Women's fans held a small gathering of diverse and inclusive enterprises, which was led by Merci, Senior Consultant of KPMG Zhang Kai Rou and Chief Operating Officer of Women's Fans, and led by visually impaired runner Lin Xinting. After the meeting, the company Q&A was enthusiastic, taking you to explore the solution of diversified and inclusive enterprises!

In August 2023, women's fans held the DEI Inclusion Small Gathering for the first time, inviting more than 30 companies and nearly 50 corporate partners to gather together, and invited corporate partners to talk about the corporate value of diversity and inclusion, and also exchange experiences and practices between two sharing sessions and a workshop.

A diverse, inclusive and friendly workplace: the key to attracting future talent

In her opening speech, KPMG Senior Consultant Zhang Kairou revealed that according to the "Generation P Youth Sustainable Talent Survey" jointly organized by KPMG and Yourador, statistics found that more than 60% of Gen P talents born after 1995 care about team culture and values when looking for jobs, more than 70% expect flexible working hours, and many express deep attention to mental health and safety.

Consultant Zhang bluntly said that in today's aging society, with a declining birthrate and an increasing proportion of atypical family types, companies can no longer rely on good salaries, eye-catching titles or creating a sense of job achievement to retain talents.

How to link the value of diversity and inclusion with financial performance and create benefits has long been the most concerned issue for enterprises. Retaining good talents and diversified talents is not only helpful to employee performance and operating income, but also provides a broader vision, a richer business vision, and can also save the cost of repeated communication training.

In terms of personnel selection, DEI is not only employee benefits, but also the talent competitiveness of enterprises. The vision of diversity and inclusion, in addition to playing a sharp role in grabbing talents and retaining talents, is also the foundation of a strong corporate physique.

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With a friendly working environment, flexible working hours, and diversified working modes, in addition to being more attractive to job seekers, employees' subjective happiness, satisfaction with the company, and letter will also increase, naturally improving centripetal force and productivity.

In addition, in the promotion of diversified inclusion, enterprises often encounter interpersonal communication problems, resulting in internal consumption, resource application is difficult to effectively optimize, and talent potential cannot be developed and improved. If you want employees' creativity to be stimulated and focus on consensus more accurately, it is indispensable to create a friendly and inclusive workplace.

DEI workplace culture in practice: think big, start small

In today's corporate gatherings, both KPMG consultants and women's fans mention the "start small" strategy. Starting from the micro point not only ensures that the DEI policy is firmly implemented in the minds of every member, but also allows trial and error to learn from it.

For example, the mixed work model implemented by women fans internally and has been on track is not a one-step process. Merci, the director of operations of women's fans, mentioned in the sharing that at that time, a senior executive was living in Silicon Valley and it was inconvenient to meet with the team entity, so he laid the foundation for the habit of online meetings. Subsequently, the epidemic occurred, and in order to ensure everyone's health, the mixed mode was gradually developed and improved.

"From discussing whether it is possible to hold a meeting from a distance, to how to have an online meeting well, so that the communication effect and output are not inferior to the physical one, to whether the online meeting is likely to stimulate more creativity... Constantly iterating, never stopping to hope to try and move forward, is the key to the promotion of a diverse and inclusive corporate culture.

KPMG also talked about the internal "Friendly Workplace Workshop" launched this year, inviting employees to imagine what a friendly workplace looks like, find ways to narrow the gap between ideal and reality, and return the voice to employees who are truly involved in the workplace. For example, use code words such as a coffee bar as a code word for a temporary break in the meeting when everyone is exhausted.

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Consultant Zhang Kairou added to the "Five Dimensions of the New Generation Friendly Workplace" for enterprises, emphasizing that expanding from the individual to the team, family, community and social environment are the core keys of a friendly workplace. For example, helping the sandwich generation meet the needs of family care, or promoting corporate responsibility practices that give back to society.

As long as you have thinking tools and concepts, it is easier to implement step by step from evaluation to goal setting and strategy implementation. If the enterprise needs, there are also consulting industry and media cooperation exposure can be used as supporting and accompaniment.

Q&A: How to take care of the special needs of people with disabilities? Observe first, and don't be afraid of making mistakes

It is the responsibility of the company to take care of the needs of employees and job seekers. In today's remote work, flexible seating, and modern office interior design, how to balance the special needs of the visually impaired?

