The 2023 2nd DBTA Vision Award for Diversity and Inclusion invited three major HR platforms 104, cakeresume and Yourator to share talent market trends with the companies present, and bring talent sustainability guidance to enterprises through data insights.

The Women's Fan 2023 Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award was grandly held on October 3, with more than 170 corporate VIPs attending the event.

As a pioneer in promoting DEI in Taiwan, women fans believe that building alliances and building a pluralistic and inclusive circle through corporate exchanges and learning together is the first step to lead Taiwan towards diversity and inclusion.

At the scene of the 2nd Diversity and Inclusion Vision Award, women's fans also prepared a wonderful thematic forum for participating enterprises, from international trends to Taiwan's local practice and insights, combined with multinational enterprises, local startups, and human resources platform data reports, what enterprises took away that night will not only be a trophy, but a successful experience of DEI future trends and indicator enterprises.

This article will take you back to the night to see how the three major HR platforms 104, cakeresume and Yourator brought talent sustainability guidance to enterprises through data analysis and trend observation.

Photo | AAMA CEO Yingzi Chan/104 Chief Human Resources Officer and Vice President Chung Man Hung/Yourator Chief Operating Officer Wong Cheng Chi/CakeResume Chief Operating Officer Xie Wei Scale

Talent market trend observation: enterprises recruit and retain talents, DEI diversified inclusion strategy is necessary

The three major human resources platforms were on the same stage, and the corporate VIPs present concentrated their attention, looking forward to taking away the solution of talent sustainability from the perspective of human resources authority.

In 2023, the world will enter the era of labor shortage, enterprises are jointly facing recruitment tightening and talent retention difficulties, how to create sustainable talents in response to the trend of the times, women fans believe that the introduction of DEI is imminent, which is also reflected in the data reports of the three major human resources platforms.

104 data shows that enterprises implement DEI, which can help improve the effectiveness of talent recruitment

Zhong Wenxiong, chief executive and vice president of 104 people, pointed out that according to internal big data analysis, enterprises with planned DEI policies have good effects on "talent recruitment" and "active recruitment" of talents, except for micro-enterprises with less than 5 employees who have no significant difference due to insufficient investment resources, and the proportion of other small, medium, small and large DEI enterprises has increased by 1.3 to 1.5 times in the proportion of active application. It's just that Taiwan's enterprises that have truly implemented DEI are still insufficient, which is a pity.

Zhong Wenxiong summarized whether the company has five indicators: "baby-friendly environment", "pay attention to employee health", "flexible working hours", "flexible leave", and "EAP (employee assistance program)", and only 4,000 have achieved it in Taiwan, showing that Taiwan still has a long way to go in promoting DEI.

Image|104 Chief and Vice President Chung Wenxiong

In the digital age, the work style is changing, and the thinking of retaining talents must keep pace with the times

Echoing 104's data, Yourator Chief Operating Officer Huang Chengzhi also shared his observations on the Yourator platform, and found that companies that began to perform remote work have increased by about 30%, and the salary of digital talents has increased by about 20% to 50% compared with three years ago, and more and more companies are beginning to think about how to cope with the wave of digital transformation.

Huang Chengzhi also added that under the transformation of the overall labor pattern, if enterprises do not keep up with the pace of the times, they will face recruitment difficulties, and they must attract the new generation of digital talents, maintain an open mind, embrace diversified possibilities and provide employee training resources to avoid being eliminated by the times.

Photo by Yourator Chief Operating Officer Wong Cheng Chi

In response to the wave of declining birthrate, DEI is a powerful tool to fill the talent gap

In response to the trend observation of the labor market, CakeResume Chief Operating Officer Xie Weilian started from the phenomenon of declining birthrate, citing the number of fresh graduates of the Ministry of Education, predicting that in the next five years, the talent gap will only get bigger and bigger, and DEI will be a bridge between enterprises and local and multinational talents.

The competition in Taiwan's talent market is becoming increasingly fierce, and it is not limited to local companies. The gap between cross-border talent flow, talent demand and talent output will only get bigger, and it is really difficult to solve from a data point of view. DEI's strategy can help companies better communicate the company's philosophy and attract talents from diverse backgrounds.

Photo | CakeResume Chief Operating Officer Xie Wei Scale

Whether the enterprise has diversity and inclusion has become an indicator of the attention of the new generation of talents

According to the 2023 Workplace Survey of Women's Fans, 97.6% of the subjects said that DEI is a key factor in joining the company, and it has increased compared with last year, indicating that DEI has become a necessary "standard gene" for talents to expect enterprises.

The three HR platforms also shared with the companies on the value of DEI and how business owners can use data insights and the successful experience of leading companies to enhance their employer brand.

Huang Chengzhi: DEI does not seek to be done in one step, as long as there is input, it is a good start

In response to Zhong Wenxiong's concerns about the lack of DEI practices in Taiwanese companies, Huang Chengzhi is optimistic.

Since 2023, women's fans have cooperated with Yourator to create the DEI job search area, and Huang Chengzhi also found from Yourator's data that the number of job views in the DEI job search area will be 100% higher than that of non-DEI companies, and there is also an 80% difference in the redelivery rate, which shows that the new generation of job seekers attaches importance to DEI.

