not as good as black and white.

Write it down and give you the courage to dream; Write it down so you can see the different possibilities. Write it down to calm your mood and clarify your thoughts; Write it down to strengthen your ambition and reduce anxiety. Setting goals with a manual account is the first step in achieving the plan.

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Junko Kohori also recommends that readers "projectize" their dreams in "Reverse Accounts Written Back from the Future". By first making the goal clear and concrete, and then carefully thinking about the execution steps and tracking the degree of completion, you can gradually achieve the goal from the end, and also have the opportunity to review and optimize the practice process.

5. Collection gratitude

Have you found that those who seem particularly fortunate are often grateful? The magic of making a habit of keeping a gratitude journal is to practice finding things worth being grateful for in your life and clearly seeing how people around you help you. Psychology writer Liu Xuan mentioned that after he started the 100-day gratitude diary plan, his life satisfaction really improved and he felt better in life.

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If you are deeply trapped in negative emotions of resentment and regret, by writing down grateful people and things every day, you can effectively train your brain to convert into positive thinking.

Remembering the gratitude of others and exuding a positive atmosphere will be very helpful for interpersonal relationships and the implementation of routine work matters; Occasionally jotting down your condolences and gratitude can also help you discover your hidden strengths and encouragement, so you can be motivated to keep it going and even start a new program.

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6. Remembering what you love

How long have you not been in touch with your best friend, closest family? Most of the ups and downs in life are not intentional parting ways with loved ones, but encounters that make people drift apart. At this time, birthdays, special anniversaries, as well as important festivals, and year-end greetings are the perfect opportunities to pull them back. On special occasions, short greetings and simple gifts can be affectionate and make people feel warm.

7. Change your mood

Modern people often use audio and video to record life, and a culture of "camera eats first" and "video and audio" has been formed in daily life. Occasionally put down the mobile phone camera, practice describing the five senses with words and illustrations, record the wonderful experience of taste buds, fingertips and sight on paper, as well as what you think and learn, not for sharing, just for the future self to enjoy alone, but can make the memory more mellow after a long time, open infinite memories and imagination.

What is the tone and shape of your mood today? When working, you may need a calm and restrained business ledger to make scheduling and decision-making more efficient; When traveling with friends, you may be suitable for a colorful travel notebook to plan your itinerary and record the bits and pieces of the trip; During your private vacation time, you will have a blank handbook with you to doodle and cut and paste to decorate the holiday mood.

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8. Express your feelings

A personal handbook is a little tree hole that belongs to you to talk about at will, and also clarifies for you where your emotions come from and where they are going. By grasping the clues of the change in your mind, it will also become easier to control your emotions.

In the world of writing, there is no judge, no other people's fingers, and the pen is used instead of angry shouts or excited laughter, sad tears, and you can be more assured to be yourself, without worrying about emotions casting irreparable consequences or hurting others. After the storm, you will be able to see your growth and find the most comfortable posture with you.

9. Show taste

Coco Chanel once famously said in a speech: "I regret that women blindly pursue fashion at the expense of personal characteristics". A handwatch can be the least accessory you have at hand and the proudest style statement.

Just like dressing, a beautiful handbook with soft texture and fine stitching will show off your style taste. Are you minimalist or flashy? Do you prefer cool neutral metallics, or warm leather, soft fabrics? When choosing a handbook, you may wish to pay attention to the material of the inner page, cover, binding and routing, and printing beauty. When the style of the item at hand matches the occasion and mood, the feeling of happiness is more complete.

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10. Financial investment

Are you a "petty bourgeoisie"? Xiaobourgeoisie is a buzzword that appeared in China in the 1990s, referring to office workers with a small taste of life, who have personal pursuits and can live independently. Self-financing living expenses and being able to save money to buy favorite items to reward oneself is a symbol of financial independence. Keep an account of classified expenditures, record consumption details, and take stock of unnecessary consumption, which can save an expense and increase savings.

Bookkeeping can also help develop a sense of financial management. By keeping a detailed record of income and expenditure, you can better understand the proportion of various expenses and encourage yourself to plan for long-term investment and important consumption. When keeping accounts, in addition to writing down the items, time and purpose of consumption, you can also briefly write down the feelings you feel when reviewing the consumption records, and what you can do better. Save a little every day, and the sum adds up to a considerable amount to use!

Buy a souvenir now! For you who work hard in all aspects of life, arrange a happiness, and leave the best time and money to yourself and your loved ones.

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You don't have to be a graphic design guru or have a valuable handbook to start your writing journey. Even if it's just doodling and memorandum, you'll be able to see your growth in the near future, drawing inspiration and inspiration from words and images.