During the Q&A session after the workshop, a partner working in the financial industry asked questions, talking about the colleague sitting next to her who was visually impaired, and she wanted to help after seeing her colleague facing various inconveniences, but she was always hesitant to lend a hand. When asked privately, her colleagues also said that they wanted to be treated the same as other members, which made her feel confused and distressed.

In this regard, teacher Lin Xinting, a visually impaired runner who led the workshop, shared that when providing assistance to people with disabilities in daily life, it is first necessary to be able to see the common needs of being born in different needs. Teacher Xinting encouraged everyone to empathize with the needs of others and not as difficult as they usually think.

If you don't know how to open your mouth and start helping, you might as well observe quietly. Maybe the other person is just suddenly lost and will find their way later. Finally, he also said that in fact, no matter how quick or clumsy this help is, as long as it is based on kindness and enthusiasm for helping, I believe that the recipient can feel it.

Enterprise Q&A: Push diversified work styles, senior employees rebound? Job redesign, education and training are the solution

At the end of the sharing, the small gathering design activity session was for discussion within the corporate partner group, sharing whether the company has encountered obstacles in promoting a diverse and inclusive workplace.

A colleague working in the construction industry mentioned that internal generational barriers have made it difficult for companies to promote flexible working models. The company's design of attractive work measures such as remote working and flexible working hours for new recruits has indeed become a highlight when interviewing talents.

But many of the top executives inside are veterans who have been with them for more than 20 years, and when the new policy is implemented, many are repulsed, and even employees spy on each other and accuse each other of negligence. In addition, without a sense of identity and responsibility, it may be difficult for employees to recognize that they must work seriously and maintain productivity even from a distance.

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Merci, Chief Operating Officer of Women's Fan, recommended that companies use "job redesign" to help managers rethink how to contribute their capabilities to the company, and carry out education and training so that employees can have more discussions about Qingyin Inclusion.

In addition, it is also encouraged to promote "non-violent communication" within the company, so that job partners can learn horizontally how to find ways to operate and understand each other.

Diversity and Inclusion and Friendly Workplace: A New Trend in the International Community

The international community pays increasing attention to corporate social responsibility and diversity and inclusion; Interpersonal relationships or organizational profiles in the workplace are also often indicators for external evaluation of the company's physique.

Each industry has its own areas of strength, and each company has its own strengths and limitations. While larger multinationals have more resources and global trends, small businesses also have creative practices and the flexibility of their organizations.

The Women's Fan "Diversity and Inclusion Vision Club" provides a professional gathering place for enterprises to communicate across regions, promote international and local perspectives, share research data, promote directions and practical methods, and invite model enterprises to share successful experiences and provide diversified practical principles to help enterprises promote diversity and inclusion efficiently and effortlessly.

As for talents in the workplace, it is also necessary to understand that diversity and inclusion are more able to pursue self without limitation, but friendly workplaces and flexible work require energy management and workplace communication.

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If the employees themselves lack sufficient sense of identity, or the planning ability of project management, they will be more unable to cope in the new working environment. This must be achieved through internal training of the enterprise, strengthen the mentality adjustment and knowledge input on communication management and DEI practice, and naturally be more proficient in the working state and truly realize its potential.

In view of this, women's fans have specially developed corporate coaching courses and corporate internal training for all employees, which can enable members to increase employee engagement through DEI training, from awareness awakening, change of action to co-creation of an efficient collaborative environment of the organization, so that enterprises can grasp trends and step steadily towards excellence.

There is no perfect workplace, only working together

"The workplace is made up of people, there are no perfect people, so there is no perfect workplace. It is important that the people who are in it are willing to work together in their respective roles to create a diverse and friendly workplace together, so that they can pursue a good workplace environment and society in their minds."

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After the award selection of the Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award and the sharing of corporate gatherings, Merci, the director of operation of women's fans, also mentioned that whether it is an award or an event, its main purpose is not to rank the seniors, or to criticize the omission of the company; Instead, we look forward to shaping positive influence through learning, sharing and growing together.

There is no perfect workplace, but diversity and inclusion measures can be perfected and improved through brainstorming and response.

Enterprises with talent management and strengthened employer brand needs are welcome to apply to join the "DEI Practical Course for Corporate Sustainability", which can win the goodwill of employees and market perception from the inside out, unlock the potential of talents, respond to the changeable market, and let women fans help enterprises become leaders in sustainable development!