Li Qingrong, director of the hit drama "Can't Hide It", shares her influence as a director and how she views her work.

"Can't Hide" has become a hot topic on Netflix around the world, and the performance of Zhao Lusi and Chen Zheyuan is undoubtedly impressive, but what is even more fascinating is the magical charm of director Li Qingrong. She is always able to hide details in a clever way, making the audience curious and moved again and again.

Every time you make a drama, it's like falling out of love once?

Li Qingrong smiled and said that every time she filmed a scene, after the end, she would fall in love again. It seems to enter the cycle of falling in love every time you fall in love and fall in love again, and this has always been the case. Wei Xuan said with the same feeling that she was also a very difficult person to say goodbye, and she would be very reluctant.

In Wei Xuan's eyes, Director Qingrong has to dig out his heart and put it in one place every time. "Actually, I think a lot of things will stay in your body, although you said goodbye, but those things will actually remain in your body, but the form does not seem to have much connection with you." Director Qing Rong responded.

But she also believes that these things have become internalized in the body and become part of the body. Now she will feel that she needs to fall out of love, it doesn't matter, it doesn't matter if it takes a while to come out again, find a way to live with it, make it a part of you, this is how she deals with these emotions and states now.

She said that this is actually quite good, take it out from time to time to miss it, and get along with it from time to time.

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Didn't pay attention to their influence

"Do you have a message from the audience that you didn't think about?" Wei Xuan asked curiously, because some friends felt the warmth of the family again because of "Flower Armor", it turned out that the family can be so warm. Director Qingrong said that the first time it was more clear was after "Right and Wrong".

The little male protagonist in "Right and Wrong", one of the male protagonists' characters is that he knows that he is gay and likes his senior in high school. He also thought that his senior liked him, but he was known by his classmates, and after knowing it, his senior denied it, so he was hurt.

From then on, he locked himself up, and then did not dare to love others again, in the play, until he met another male protagonist who was a teacher. An audience member said in a private message that he himself is this character, and he still dare not love anymore, because he is afraid that he will be hurt again, and he does not even dare to come out.

He was very grateful to her for filming this scene and making him feel that there were actually people in this world who understood. For director Qingrong, this feedback is very strong, and she obviously feels that although "Right and Wrong" is a very, very small drama, the budget and all aspects of the conditions are actually very small.

But a small scene, as long as you shoot it well and tell the story well, it may still bring some healing, comfort or redemption to some people. She later sent a private message back to the audience, telling him that maybe he met the wrong person in the first place, but it does not mean that there is no love in this world.

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If one day, he meets someone who likes each other very much, he must be brave to love again. ""Secretly Can't Hide" is also talking about not daring to love but still love, and in the end two people have a situation of love. But life is not so smooth, but full of bravery, courage and the power of love, which is an element often seen in Qingrong's directorial works." Wei Xuan said.

Director Qingrong shared that recently an actor friend sent a message to her one night. The actor's friend said that his classmate chatted with him, and that classmate had mental illness and continued treatment, but it was good and bad. That classmate watched a play and felt that there was healing for him, that is, "Secretly Can't Hide".

The actor friend was very happy, and telling her about it also reminded her that in the past, "Villain" also had a fan who wrote a very large story to her, and that fan was also depressed and even hospitalized. Before writing to the director, the fan's illness was relatively serious for a while.

After he later watched "Villain", he felt better, and he would not have such a big emotional state, which was quite touched in the eyes of director Qingrong. She didn't know that the scene she filmed could help the audience in this way. When she knew she could do it, she was actually very happy, doing what she loved, and actually helping others.

As long as anyone in this work can laugh, can express his emotions, or let him go to work for eight hours and can relax when he comes home, she feels that it is a very, very good thing and makes her motivated.

Use three keywords to describe Li Qingrong's drama

"It should be quite warm." Director Qing Rong said thoughtfully. She felt that it should be atmospheric and natural. "You know "Secretly Can't Hide", Duan Jiaxu was dumbfounded the moment he opened the refrigerator, I wanted to say that this is really a very pyrotechnic refrigerator." Wei Xuan said with a smile.

"And Sang Zhi went to the internship, the lipstick glue used for her desk, and then the whole desk, not to mention the dormitory, is very detailed." Wei Xuan said, and even said that he couldn't help but freeze the frame, which was incredible.

Director Qingrong said that when the actor wears the clothes of this character, combs the character's hair, wears the accessories of this character, and walks into this character scene, he hopes that everything around him can help the actor and become a part of the role with the actor.

Whether it's a refrigerator or a desk, it should actually fit the role very well. She shared that she did something when filming "Secretly Can't Hide". And the details are something she cares about when filming every play. When more details are given on the spot, whether it is a rehearsal or an actor performing, there are more things to use.

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If the details are full, it can be richer in the performance. That was when filming "Can't Hide Secretly", because the university had dormitories, including male dormitories and female dormitories, they all did character homework before filming.

She talks to each character about what their personality is, what they might or don't like, what they like to eat, what style of clothes they like, how to get along with others, etc., and they all do some characters. Later she gave the actors a lesson and met a second time. The lesson she gave them was what they would want their desks and beds to look like if they were to move into this dormitory today.

Director Qingrong hopes that they will think with characters, whether they want to use pictures, writing, or various ways to present, and build this thing together. She and the art, props, and the characters will have their ideas and cognition, and the actors will communicate with her and bring in things that they think fit their role.

The details, furnishings and things of "Can't Hide Secretly" are all created with the details with the actors, so the actors actually know what will be before shooting. Director Qingrong further shared that in fact, the visual sense is that as soon as the picture comes out, it lays the foundation for whatever style it is, no matter what the play, film or interview is. First think about what tonality is, and then think about what it makes the audience feel.