Women's Fans have a small gathering of tailor-made vision for corporate partners, attracting more than 30 companies to enthusiastically participate, from consultant team sharing, body workshops to diversified and inclusive solutions, helping companies master the key code of future talents.

In 2022, as the first brand to promote DEI, Women's Fan took the lead in holding the first Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award in Taiwan, hoping to establish a diverse and inclusive ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific region through community initiatives and research surveys, and assist enterprises to introduce DEI (diversity, fairness, inclusion) culture, enhance the external brand image of employers, create corporate influence, and develop a sustainable business niche.

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In 2023 this year, women's fans also established the company's exclusive membership service "DEI Vision Club" for the first time, looking forward to helping enterprises painlessly introduce a diverse and inclusive culture through learning, sharing and common growth, and helping enterprises grasp the latest international trends related to SDGs, DEI and talent sustainability.

In order to help Vision members communicate with each other and trigger the switch of efficient growth, Women's Fans held a cross-industry exchange party on August 24, 2023 - with the theme of "DEI Inclusion Small Gathering - The Key Code to Master Future Talents", inviting enterprises involved in promoting the vision of diversity and inclusion to participate and create a milestone of diversity and inclusion.

The event was attended by more than 30 companies and nearly 50 corporate partners, covering the fields of science and technology, media, medical care, etc., and the participating partners were also from human resources, public relations partners and senior managers.

In order to create a diversified and inclusive corporate gathering, from venue decoration to welcoming enterprises, women fans have shown the DEI interactive mode through carefully designed activities.

At the check-in office, we provide "multiple title stickers" for everyone to choose freely, because women fans believe that everyone can choose how they are called; Respecting and understanding the titles that others want is also an important first step in promoting diversity and harmony and smooth communication.

Before the start of the event, we also led the experience activity through the Women's Fan Female Power Card Card, inviting corporate partners to introduce themselves to the same table, exchange with each other the specific actions of DEI within the company, and share difficulties and challenges through the guidance of the card card.

KPMG Consultant Kai Rou Cheung: Return the interpretation of "Friendly Workplace" to each partner

At the beginning of the event, we first welcomed the sharing of KPMG management consultant team, senior consultant Zhang Kairou.

Consultant Zhang Kairou mentioned that the focus of enterprises to attract talents is different from the past, which only focuses on salary and position. Today's new generation of talents pays more attention to the diversity of work styles, collaboration models, and flexible working hours. In order to grab talents and retain talents, so that everyone in the team can realize their potential, the concept of a diverse, inclusive and friendly workplace is indispensable.

The so-called diverse and friendly workplace is not limited to the physical and mental health of employees, but also takes into account the values of family care, diversity equality and so on, which is the demand and concern of talents.

In recent years, faced with huge job shortages and rising turnover rates, companies have had to think about how to redesign their work environments to meet society's evolving needs, while closing the gap between the ideal workplace and the reality of reality.

In this modern society with drastic demographics, enabling employees to reach their full potential is not only a challenge, but also an urgent mission for enterprises.

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Consultant Zhang Kairou also shared KPMG's internal policies on workplace friendly policies for enterprises' reference, calling for promoting the voice of workplace policies and truly returning them to job seekers and employees, such as holding workshops to invite employees to discuss DEI workplace practices that meet their own needs.

At the same time, she also shared that some partners proposed to use the secret language of a cup of coffee to fight for a break for the long meeting, which later became the consensus and tradition of KPMG more smoothly. This reflects the process of implementing the concept of friendly workplace and employee rights from the bottom up in the company and putting it into practice.

Visually impaired runner Lin Xinting: Understand everyone's personality and needs, and complement each other

Although marathon runner Lin Xinting has lost his eyesight, he always believes that the visually impaired should not be limited by the life path expected by society, and there are more possibilities besides engaging in the familiar massage.

So he replaced his vision with other senses, exercised, ran marathons, danced modern dance, won the 50th Golden Bell Award for Best Walking Program Host, and has continued to work tirelessly for the rights and interests of the visually impaired.

At the heart of DEI is understanding different needs and designing fairly. Therefore, in this small gathering, the woman superstitutely invited teacher Xinting to lead the Forever Night Workshop, from touching objects with closed eyes, guessing the denomination of coins, to imitating other people's body movements through touch, from shallow to deep experience, so that business partners can more carefully appreciate the sensory life of visually impaired friends.

Teacher Xinting shared that whether it is massage or dance, it is not only as simple as using brute force or moving the body according to dance steps, but also in the rhythm and contact of the body, we must understand each person's personality and needs, and complement each other with the body.

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We also invited corporate partners to volunteer on stage to experience - blindfolded and dancing with Shinting teachers.

The experiencer feels that he is being held in the air and rotates in the air with his vision closed, and the business partners present here exclaimed, and the experiencer was also excited to give back after the activity, and the moment he returned to the ground, he really had a feeling of returning to peace of mind and steadiness, and he could empathize with the dark world of the visually impaired.

Merci, Chief Operating Officer of Women's Fan: A secure workplace is the key to the effective operation of a business

The finale of the event was led by Merci Guo Fuzhi, Chief Operating Officer of Women's Fan, to share corporate solutions to promote diversity and inclusion. At the beginning, Merci asked the companies in the audience if there was ever an experience where there was a clear sense of consensus, but after the meeting, colleagues still had different voices?

This brings out the importance of "workplace safety" and how to effectively help workplace harmony and efficiency through DEI culture: "A diverse and inclusive workplace is an important key for a business to operate effectively, so that everyone can feel safe, respected, valued, and therefore willing to express their true opinions."

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Speaking of DEI's concept of diversity, fairness and inclusion, Merci also shared the feedback he received from students through his experience in internal training many times in the past, questioning the difference between "equality" and "fairness": Isn't treating all employees equally the goal of diversity and inclusion?

Merci explained that the so-called equality is to give all people the same resources without discrimination, but the equity that women fans are committed to promoting is to provide different degrees and forms of resources according to the different status of each person, so as to truly respond to the needs and achieve substantive equality.

On the road to promoting diversity and inclusion, there are women fans hand in hand

This small gathering of enterprises was warmly participated by enterprises, and the responders were actively engaged and bravely expressed. After the meeting, there were also specific feedback from partners, who not only had more understanding of DEI, but also further understood the importance of establishing a sense of safety in the workplace through the lecturer's explanations and illustrations.

Women's fans have long been a multi-inclusive initiative, looking forward to creating a DEI inclusion ecosystem and diffusing influence, sincerely invite enterprises that are interested in deepening the exchange of DEI issues, strengthening the brand image of employers, and attracting outstanding talents to join the "DEI Vision Meeting" of women's fans, not only can obtain international first-hand diversified inclusion practice trends, but also help enterprises efficiently and effortlessly promote a diversified and inclusive environment through cross-industry exchange opportunities, corporate coaching workshops and other resources.

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The vision will believe that diversity and inclusion must be understood first, and then it will be implemented - when everyone can experience and experience the DEI environment, we believe that every corporate partner on the scene is a seed that can bring this awareness back to the company. Have you joined us too? We look forward to learning and growing together with you, expanding positive influence, bringing positive changes to the world, turning the employment environment and moving towards new trends in the future workplace.