What are the traditional customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival in neighboring countries? During the Mid-Autumn Festival in South Korea, it is necessary to visit tombs to worship ancestors and watch traditional songs and dances; Vietnamese accompany their children to enjoy the lanterns and watch the dragon dance.

Did you know that the custom of barbecue in Taiwan during the Mid-Autumn Festival is actually unique to the world! In the 60s of the Republic of China, raising campfires in the open space, singing and dancing wine, began to become a fun activity in addition to moon viewing; The community-based barbecue party began to become a Mid-Autumn Festival memory shared by a few villagers.

In 1986, a barbecue advertisement with Wanjia fragrant soy sauce fueled this craze, making the "Mid-Autumn Festival barbecue" a popular event in Taiwan. The custom of watching the moon on autumn nights, setting off fireworks and raising fire to grill meat has become a major feature of Taiwan's Mid-Autumn Festival, and has attracted many articles written by tourism websites.

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In addition to Taiwan and Chinese mainland, neighboring countries such as South Korea and Vietnam have the custom of the Mid-Autumn Festival, but the way of celebrating the festival is very different from Taiwan.

South Korea's Mid-Autumn Festival traffic chaos, daughters-in-law exhausted?

South Korea's Mid-Autumn Festival is actually a nightmare for daughters-in-law? In Korea, the Mid-Autumn Festival is known as "Autumn Eve (추석)" or "Mid-Autumn Festival", which is a festival to celebrate the autumn harvest and convey gratitude, and is often translated as Korean Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving) in English.

Since it is a festival to sacrifice to the ancestors and thank the ancestors for the harvest, a series of sacrifices and folk performances are indispensable. On the day of the Mid-Autumn Festival, in addition to traditional percussion music, masquerade dances and other folk festivals, wrestling competitions are held all over the country.

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In addition, some areas also perform traditional songs and dances known as "Qiangqiang Suiyue (강강수월래)", which is said to be a set of dance moves developed by the general Yi Sun-chen to defend against the Japanese invasion during the Imchen Rebellion during the Joseon period. The original meaning of this dance was that the enemy army was attacking across the sea, please be alert, and then gradually changed into a joyful song and dance with the meaning of blessing, harvest and joy.

Autumn Eve's signature traditional dish is "pine slices", a kueh made from glutinous rice, filled with sweet fillings such as sesame, chestnuts and beans, which are steamed on pine needles and smell faintly of pine leaves. It is customary that unmarried people who can make pine slices beautiful will be able to meet better partners in the future.

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In addition, like other festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival is also a time for families to gather for pancakes and desserts. For example, "pancakes" made into platters made by wrapping various vegetables in flour and egg liquid, and traditional stir-fried vegetables and stewed ribs, are also popular during the New Year.

In response to one of the three major festivals, the Mid-Autumn Festival in South Korea usually has consecutive holidays, but the complicated rituals and customs have become a nightmare for housewives, and even the car tide before and after the holiday is often dubbed the "Great Migration of Nationalities" by Koreans.

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Although the protagonist of the sacrifice is a man and the worship process is only ten minutes, the tasks such as preparing sacrifices, meals, and cleaning the environment mainly fall on women, and the pre-work can be said to be complicated and laborious.

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, it is common for married women on social media to send out the message that they wake up early in the morning to prepare offerings, followed by three meals at the family gathering, and then busy until late at night in order to clean up the dishes and decorations, they can only complain to each other in groups of friends to keep warm.

Vietnam's Mid-Autumn Festival, flying into the night sky is "Agui"?

Vietnam also celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival (Tết Trung Thu) on August 15 of the lunar calendar, but instead of Wu Gang Var Gui on the moon, the man "Agui" who was carried into the sky by trees.

The story goes like this: When Ah Gui went to cut firewood, he found a magical Bodhi tree, which is said to be a magical tree that was fried from heaven, and if watered with clean water, the leaves have the effect of curing all diseases and resurrecting the dying; But be careful, if you let the tree be contaminated with dirty water, it will be taken back to the heavenly court.

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After that, Ah Gui used his leaves to practice medicine and treat patients in nearby neighborhoods. One day, Ah Gui's wife was killed by thieves and her stomach was broken. When Ah Gui returned home, he found that he hurriedly treated him with Bodhi leaves, and replaced his wife's organs with the internal organs of the roadside dog, so that his wife could come back to life.

But after obtaining the puppy's organs to survive, his wife's behavior became abnormal for no reason, and she forgot Ah Gui's instructions to water the tree with clean water, and one day she was in a hurry to solve it next to the tree. As a result, the divine tree that had absorbed the filthy water was uprooted in an instant and flew into the sky.

Seeing this, Ah Gui quickly grabbed the root of the tree, was taken to the moon, and never returned. Since then, Vietnamese people have hung lanterns during the Mid-Autumn Festival to commemorate Ah Gui who took care of the Bodhi tree on the moon.

Watching the sky, watching lanterns, dancing fire dragons, Vietnam Mid-Autumn Festival is like this

The Mid-Autumn Festival in Vietnam can be said to be a festival for children. In response to the Mid-Autumn Festival, children carry lanterns to play on the streets, before the festival, adults will buy lanterns and snacks for the children at home, when the whole family will go out centered on children, enjoy flower lanterns, tell stories, and watch dragon and lion dances for the festival.

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Vietnam is a country with a long history of rice, so during the Mid-Autumn Festival, farmers will also use the sky to observe the sky, the moonlight and the color of the moon halo to predict the next year's good and bad seasons, and adjust the solar terms of sowing and harvesting in the second half of the year.

The reason why Vietnam's Mid-Autumn Festival is also a day of parent-child reunion is also related to the characteristics of agricultural countries. Because the Mid-Autumn Festival coincides with the rice harvest and the agricultural busyness comes to an end, it is suitable for the whole family to reunite, accompany the children, enjoy the lanterns and watch the performances together.

As long as you get together, you can spend the best time

Tired of doing the well-known Mid-Autumn Festival rituals in Taiwan? Who said that you must grill meat and eat mooncakes during the Mid-Autumn Festival?

Referring to the Mid-Autumn Festival customs in other regions, you can carry lanterns, make pancakes, or invent your own Mid-Autumn Festival ritual to have fun with friends and family. Plan the most special Mid-Autumn Festival feast now and invite your loved ones to spend it together!

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The most important significance of the Mid-Autumn Festival is the "reunion of people with a full moon" - even if the body is separated from the two places, if you can look at the moon wheel together, share joy and growth, and keep your heart close together, it is like a thousand miles away. Big and small festivals are the same, as long as the reunion is together, how to live, it is good.