Comedy son Huang Haoping to Luo! Come and see him and Wei Xuan talk about acting and the life of a comedian!

Comedy son Huang Haoping and Xuan Xuan recalled many wonderful moments of the all-star debate, as well as the performance, strategy, intentions and real feelings of the contestants, and also taught everyone how to make good use of humor from the perspective of comedians to resolve the pressure and challenges in daily life.

In addition, Hao Ping also brought a new book "More than a Comedian: Huang Haoping's Humble Survival", which shares his growth story, courage to face challenges, and continuous self-breakthrough stories.

Wei Xuan was choked, but he was fanned by Hao Ping!

Haoping shared that someone took a screenshot to show him at that time, and Zhang Weixuan announced on her personal Facebook that she was fanned by Huang Haoping. Wei Xuan said with a smile that he would turn the other party's accusations as a driving force for progress, and also said that he would never say who was fanned.

When asked, aren't there any idols? Wei Xuan said that he has someone he likes, and idol is a high-level word. She has people she admires, like Sister Tao Zi, and the idol is a very all-round feeling.

"What did you understand me before?" Hao Ping asked, Wei Xuan said that it was quite polite, because they had met in the workplace before, and he also asked Hao Ping what he thought about women fans when he was a woman fan conference at that time? "I think it's very daring to invite us to do this, because you didn't ask for a review." Hao Ping recalled.

Wei Xuan mentioned that she was deeply impressed by Hao Ping's "rock-paper-scissors" performance at that time, and Hao Ping said that this is what he will always mention in his speeches, that is, using prejudice, mastering prejudice, and if we can't change the environment, we can only change ourselves first, which is our way of survival.

He also mentioned that on that occasion, the whole performance was super funny, so he decided to treat it as a speech with a lot of jokes, and the results were good. "Wouldn't it be very nervous at that time, and the audience who thought women fans would feel very serious?" Wei Xuan asked.

Hao Ping said that he would not think so, because there are many very good female stand-up comedians in stand-up comedy occasions, at least for him, he does not think that girls are serious and cannot be funny, and he constantly tells male stand-up comedians that this person is great. At the same time, he will also buy his own tickets to enter the venue to watch other people's jokes.

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For the first time in my life

Hao Ping said that he will try his best to participate in the first time of many newcomer special performances, and he feels that the first time is very precious. "What made you have to go to that first time?" Is it because it's the most jerky, or do you want to be part of the first moment of their growth?" Wei Xuan asked.

"I want to witness the youngest moments when these people become great stand-up comedians in the future." Hao Ping replied seriously. He thought it was the most rewarding thing to witness a young man from scratch, and later he also found that many new stand-up comedians had performed well the first time.

"Do you remember your first time?" Wei Xuan asked rhetorically, "My own first time should be when Kamidi was still in the basement, and there were no audiences below, and the first joke told was that people in this world are divided into three types, one is good-looking people, one is ugly people, and the other is somewhere in between: ugly people." Hao Ping responded.

When asked if the first joke caused laughter, Hao Ping replied proudly, of course, there were about six people in the hall, because the audience was six people. Wei Xuan also shared that she tried to write a joke at the women's fan event at that time, and then found that the funniest thing in the audience was that she told everyone that she tried to write a joke, and then her husband told her that it was not funny at all.

Hao Ping said that trying jokes is a necessary journey for every comedian or performer, but he admires that Wei Xuan is really super brave when he tests jokes with more than a thousand people at the bottom, and Wei Xuan also learns that he can test his own jokes beforehand.

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An irreplaceable self

Wei Xuan used to think that jokes should be hidden in his head first, and then come out on the biggest stage. Hao Ping said that in the joke, you may feel that it is right to say this word and this word in this position, but when writing the joke, the difference is thousands of miles, Bai Juyi said that moving a word is a different meaning.

"Then you won't worry that if you tell this paragraph, someone will plagiarize, borrow a mirror, or pay tribute?" Wei Xuan asked. Hao Ping replied that he would indeed be worried, but some jokes have context, it only happens to you, just like the ugly joke just mentioned, the effect is different.

He shared that he used to tell a joke that asked everyone to stop calling me gay, really don't say I was gay anymore, otherwise my boyfriend would be angry. There must be a character in front of it that is often misunderstood for sexual orientation, and the joke will be true in the context of this look.

The joke itself is not about being told as gay, but because he jumps out of everyone's expectations, which is the essence of this joke. How subtle this joke is, even the speed of the last few words is related.

He quickly finished the seven words that my boyfriend would be angry at the end, and it would have a different effect and a different effect in English. Every joke is tested like this, he shared that he was performing on a ticketing occasion, about seventy percent of the jokes were written through this process, and the remaining three achievements felt that they could afford the failure of these three percent, so they took it.

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The path for comedians

Hao Ping said that he would not lose the joke because it missed, but would think about whether everyone did not understand. Because in fact, there are many elements that the joke did not understand, including whether it was raining outside when the audience entered the venue today.

He once acted in a stage play of the Mickey Star Magic Show, and the incident of Zheng Jie happened that afternoon, everyone looked at the mobile phone was this news, how heavy the mood was, and then the only thing that was not affected was the group of foreigners who couldn't understand Chinese, because I was playing with a group of foreigners, so they didn't know what happened.

However, it is difficult to adjust the miserable fog on the stage, so the atmosphere that afternoon is not so good, and there are many, many factors that will affect the presentation of the entire theater.

Real humorous life

"The average straight man will not make a joke about the negative temperament, but you are one of the few who are willing to use the negative temperament to amplify or even silence yourself. From my point of view, you are so confident in yourself that you don't care what other people say." Wei Xuan said.

Haoping thinks that some of them may be like this, and the other part may be that there are still people in the current environment who think that it is funny that you show a temperament like gay today, and there are still people who think this way. He asked if everyone had seen the singing voice, and there was a person named Fat Amy, and she said that if she laughed at herself for being Fat Amy first, no one would say that I was fat again.

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