The 2nd DBTA Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award for Women Fans ended perfectly! As Taiwan's first diversity award involving industry, government agencies and academia, women fans look forward to more companies joining the diversity and inclusion circle to accelerate the positive change of Taiwan's workplace DEI culture.

The second edition of the DEI Diversity for Better Tomorrow Awards (DBTA), hosted by Womany Women's Fans, was announced on October 3, covering 26 different industries and a total of 60 companies. Key co-organizers include Linkedin and KPMG, the first multi-disciplinary award in Taiwan involving industry, government agencies and academia.

Photo | KPMG Asia Pacific ESG Head Huang Zhengzhong

The review process is supervised by KPMG, and the review team has the ability of multinational enterprises to exchange views and local vision, and cooperate with Taiwan's three major human resource platforms: 104, Yourator and CakeResume to jointly promote the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives, praise enterprises that implement diversity and inclusion policies, encourage more enterprises to participate, and accelerate the positive change of Taiwan's workplace DEI culture. This award is also the first of its kind in Taiwan.

Photo by AAMA CEO Yingzi Chen/104 Chief Human Resources Officer and Vice President Chung Wenxiong/Yourator Chief Operating Officer Wong Chengzhi/CakeResume Chief Operating Officer Xie Wei Scale

The selection results included 29 outstanding companies in implementing diversity and inclusion policies, including multinational companies such as Unilever, HSBC Commercial Bank, Bils Blue Co., Ltd., Baoqiao Home Products, L'Occitane Taiwan Co., Ltd., etc., as well as local Taiwanese companies such as Fubon Media Technology, Cathay Financial Holdings Co., Ltd., Shenji Technology Co., Ltd., Yiyun Medical Co., Ltd., etc.

Photo|2023 DBTA Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award Jury/Speaker/Representatives of Winning Companies

Zhang Weixuan, founder and CEO of Womany Women's Fan: "The understanding and practice of diversity, fairness and inclusion DEI will be an important key to the transformation of Taiwanese enterprises! It can not only meet the development trend of global SDGs and focus on talent sustainability, but also enhance Taiwan's importance and corporate image in the global supply chain; According to the workplace research report, a whopping 97.6% of workers believe that DEI is more effective in retaining and attracting talents, and can also effectively maintain the best strategic organization for enterprises."

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Photo|Women's Fan co-founder and CEO Zhang Weixuan

In the face of the era of great labor shortage, DEI practice is the only solution for enterprises to acquire talents

Women's fans have been committed to creating a fair and friendly workplace in Taiwan for many years, accumulating rich DEI professional insights and influence. In one year, he has been exposed to 26 major industries and conducted more than 45 DEI trainings, with more than 10,000 physical and online learning courses.

According to the post-conference questionnaire survey, the trainees obviously felt that after the training, the understanding of DEI plurality and fairness and unconscious bias ranged from below average performance to full comprehension. In addition to continuously promoting DEI corporate empowerment courses, this year, we also co-produced Taiwan's "White Paper on Diversity and Inclusion - Fair Development and Sustainable Governance of Corporate Talents" with Taiwan's three major human resource banking platforms, revealing the current situation and development direction of DEI in Taiwan's workplace through 10 big data.

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Image|Yourator Chief Operating Officer Huang Chengzhi/104 Chief Human Resources Officer and Vice President Chung Wen-hung/AAMA CEO Chen Yingzi/4th and 5th Civil Committee Member of the Executive Yuan Gender-based Peace Association Director of Taiwan Equal Rights Connection for Women with Disabilities Yu Xiuzhi/Co-founder and CEO of Women's Fan Zhang Weixuan/Secretary General of Taiwan Partner Rights Promotion Alliance Jian Zhijie/Video Worker CEO of Ruma Namjima Ma Yue Biyang/Retired Professor, Department of Special Education, Qingda Wu Shumei/One-Forty Co-founder Chen Kaixiang/Chief Operating Officer of Wusi Media Guo Fuzhi Merci

2023 Multi-Trend Report Statistics Revealed: The Revolution Has Not Succeeded! The implementation of Taiwan's DEI good workplace culture needs to be strengthened

According to the statistics of the "Diversity and Inclusion White Paper - Fair Development and Sustainable Governance Policy for Enterprise Talents", the "Key DEI 5 Strategic Paths" are sorted out: "Create a comprehensive and fair vision, diversify the functions of talent layout, strengthen the culture of organizational unity and cohesion, enhance the effectiveness of multicultural communication, and highlight the visibility of local practice."

According to the survey results, only 9.9% of workers feel completely safe to express their ideas in the workplace. The remaining 90.1% of participants' answers contained uncertainty. 45% of workers are uncertain about their childcare needs and are afraid to take parental leave. It can be seen from the data that Taiwan still has room for improvement in promoting DEI-friendly workplace culture.

Photo | Merci, Chief Operating Officer of Wusi Media, Fuzhi Guo

Business leaders demonstrate determination: making a commitment and taking the first step towards diversity and inclusion

According to the 2023 Women's Fan "Diversity and Inclusion White Paper - Fair Development of Enterprise Talents and Sustainable Governance Policy", nearly 97.6% of workplace workers pay attention to corporate DEI culture, which shows that whether the organization has DEI will become the key to employment.

In addition, Taiwan's Financial Regulatory Commission (FSC) issued a sustainability action plan for listed companies this year to promote corporate net zero, sustainable governance, sustainability information disclosure, stakeholder communication, and ESG evaluation and digital transformation.

It can be seen that environmental protection, social responsibility and corporate governance are complementary and indispensable. This also includes increasing the proportion of female directors, and from 2024 onwards, listed companies should appoint at least one female director after the term of office, and 163 listed companies that currently have no female directors will have to make corrections next year.

Women Fan predicts that 2024-2026 will face a wave of post-pandemic job restructuring and a wave of job shortages, and DEI will be a factor in business success and sustainability. On the day of the event, many enterprises have committed and taken action, and registered for the third DEI Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award (DBTA) on-site to jointly promote DEI and build a more diverse and inclusive workplace and society.