At the age of 20, you are looking forward to the future, but you also feel lost in the many possibilities. The fan editor dedicated 8 life advice to the 20-year-old charming fan, may you live a wonderful life on the road ahead.

Time passed, as if you were learning to walk with the help of your parents a moment ago, but now you are about to take off your high school uniform and enter the next stage of your life. You feel like you're not ready for anything, and looking back, it's full of innocent memories of youth, and you worry about whether you've really grown up.

Although there is no standard answer in life, every fall allows you to adjust your direction and walk on the right path. But every time I fall, I inevitably complain: "If only someone could tell me first."

Before you turn 20, 8 things you must know are dedicated to all of you who are lost on the road to growth.

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1. At every stage of life, he has the cutest appearance

Before the age of 20, you may yearn for the charm of a mature adult, wear high heels no matter how painful it is, get up early just to spend more time wearing makeup, and hate being called "cute". When you enter 30, your skin is no longer blown, and there are a few more fine lines under your eyes, and you start throwing money at maintenance and medical beauty in order to reverse your age, so that you don't want to be called "aunt".

Instead of chasing after those that have not yet happened and have passed, it is better to embrace the present self. At the age of 20, he embraced his youthful vitality, innocence and cuteness, and his good look without makeup; At the age of 30, cherish the traces of life left on you, every fine line, every gray hair, is proof that you once lived well.

(The rise of "relaxation" is a rebellion against an efficient society: despite harsh standards, you are the softest and cutest in the world!)

2. Perfect makeup requires a good skin base

Recall that when editors began to learn makeup, they happened to encounter the rise of Taiwanese beauty YouTubers, and they delved into makeup techniques every day, but they always felt that something was wrong.

I was in my 20s at the time, and I would rather spend the same money on a drawer of makeup than spend time caring for my skin, and I really realized that good makeup can't be done without a good skin base.

Although many makeup emphasizes "super dark circles", "pore filling", and "plain color correction", if you save time and money to invest in skin care products, or healthy diet and rest, exercise, you will no longer need so many makeup products, and you will save a lot of time preparing for going out.

The beauty brought by makeup will disappear with just a makeup remover, but the good skin texture of careful care will not be easily wiped away.

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3. It's not a pity to bravely end a relationship that makes you sacrifice patience

A forced relationship will not lead to good results.

Whether it is friendship, family affection, or love, any type of relationship should not be based on the sacrifice and reluctance of one party.

Don't force yourself to participate in unwanted parties, barely make unaffordable consumption, and be willing to be the denominator in the eyes of others in order to break into the small group in the class; Don't sacrifice your principles in order to retain anyone, not only will you not be able to return true love, but you will also allow your self-esteem to be trampled.

You may worry that you'll never make friends or meet your next relationship, but trust me, good relationships exist, they just haven't met yet. When you meet the real right person, you will find that the real friend and lover do not require you to unilaterally sacrifice patience, but to grind each other and become better together.

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4. An appointment that will hesitate is an unnecessary appointment

Have you ever encountered such a situation, because friends and colleagues have asked for everything, obviously tired but still reluctantly go to the appointment by yourself, and when you come home and spread out on the bed, you regret "why don't you stay at home"?

When you can't say yes right away, it's usually because you're worried about it, maybe because your social energy has been exhausted, you still have work to do, you don't want to meet people you don't like, or you just want to leave the day to recharge alone.

These appointments that make you feel hesitant will probably not bring you substantial benefits, and instead of forcing yourself to go to the appointment, but in the end you have to spend more time recovering energy and staying up late to catch up with work, it is better to spend time on really meaningful things.

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5. There is no best time to manage your money, just the sooner the better

When it comes to editors, nothing is more regretful than not planning early on their finances. When I was a student, my father always warned me to implement financial planning, because the time when "hard work" made money was over.

At that time, I always felt that financial management was far away from me, and even if I had part-time income, I spent it on immediate material enjoyment. Now that the salary increase can no longer keep up with the rise in prices and house prices, the friends who entered the market early have accumulated a certain passive income, and have more room to open up life, rather than being chased by money.

Stop thinking that you are still young and that you will earn money. The point is not to try to make money, but to know how to make money.

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6. The health debt owed now will be repaid in the future

The editor feels great changes in the body after about the age of 25, and at the age of 20, he can stay up all night, and when he goes to bed later at the age of 25, he begins to feel sick to his stomach and palpitations, and the body will have unknown allergic reactions, and the doctor's diagnosis is always "long-term poor work and rest" and "excessive pressure".

After seeing the doctor again and again, I began to realize that the health debt I owed when I was young does not disappear with age, but will accumulate and eventually crush you. Slowly, the topic with friends changed from popular to healthy, and the shopping cart was no longer only about makeup, clothing, but also a few more health foods.

In the process of focusing on your health, you will feel more in control of your body and your life.

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7. Taking care of yourself is the starting point for all achievements

Around everyone, there must be several objects that you want to pursue. They are full of plans for their lives, always moving forward, but can maintain a good quality of life, unlike themselves who are always chased by work and can only have a respite when they are on vacation.

A closer look at the commonalities of this group of people reveals that even though they are busy at work, they still do not forget to take care of themselves, both physically and psychologically. They will cultivate personal interests and exercise habits outside of work, and when their energy is low, they will decisively take holidays to reserve their combat strength.

It's not that they have more time, but when you learn to take care of yourself and master energy, you can really improve efficiency and create a positive energy cycle.

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8. Find your best self without having to hide who you really are

In the process of chasing popularity, don't forget that all the external accessories are designed to help you find the best version of yourself, not to make you someone else.

Appearance anxiety is a collective phenomenon in the era of community, under the influence of mainstream aesthetics, we always hope to have a pair of smart eyes and delicate and delicate skin; Will try less healthy weight loss techniques in order to create an idol-like body; Wardrobe plugs buy the most popular accessories and clothing, but you still don't feel the confidence from the heart when walking on the road.

Think back to those who shine on their own, they are not necessarily at the forefront of fashion all the time, nor are they necessarily the most fashion-savvy people in the group, but they are definitely the ones who know best what they want, what they are suitable for, and they are the ones who can find their strengths rather than cover up their shortcomings.

When you begin to learn to embrace your uniqueness, you will find that being yourself is more confident and happy than being someone else.

To all of you who are approaching or going through 20, enjoy this confusing but passionate period that will be an important turning point in your life and perhaps the most exciting chapter of your life.