Although everyone lives under different skies, we often experience similar emotions and are therefore able to empathize with each other. Being able to accompany fans in different ways through music and handbooks is the most worthy of celebration.

If you were to find Background Music (BGM) for your life story, which song would it be? Is the style lyrical, rock, joyous, sad, or fantastical and soft?

The five who have been accompanying fans with music said: "If you find the BGM of your life this year, we are happy for you, indicating that you are on the road you have chosen and are very confident." "If you haven't found it, we'll accompany you and find your own song."

In 2024, the five of them are about to usher in the seventh year of the army, and it is also the seventh year of women's fans Play with Time handbook, we have teamed up to launch Time to Celebrate handbook, and want to use music, text, and pages to accompany you through everyday moments worth celebrating.

I never wanted to give up in seven years, but time will change

Looking back on the journey of the seven years since the formation of the army, Inu Qing, Yun An, and Zheqian said the three words "sue the five", which occupied most of their time, "but we never thought of giving up, because the energy we gave will be more abundantly rewarded."

Before becoming famous, they used to go to a Mayday concert together and encourage each other: "One day, we must sing to a place where we can set off fireworks!"

In April 2023, they finally stood on the stage of the Little Arena and embarked on a concert tour under the title "Fun of the Universe". "Many people see the five people, it seems to be suddenly popular, saying that we were born out of thin air, but in fact, we know in our hearts that it is a small, large-scale concert, and slowly accumulate fans."

"For us, there is no difference between the size of the stage for the five people, but the performance format is different, and all the performances are at the same high level in their hearts."

Time kept moving forward, and the five people occasionally heard different voices, as if they felt that their music had changed? Yun An said sincerely: "In fact, some of the latest released songs may have been written ten years ago, and they are not necessarily us in this timeline."

However, they also openly embrace the changes brought by time: "We know that everyone's story is changing, and the song you liked ten years ago may not be the same as it is now." Just like a BGM, it does not necessarily play to the end, cutting songs and changing songs halfway means that your life is flowing.

The three are like kites, and the fans are the wind that takes us to fly

The three people who have known each other since high school have known each other for more than ten years, and when talking about the characteristics of the three that are worth celebrating, Inu Qing smiled and said: "Yun An is always very curious, Brother Qian is very serious in what he does, and I am the "general public", during the holidays, only I am really resting and playing waste."

Yun An is like the first person to die in an American drama, because he is too curious, he will always be the first to open the wardrobe and walk into the basement. "I've been scolded since I was a kid because I love to ask questions!"

But Yun An recalled that such a trait also made him not easy to feel frustrated, "I once went to work in a certain company with a group of friends who also like to play music, and when the boss gave me some difficult tasks and I was scolded for not doing well, I would not be too sad, but thought of trying again tomorrow."

The purpose of his work is not to be for others, but to fight with himself and wonder how far he can go. When his friends leave one by one, and only he stays, he realizes how difficult it is: "When you are curious, you forget about difficulties and setbacks." The satisfaction of knowing what it's like to do something will move you forward."

Yun An encouraged everyone to strengthen their curiosity: "Everyone is afraid of setbacks, but can you think carefully about which part makes you unbearable?" Is it possible to catch that point and get rid of it?" "Curiosity is like a knife that can cut us off unnecessary thoughts and worries."

And Yun An and Inu Qing agreed that Brother Qian is a very serious person, and he can see the clues from joining the track and field team and swimming team when he was a student: "My family will want me to think clearly, what is the meaning of doing everything?" Even if it may not come in handy now, it may be used in the future." The physical strength and endurance cultivated at that time have become the best ability when applied to the current high-intensity working environment.

In the process of learning to play drums, he also took the initiative to contact the drum techniques of different music, and bought foreign books to read. "Later, when I created it, I found that the materials I had read before could be used for use." Sometimes what is considered "useless" at the moment, as long as you follow your inner passion to explore, will one day become an important syllable on the score.

Talking about this, Inu Qing smiled again and said, "Look! During the holidays, one of them wrote songs and practiced drums, and when I lay on the sofa and ate chips, Yun An would say, "Why don't you practice singing!" "But I just want to have an ordinary person's holiday!"

However, Brother Qian saw Inu Qing instead, and his great resilience in the face of pressure: "I sometimes push myself too hard, but she can be comfortable, and it also makes me realize that in fact, I can react differently to things."

Yun An said that the combination of the three of them is very similar to a kite: Inu Qing is a kite flying in the sky, the most eye-catching existence on the stage; Yun An is the one who pulls the kite underneath, setting the tone for the style and direction of the orchestra; Brother Qian is the line that ties the ends and connects them tightly.

"And the wind is the energy from the fans, taking us high and far. It's been seven years, thank you for being there all the time."

Every moment of life can be a highlight, let us accompany you to find the BGM of life

The kite-like five told the five that although everyone lives under different skies, we often have similar things, so fans will empathize with their music. Being able to accompany fans in this way also feels that it is the most celebratory thing.

This time, the five people also shared their "celebration list" in the 2024 Time to Celebrate handbook, those little things that are very daily to talk about, but can't help but make people happy and happy. Like this:

  • I left work smoothly and left work early, and when I came home, I found that it was still dawn
  • Today the boss is not on vacation, and I feel comfortable at work
  • Sleep until you are full in the morning and wake up naturally to find that there is still an hour left before work
  • Go for a health check and find yourself super healthy
  • In the busy downtown area of Taipei, find a parking compartment
  • The eyeliner is pulled neatly and the false eyelashes are applied smoothly
  • I found a very rammed Internet celebrity store, and no one queued up today
  • Suddenly it rained, and I found that there was an umbrella in my backpack

Each one resonates deeply, and it turns out that the little luck of the popular band, just like us, is no wonder that the music of the five is always sung into people's hearts, because we live so similarly.

Brother Qian himself is a heavy user of handbooks, and since his student days, he has been writing by hand to record important moments in his life. "The feeling of writing by hand, although relatively time-consuming, is very warm, and the process of writing is very like rumination, you can once again experience what that event means to you." Just like his drum music teaching materials, they are all handwritten by himself.

He said the magic of the handbook is that "sometimes you don't necessarily remember every memory, but when you open your calendar and see the notes you have written, the memories of that day will come back, string together in your mind, become part of your body."

The process of absorbing memories is not to indulge in the past, but to represent that you are very sure of your current self, and use the power of the past to change your current self.

For the friends who are about to open this joint handbook, the lyrics, song lists, and golden sentences of the defendants accompany each day, and tell the five again: "If you find the BGM of life this year, we are happy for you, indicating that you are on the road you have chosen and are very confident."

"If you haven't found it, we'll accompany you and find your own song."