Huang Chengzhi also encouraged the enterprises present, do not do small things, the implementation of DEI can start from the smallest place, whether it is to provide flexible working hours, mental health establishment, as long as it can be supported for employees' pain points, even if the pace is still small, investment is a good start.

Instead of doing small things, DEI should start from a smaller place, as long as it can help the real needs of employees, it is enough.

Yourator Chief Operating Officer Huang Chengzhi

(Screening: How can companies respond to the wave of labor shortages?) Yourator CEO Huang Chengzhi uses data to show you 3 trends in the human resources market)

Zhong Wenxiong: Any good for employees will give back to the operational performance of the enterprise

As the 2023 DBTA Gold Award Enterprise, Zhong Wenxiong shared the successful experience of 104 DEI implementation. He mentioned that 104 has introduced the DEI strategy since six years ago, especially for minorities and vulnerable groups, aiming to build a diversified and inclusive happy enterprise.

Zhong Wenxiong is also proud to share that 104 has successfully reduced the turnover rate from 30% to the ideal 15% through its long-term attention to female talents, LGBTQ people, excessive use of people with disabilities, and the establishment of childcare centers, setting a new high in ESP since its establishment 28 years ago.

With the successful experience of 104, he guarantees that DEI can truly improve operational performance, and the company's respect and value for employees will be rewarded with performance.

Open your heart, try diversified operation policies according to the needs of employees, and the company's good to employees will eventually give back to the company's operational performance.

104 Senior Officers and Vice President Chung Wenxiong

Xie Wei Scale: The first step in diversity and inclusion is to establish employee trust

Xie Wei scaled with the DEI practical experience of the international talent platform to share, he believes that the first step in the practice of diversity and inclusion is to ensure information transparency and eliminate communication barriers between employees, CakeResume is enough to help the company grow rapidly in a highly competitive environment.

For the semiconductor industry, which is most concerned by the market today, Xie Wei Scale also gives guidance based on past market observations, including policies to empower female employees, increase the proportion of multi-gender leaders, and family planning policies.

As an international talent platform team, our DEI practice is twofold: the first is to ensure transparency and build trust with each other. The second is to establish a common language and maintain communication efficiency.

CakeResume Chief Operating Officer Xie Wei Scale

DEI accelerates talent sustainability, and the HR platform provides best practices

At the end of the forum, three human resources platforms were invited to share the best practices observed with the enterprises present. How can DEI become an important key to Gen Z and Gen P communication, or in response to Taiwanese companies' expansion into the Asia-Pacific market in recent years? Are there any suggestions for a more effective overseas talent layout?

Xie Weilian pointed out that the most important reason why CakeResume can maintain cross-sea talent recruitment and teamwork when a quarter of its internal employees are not in Taiwan is to ensure the team's communication efficiency. He encouraged employees to use English, and stressed that DEI should not stop in Taiwan, but should break down language boundaries and actively engage in international dialogue.

DEI is not only to attract local talent, but to communicate as much as possible internationally.

CakeResume Chief Operating Officer Xie Wei Scale

In this regard, Huang Chengzhi shared Yourator's observation and substantive practices from the Japanese market, the key is to actively and friendly understand the local culture, and adjust the operation methods according to cultural differences. For example, in Japan, where English is not commonly used, the team must learn Japanese, and in the face of the company's low morale after the epidemic, it combined with the Japanese morning exercise culture to unite the centripetal force of employees, and also invited local talents to share cultural and market characteristics, and take the initiative to establish cultural integration.

Zhong Wenxiong said that young people attach importance to substantive welfare policies such as extra energy leave and employee health promotion subsidies. Under the influence of the declining birthrate, Taiwan will face an increasing influx of transnational talents in the future, and it can be expected that DEI is imperative. And in response to changes in the labor market, we can do more at DEI.

Photo | AAMA CEO Yingzi Chan/104 Chief Human Resources Officer and Vice President Chung Man Hung/Yourator Chief Operating Officer Wong Cheng Chi/CakeResume Chief Operating Officer Xie Wei Scale

Let DEI not just be a slogan, substantive action is the key to nurturing talent

Talent sustainability, enterprise sustainability.

AAMA CEO Yingzi Chen

Finally, the host Chen Yingzi, CEO of AAMA, drew the core focus of this forum for everyone: the direct commitment of business owners, whether they can bravely give leave, give more benefits to employees, or even directly give praise, will be an important key to talents, and nurturing talents to retain talents will return to the importance of DEI, how to make effective strategic planning of DEI thinking is definitely a part of corporate sustainable planning.

DEI is not only an important proposition that enterprises must pay attention to, but also an important key to win-win between enterprises and talents. In the future job search process, talents should also give priority to selecting enterprises with DEI awareness to help them find their own advantages in the enterprise and maximize their potential.

If you want to see more DEI practices of enterprises, welcome to follow the official YouTube channel of women's fans, and also invite you to join the Women's Fans DEI Vision Meeting, and women's fans will provide you with the most complete DEI solution.