What is a handbook? Let's take a look at 5 recommended ways to write a handbook in 3 minutes!

Do you have a writer's account? Whether it's taking note of to-do lists, tracking habits, or writing down mood whispers, a notebook has the benefits of helping you plan your life, talk to yourself, and more.

If you also want to join the world of handwriting, let's take a look at what exactly is a handbook? What can I write?

What is a handbook?

It is said that as early as 1812, Charles Letts, a veteran stationery manufacturer in London, created the predecessor of the modern handbook in order to meet the needs of customers who want to record the inventory and accounting of goods. In addition, Japan's Central Printing Factory produced notebooks for staff in 1880, and notebooks for writing and recording gradually flourished in Japan.

Therefore, handbooks mostly refer to notebooks that are easy to carry. With the increasing variety and demand of handbooks, there are handbooks for different goals such as work handbooks and travel handbooks, and there are blank pages, graph paper and other designs on the inner pages, and even electronic handbooks are available.

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What can be written in a handbook?

The contents of the handbook can be written according to personal needs, and most of them can be divided into the following categories.

1. Work planning:

For office workers, in addition to recording basic agency items, the handbook can also record customer information, project progress and other content. Having tasks and schedules clearly listed not only makes your work clear at a glance, but also helps you see how productive you are.

2. Bookkeeping and Banking:

Using a handbook to list expenses and expenses can give you a better sense of the flow of money. In addition, you can put your savings goals and planners in to help you track them regularly, or you can include your financial notes and investment records for more comprehensive financial management.

3. Travel History:

Before the departure of the trip, you can record important information such as itinerary and luggage list in your notebook as a second reminder to yourself. After the trip, in addition to putting your travel memories in the community, you can also record them in a handbook.

Whether you have any thoughts on the transportation when you travel, or the ticket stubs collected along the way, or even the photos you washed out, you can collect them in it, and you can recall the throbbing through handwriting.

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4. Life Tracking:

The handbook can also purely record life, from what you ate for breakfast today, to the completion of a presentation, your mood and study can be written. Or maybe you want to develop lifestyle habits, such as exercising 3 times a week, reading 30 minutes a day before going to bed, etc., you can write down the progress so that you can easily track it.

5. Reading Notes:

For students, handbooks are an important tool to aid learning. You can incorporate class highlights, exam schedules, reading schedules, essay exercises, etc. into your notebook to make your learning more efficient. Even if you are not a student, you can write down the famous quotes and sentences you have read and your thoughts into your account, and while organizing your own ideas, you can also expand your material library step by step.

The contents of the handbook are ever-changing, and there are many categories such as clothing records, sports planning, parent-child daily routines, and cooking diaries, so you just need to write according to your needs.

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If you want to start the journey of writing a handbook

Nobel Prize winner in physics Richard. Feynman once said, "Notes are not a record of my thought process, notes are my thought process." Keeping a record of your thoughts in a notebook can help you get closer to yourself.

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