August 8 is a holiday for Dad, and today, how are we going to tell dad, "I love you"?In fact, a simple company can let the feelings of the father and the father increase the temperature!Come on, let's see six tips to make the boss happy.

1. Let's watch a movie!

What movie does Dad like to watch?Why don't you go to a movie theater and watch a movie with my dear old father?I remember to let him choose the movie he wanted to watch most, after all, on August 8, Dad was the biggest!If there are too many people waiting to queue up for too long, they will be able to conduct class-of-the-card battle " !

2. Come on, let's go.

If your father is an irreplaceable baseball fan, a basketball fan, a golf fan, and a person who has a good sport, then today is a good time to show one side of the game and spend time with Daddy to watch the game!If you like to stay home, you just need a TV set, a fueling stick, a popcorn snack, and a big sofa, so you can be a good girl!(Recommended reading: World Baseball Classic, Moving Moment in )

3. Go outdoors and play!

If your father likes hiking, riding a bicycle, swimming, or riding, then today's father goes out for a bit of fun!We can go out and play not only with a happy day, but also a promotion of intimacy.

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Today, you can cook a surprise for a few of your daddy's favorite dishes!You can refer to the delicious recipes of the womany!Starting with the Light Eating Salad , the main course can be selected the Mediterranean Sea Beast for Italian bread , with the dispensed integrated baked vegetable , and finally the perfect ending of the sour berry fruits and sand .

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The happiest thing Dad can do is to have a good chat with us.If the government has more recently official business, it has forgotten to dial the phone to the father and report the latest news. Today, it takes a little time to sit next to the father of love and talk to him for a long time.Together, laughing happily would make the emotions of the people even better!

6. Dad!

Today is a day for company and father, regardless of the choice of how to celebrate Father's Day, remember to tell Dad that I love you!Happy Father, Father's Day!

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