The final season of "Sex Study Room" is online, and the women's fan editor takes you through 5 golden sentences to quickly grasp the must-see highlights of this season!

The fourth and final season of Netflix's hit youth school drama "Sex Study Room" has been launched.

Following the closure of Moordale High School in the previous season, Otis and Eric arrive at Cavendish Sixth Form College, where discussions about gender, sexual orientation, intimacy, etc. continue to take place.

At the moment of ushering in the final season, the women's fan editor selects the five golden sentences of this season for you, taking you to quickly read several highlights of this season.

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Otis: Practice positive sexual consent and you'll find that communication leads to more intimate emotions

Practice positive sexual consent and seek happy consent rather than reluctant acquiescence, and you'll find that communication can produce more intimate emotions

Jackson, who was seeking a sexual partner to meet his physiological needs, was uncomfortable when his anus was touched without his partner's notice, leading Odeis to mention the concept of "positive consent."

In response to positive consent, the Supreme Court of Taiwan gave a rather vernacular explanation in Criminal Judgment No. 1781: "When the other party is silent, it is not consent, the other party is uncertain or hesitant nor agrees, and any alone walking with you home or rest before the other party does not agree can only be regarded as general interpersonal interaction, not sexual innuendo, and consent to hug or kiss, nor does it mean that you want sexual intercourse, that is, the other party can also regret and refuse after consenting, it doesn't matter "if you don't say no, it is equal to willing" or there is a vague space of "half push, half push"."

In short, Only Yes Means Yes, when deciding whether you want to engage in sex, or if you want to try different positions during sex, you must make sure that the participants have consented, and try to set aside the assumptions that quiet, do not resist, and do not refuse is consent.

In addition, a very common misconception is that when we enter into a relationship, we have an "obligation" to perform sexual acts.

However, in fact, the existing relationship cannot be used as a demonstration of continuous positive consent, when we promise our partner to enter our life, it does not mean that you have to give up your physical autonomy at the same time, so when the other party takes the initiative to approach your space, in addition to enjoying this enthusiasm, we absolutely have the right to stop and refuse at any time.

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Adam: On the path to healing, I confessed to being bisexual

Although it was really uncomfortable, it was no longer painful before

"It wasn't until that moment that I realized that I also had a heart, and at that moment I thought it was going to stop. When I thought my heart was going to stop, I realized that it had always been there. It's just that it doesn't know how to react." In the last season, Adam used just a few lines of text to let the public see that his brutal, cold back was actually devastated.

Compared with the three-dimensional and vivid images of vulnerability and anger in previous seasons, in this season we see Adam on the road to healing, accompanied by his father and Eric.

In the face of his father, he was finally able to slowly let go of his father's painful and harsh questions, boldly said his bisexual identity, and said that his lack of confidence all this time was actually due to the fear of being corrected by his father, which opened the possibility of father and son understanding each other.

Facing his former lover Eric, Adam confessed his feelings about coming out and admitted that he is still struggling with the shame of coming out. At that moment, although Eric only whispered "This road is long, but you have to believe that you are entitled to happiness, Adam, you must love yourself", it has made the pimple between the two no longer exist, and Adam has finally calmly accepted the fact that they are no longer partners.

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Isaac: What really matters is that when someone opens their mouth to make a request, you listen

What really matters is that when someone opens their mouth to make a need, you listen

Isaac, who showed wit and confidence in the previous season, is unapologetic in the face of limitations caused by circumstances in the face of previous seasons, and this season he continues to speak up for the handicapped. After several incidents in which the elevator at the new school broke down from time to time, preventing him from participating in the classroom, he was determined to resist.

As a result, we can see that after he shouted about the importance of barrier-free space, other hidden and overlooked obstacles in the school spoke out. It is worth noting that "Sex Study Room" especially interprets the plight of people with disabilities such as hearing impairment whose needs are not obvious, sometimes because the environment is not safe enough, so that people with disabilities do not have the courage to make requests, so they can only pretend that they are coping well like others.

In fact, as mentioned in the film and television, "sometimes the real breeding problem does not come from the obstacles themselves, but from social barriers", the so-called communion does not rely on slogans, norms, those forms of composition, only we can try to stand at the height of others, change our eyes to see the world, in order to support an equal living space for all people.

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Xiao Wei: Love should make you feel safe and courageous

Love should make you feel safe and courageous, because you can feel safe and be yourself with that person

Xiao Wei (Viv), who has always been attached to her schoolwork, quietly bumped into love in a class.

When she fell in love for the first time, she regarded her partner Beau's eagerness, shadowing, and casual treatment as a demonstration of love, so even though she realized that this love had become heavy and had an indescribable strangeness in her heart, she still tried to use those love-related proofs to bridge the difference between imagination and reality.

Maybe we were all once Xiaowei, who didn't know how to love, didn't know how to hold the strength of love, how to measure the distance between the two parties, and even couldn't interpret whether the partner's display of love was appropriate. So in the face of your partner's excessively forceful love, you mistakenly regard caring and caring for love, but forget that in fact, fiery love may coexist with threats, isolation, and hurt.

However, the so-called love should make you feel reassured, and the constant fear you feel in the relationship is not a display of love, nor can it be erased by the occasional thoughtful, familiar apology.

In the face of the parties who were harassed by terrorist lovers, Xiaowei's classmates made a good show for us, letting us know that as a companion, we can express care, but do not criticize and blame, in order to help the parties express their feelings freely and unguardedly, so as to relieve those who feel strange in their hearts, Kaka's reasons.

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Xiao Ou: Even if it is painful, it is important to feel those emotions

You should not completely isolate those emotions, sadness will not be resolved, but will become more bitter trauma, even if it is painful, but it is important to feel those emotions

Otis finally ended his long-distance relationship with Maeve in this season, hoping to develop a more intimate relationship, they never succeeded, so Otis wondered if he still had not overcome the barriers of sexual behavior, until he talked to Xiao Ou (O), who is also a sex therapist, he finally could identify that behind the fear, it was actually from the injury of the original family.

Because he witnessed his father leave his mother's side when he was young, the torment and sadness of his mother were all vividly remembered, so Otis was always afraid of intimacy, he was worried that he would be hurt after entering the relationship like his mother, and he was worried that he would copy his mother's situation.

In the face of the scars of this relationship, how can we smooth and let go, the answer given by Xiao Ou is worth savoring.

Xiao Ou encouraged Otis to try to feel those emotions, because if you completely isolate the emotions, the wounds will still be there, and the sadness will not be resolved.

In the face of love, this thing that is full of risks and cannot predict the end of both parties, you can try to treat it as a journey, enjoy it, and believe that you are entitled to live a happy life, let go of those fears of love, and try to grow the courage to love again in new encounters, those who are connected to the world.

So, under the premise of being able to settle and take care of himself, Otis finally began to try to understand and learn to see his mother's limitations, and thus understood that no person and no relationship is perfect, and that embracing an imperfect childhood can also embrace his wounded self.

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"Sex Study Room" is over, but people's pursuit of sex and love has not ended

Some people may feel that "Sex Study Room" cannot answer the questions it throws up in time, but it just shows that those doubts about sex and love can not be explained and understood thoroughly in adolescence, and the exploration of sex and love is constant and continues to occur in the course of life.

Therefore, "Sex Study Room" as the starting point for many people to talk about sex, but its end, but does not mean that people's questions about sex and love can end, we are still on the road of exploration, those about sex and love, complex, many questions are still waiting for us to discover and think.