Famous Chinese female journalist Luqiu Luwei Lailuo! Take a look at her view of family, the story behind Ukiyo-e-ra, and words for your past self and readers!

Rose is a truth-seeking journalist who covers many international events around the world. From the war on terror in Afghanistan to the war in Iraq to the waves of the Arab Spring, she uses keen insight and professional observation to show the problems of different levels of society, while allowing the audience to feel the emotions and humanity contained in them.

Luqiu Luwei's view of family

Wei Xuan shared the observations she saw about the family in Rose's "Ukiyo Rose", whether it is the heroine's incomprehension, alienation, or even rupture with her mother, or her unfamiliarity with her daughter, and the possibility of finding a way to get along in the unfamiliar. "What is family to you?" Wei Xuan asked.

Rose said that some people think that family members get together because of blood ties, but she feels that the time and emotions she gives are more important. In the book, Ruolin and his mother spent less than a year together, and the children had no memory of the previous four years, so there was actually no emotional accumulation.

When everyone realizes that they are not fellow travelers, breaking up is quite normal for her. "But it's hard to break up with your family, right?" Wei Xuan asked, and Rose thought that blood was not a factor for her that determined that you were destined to be together for the rest of your life. Everyone is an individual as an adult, and you can choose how you want to connect.

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The life story of "Ukiyo Rose"

Wei Xuan shared that she saw a lot of life experiences and fragments in the book, from girls' yearning for love; the exploration of desire; To what marriage is, whether you have the courage to leave marriage or pursue love, and even include career choices, etc., and how to establish the boundaries of the original family.

Wei Xuan recounted a passage that she liked very much in the book: "Isn't the reason why the world has become like this because too many adults have become vested interests, not only fail to fulfill their responsibilities to promote a little change, but also become alliances?"

This allows her to see the betrayal of her own life by adults, and also contains some kind of complicity with the whole society, or becoming a vested interest. "What do you think you wrote this sentence?" You must have had a lot of observations and deep reflections in your life." Wei Xuan looked at Rose curiously.

"In fact, this is also a big starting point for writing this novel, because our generation has the reform and opening up, and can go abroad to study, find a better career or travel around the world." Maybe in your parents' generation, they have a lot less freedom and choice." Rose explained.

Among the peers who once hoped that this society would become better and better, after receiving benefits, people changed, but this is very normal because they are only in their twenties. When you're around twenty, you don't know what the future looks like, so it's normal and natural for people to look for other options.

It's just a matter of course, when this social turmoil requires you to face some choices, how do you make choices? In the past, because there were so many things going on, you would find that there were a lot of people who were indifferent to the world and would even condemn some changes, which Rose says is why she wanted to write the book.


Words to the reader and the past self

Rose laughs and says it's hard to give advice to young people because they are much more mature now than they were their age. She wants to tell her 20-year-old self that you can allow mistakes and learn to build intimacy, which could be with your family or loved ones. Don't be afraid to make mistakes, don't stop loving because you've been hurt,

And what she wants to say to her 30-year-old self is that she was learning how to be a mother, and childbirth is indeed a big problem, and it is something that she or two people have to decide together. Fertility is important, and people are passed on by childbearing, but everyone should also be prepared.

Talking about the age of 40, she said that it was when she awakened to gender consciousness, and she also felt that she was a feminist with gender awareness. She feels her understanding of feminism is that we need a more egalitarian society and then become more aware of how important same-sex friendships are.

Luqiu Luwei in Wei Xuan's eyes was firm and gentle

The philosopher emperor said that your only mission is to be a good person, and Wei Xuan sees in Rose's upbringing, background, vocalization, and novels that she is determined to be the good person she believes in.

Even with 8 million followers, she will say what you have to say; Regardless of gender, she will choose what is considered righteous; No matter where she is, she will pay attention to the development and pulse of the whole world, which makes Wei Xuan very fond and inspired.

Today, I hope to give all audience friends new possibilities to see how big our whole world is, and to light that light for our own world. In any case, do not give up being yourself, choosing yourself and being true to yourself, this is your only mission to live in this world.

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