Comedy son Huang Haoping to Luo! Take a look at his and Wei Xuan's recreation of clips of the All-Star Debate and what he thinks about talk shows and comedy.

Comedy son Huang Haoping and Xuan Xuan recalled many wonderful moments of the all-star debate, as well as the performance, strategy, intentions and real feelings of the contestants, and also taught everyone how to make good use of humor from the perspective of comedians to resolve the pressure and challenges in daily life.

In addition, Hao Ping also brought a new book "More than a Comedian: Huang Haoping's Humble Survival", which shares his growth story, courage to face challenges, and continuous self-breakthrough stories.

The all-star debate will be recreated by clipping

Huang Haoping, a comedy nobleman, told the scene that the all-star debate would be cut off that day, and he said that after the two teams finished speaking, Wei Xuan raised his hand and told everyone that everyone's argument was a little too small, and the pattern was a little insufficient. Hao Ping thinks that he is right to some extent, but it is unfair to the contestants to say so in the show's competition.

So, he raised his hand and said to the judge: "In fact, the debate competition is where everyone is guessing each other's arguments and guessing what direction they may attack, so we can't say that we are not prepared, but we think that the other party may fight this, so we will guard this place, and then hit him another point."

Hao Ping also recalled another memorable remark he said at the time, that is, "Just because we didn't hit the argument you want to hear, we can't feel that we are not prepared." Wei Xuan smiled and asked everyone if he was very choking, and also asked Hao Ping if he still wanted to disss her argument?

"Do you think the judges don't know how to debate?" Wei Xuan asked amusedly, and Hao Ping smiled and said that he was not the only one who felt this way. In the midst of laughter, Hao Ping responded seriously: "All people, from the players to the judges to the host, have been groping, otherwise our rules will always change, and the format is changing means that we have been optimizing it."

"That optimization must be based on ignorance. If you don't know that you don't understand and are incomplete, you can't do better." And Wei Xuan said that this is indeed an entertainment program, and everyone will be eager to discuss which party they are and how to disassemble it, so remember that the judge is not the enemy.

Hao Ping further shared that the most troublesome point in the process of sharing is how to balance entertainment and formal debate. When we are too entertaining, people will think that we are not serious enough; When we are too serious, people will say why you are so heart-to-heart, and he himself has real feelings.

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Courage to confess

Wei Xuan said that some viewers told her that when she saw Hao Ping angry, she felt that Hao Ping was really angry, and she herself wanted to ask if this was really angry, or for the effect of the show? Hao Ping thinks that there are parts, such as the conflict between him and Chen Fangyu on the show, and he is really sorry for what he said.

Part of him is that the effect of the show is too amplified and invested, and it is just a spark between the two teams. He may have really put the hostile effect too much because of the high pressure of the show at that time, and he was very brainy at the moment, so the combination of various factors really felt sorry.

He was also annoyed that he did not set an example of self-control, and now he mentioned that it may be a bit of an afterthought. He talked about having some traumatic stress disorder during that time, when he had just been hit by a car, but it wasn't serious. He found that when he went to watch "Mission Impossible 7", Tom's hands would shake the moment he was hit by a car, and he would be scared.

That may have been facing a lot of trivial matters in the high pressure of the show, and he broke out in the moment, but this cannot be used as an excuse to say any ugly words to Chen Fangyu.

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About stand-up comedy and comedy

Women fans have created a talk show stage in the past, when in addition to inviting Hao Ping, Ryan, Huang Xiaofat, Wei Xuan also found many unfamous stand-up comedians to watch, hoping to provide a platform without attacking and mocking women or others.

Here, your laughter doesn't have to be based on the pain of others, you can interpret the world in other ways, and Wei Xuan very much hopes to let others see that there is such a stage. At that time, some people who were trying stand-up comedy told her that she hoped that she could become like Hao Ping, without hurting anyone, making a funny performance that could inspire the audience's ideas.

Hao Ping laughed and said that in fact, the first joke of the women's talk show at that time was to attack Yaji, and at the same time, he also asked whether the joke must not attack the talent is advanced? He said the real joke is that even if you attack someone today, you still think it's funny, and you feel like you can have fun with me.

Like Dave Chappelle, no one questions his achievements, and in his last episode called The Closer, he mentioned that what he wants to do is not make fun of them, but laugh with them.

Sometimes it's not about avoiding these people and not talking about it, but I know you'll be happy talking about it, and that's how Dave Chappelle uses to convey so-called offensive jokes.

Hao Ping believes that the focus is on the technical level, and Wei Xuan also echoed that the superlative joke is to laugh and laugh and cry, and in the end you will have a sense of empathy, that laughter is a wash. "I think it's an understanding, that is, today there are people who know my pain, and even convey this pain to a certain extent or form, so that everyone laughs." Hao Ping narrated.

"Daniel Sloss mentioned in the Netflix show why they do black humor, hell terriers, they just want to bring laughter back to the moment when there was no laughter." Hao Ping shared. And in this process, some people may think how can you use this matter as a theme? How can it be so offensive and so on.

But in retrospect, context matters. Why are we telling this joke? Do you want people to feel this malice, or do you want everyone to understand that we can defeat it and write this joke, the context and motivation behind it is what we comedian should find a way to convey to everyone.

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