Li Qingrong, director of the popular drama "Can't Hide Secretly", shared how she gave her heart and gained emotion through the matter of "filming".

"Can't Hide" has become a hot topic on Netflix around the world, and the performance of Zhao Lusi and Chen Zheyuan is undoubtedly impressive, but what is even more fascinating is the magical charm of director Li Qingrong. She is always able to hide details in a clever way, making the audience curious and moved again and again.

When does it make you feel loved?

Director Qing Rong thought for a while and replied that it should be a small gathering recently. After "Right and Wrong", a group of fans spontaneously formed a small group, and through others, they constantly tried to persuade her to share more creative or other content, because this is what they craved, and the director later agreed.

Previously, she may have been busy filming, or abroad, unable to participate in fixed activities, coupled with the epidemic, in fact, she stopped for a few years. Finally, this year they wanted to restart the event. Director Qingrong said that although she is very low-key, not very good at socializing and a little shy, the support and feedback from fans make her feel very touched and more motivated.

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Photo | Li Qingrong @ FB

Give your heart, get moved

Some fans shared their stories, and one shared with her that before watching "Right and Wrong", his life had been very bad, he didn't want to do anything every day, and he felt lost in life. Due to chance, after watching "Right and Wrong" and "Beyond the Boundary", he felt as if he had been reborn and was doing well now.

She was very touched by stories like this, and she was willing to open up and share more of her work because of this feedback that she knew that something really made an impact on others.

Director Qingrong believes that in this world, the most important thing is love. If she does a little more to let others gain something, and those people take these gains and share them with others, the world will become warmer and better. She has always hoped that the world has more love, less abuse, and if there is no way to ask others, she can also start with herself.

If you have influence, voice, or even some healing, even if your personality itself is low-key and shy, you will be willing to let yourself do it. Wei Xuan further shared that she asked the director why she could make an exception to sit here, and director Qingrong replied with a touching sentence: "I hope I can say something, share something, let some people feel something."

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We don't know what that is, it could be love; Probably courage; It doesn't matter if you're a little dazed; It may be curiosity about creation, or it may be that they like the director's works, and they all hope to see that behind these works, there is a person named Li Qingrong.

This person is full of love and kindness, full of endless hope for the world, because she believes that good works can speak, just as we believe that good people can definitely live their lives.