Netflix's "People + Sex Difference: Taiwan" travels around the world to explore different sexual cultures, trying to make talking about sex and love no longer constrained. Women's fans edited a selection of wonderful episodes of the program, inviting everyone to discuss the sex and love we saw in "People + Sex is Different: Taiwan".

Netflix's original variety show "People + Sex Big Difference" is hosted by Korean artists Shin Dong-yeop and Sung Se-hyun, aiming to explore sexual culture and sexual development in different regions. According to the show, although Koreans do not shy away from talking about sex, conversations are limited to intimate objects and friends, and they are by no means a topic that is discussed on the table, which may be known from the comments of the audience after the show aired.

After the show previously released the two's visit to Japan, the host interviewed a Japanese AV actress, which triggered protests from the audience demanding that he not be the host of other children's programs.

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The latest episodes came to Taiwan, and the launch of "People + Sex is Different: Taiwan" also sparked discussion, and the show was divided into five episodes, inviting adults, gay couples, doctor of sex, and young people of the 20th and 30th generations to talk about what sex and love will look like in their eyes.

Women's fans edited a selection of wonderful episodes of the program, inviting everyone to discuss the sex and love we saw in "People + Sex is Different: Taiwan".

Seeing in the Adult Exhibition: Sexual orientation does not affect your desire to be human

The first episode of the programme focuses on visiting the adult exhibition, and especially the adult expo exhibition TAE held in the Huashan Cultural and Creative Park, a municipal historic site, presenting the contrast between the old heritage buildings and the products of the new era, thereby highlighting the inclusive and open environment of Taiwanese society.

Through the lens, visitors can see various adult products and experience activities in the exhibition hall. It is worth noting that the purpose of the activity is to allow participants to enjoy sex from the online world to the real society, and all people are equal in the process, that is, regardless of the sexual orientation and sexual identity of the participants, they can meet their own needs in this experience activities such as female orientation, LGBTQ actors, etc.

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In the bridge of the interview participants, you can see the couple visiting together, the teacher walking off the stage, the marriage, and the identity of the teacher, which does not affect the fact that they are all people.

Some people say that they participate in activities from the perspective of watching idols, not pornography; Some people say that this is a private interest and does not violate the law, the same is that they are willing to face their own desires, and are willing to dialogue and discuss.

If we don't normalize the sex industry with a curious mentality, perhaps we can make talking about sex truly legitimate and liberating in society.

However, in terms of the picture processing of the sex industry, the show is still presented from an almost curious perspective, which actually has caused some criticism that the show over-beautifies the sex industry and fails to present the dark side of the sex industry including the exploitation of minors and vulnerable groups.

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The showrunner said: "How to choose the picture of the sex industry is the most thoughtful question in the show, but "People + Sex is Different" just wants to convey some things in a less serious tone, such as what AV actors do, how they treat their work, what attracts them into the industry, and how their friends and family perceive them, and because the tone of the show is set as a variety show, not a documentary, so it does not discuss whether the industry is right or wrong, and maintains a neutral attitude as much as possible."

Ximen Red House, a gay circle of friends: we will eventually fade these unconscious presuppositions

In 2019, the draft of the Interpretation No. 748 Enforcement Law of the Judicial Yuan was passed, revealing that Taiwan officially became the first country in Asia where same-sex marriage is legal.

From the answers of interviewees, you will see that this road has been bumpy and trendy, including the fragility of love in front of the law when the partner is sick and unable to sign, and the eyes that lose temperature when walking on the road, these pains are stacked into the daily life of gay couples, and it is the epitome of the 30 years of protest by fellow athlete Ji Jiawei after his civil marriage was rejected 37 years ago.

In an environment where legality is finally ushered in, some changes are still in the works.

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For example, the host of the show casually asked: "Which of you is the husband and wife?" It is true that in the heterosexual hegemonic society, those unconscious presuppositions lurking in our hearts - relationships are composed of men and women, and the title is followed by gender.

We all know that no one is malicious, but we still hope that when more and more people are willing to open their ears to listen, the world will be more communicative, and one day comrades will not even need to explain; In the future, heterosexual, homosexual and other sexually oriented entertainment venues will no longer be distinguished, and gay bars will no longer be in their own right.

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Dr. Xu Lanfang: Understanding how to make yourself happy can guide others to make you happy

"Since I was a child, my mother only told me that a girl's first time can only be given to her husband, and in addition to this, sex education is vacant for me." In addition to people's experience, the program also invited Dr. Xu Lanfang, who studies male urinary incontinence and sexual dysfunction, to conduct sex education based on medicine, and it is difficult to imagine that she who taught the public sexual knowledge did not get much opportunity for sex education since she was a child.

However, sex is a primordial desire that does not exist because of denial, and only by knowing that we can know how we can choose when this desire arises.

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Loving the show's likening sex to a two-way process, host Cheng Shixuan said: "If sex is a magic city, then the way we look at it should not just say that all the gates are opened, and then give each other both hands to open this magic city." It would be better for one side to give clear instructions on how much to go to the left and how much to the right to get to this magical city, and then follow the instructions step by step to the end."

Therefore, sex is by no means a unilateral responsibility, but before entering the interaction between the two parties, we must first understand our own body through touch, and only by knowing how happy we are can we guide the other party to make ourselves happy.

Talking about needs so openly and honestly in front of the screen will be seen as if you were eating, learning to face up to this human instinct, and the picture of normal cravings is beautiful.

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Dating, Sex and Love for Young People: Is Fast Food Love the Epithesis of Modern Love?

At the end of the show, I came to the waterfront square of the mansion and invited young people from the 20~30th generation to talk. Look at fit by horoscope, be able to accept premarital sex, compare love to coffee, don't remember how many cups of coffee you have drunk in your life, but remember how good it is, and so on. It's their commentary on modern love.

These answers make people wonder, is it the deliberate selection of the program team, or is it pure sampling bias, or the fast food love they say has really become a manifestation of contemporary society? At the same time, what about those with old-school souls? In this generation's pursuit of true love, where should it be placed? It's a pity that the show doesn't give us an answer.

Although a few of the interviewed views cannot be used as a generational view of love and community experience, seeing people of different generations telling each other about their love in their eyes and being willing to understand the various shapes of love will make you feel the value of intergenerational dialogue.

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"People + Sex Big Difference" tries to condense the answers to the eternal issues of "love" and "sex" in just five episodes, although some pictures make people feel a little thin, but the emergence of "People + Sex is Different" is still a good attempt, let us see that sex and love are the basic needs and experiences of human beings, and should not be regarded as taboo or cover-up.

Everyone has the right to choose their own path and the right to interpret the ideal relationship. When we can talk openly about sex and love, respecting each other's diversity and common humanity will create a more diverse and inclusive space for society.