Actor Lin Chenlai, who won the 2022 Golden Bell Award Mini-series/TV Movie Actress Award with the gay drama "The Moment I First Met the Fragrance of Flowers", recently published a book from Chen Those who used to be on her in the past, labels about bisexuality and open relationships, and now she has entered the family, gradually concretizing her imagination about "home", let's see what "home" is for her!

Lin Chenla, who won the 2022 Golden Bell Award for mini-series/TV movie actress with the gay drama "The Moment I First Met the Flowers", wrote in her recently published book "We All Have the Ability to Experience Freedom: An Actress's Confession of Love and Life", "I have had confusion, complacency, doubt, anger, hope, blood, snot tears, broken head... From the moment I longed to be free to be myself, I knew that the journey of exploration had already begun!" It turns out that I have always been my own master."

The one day, she entered the family, she said that at first the concept of home was actually blank, until she confided in bisexual sexual orientation to the mother who entered the parenting stage, the home gradually took shape for her.

Today, Lin Chenlai's note on home is: "The so-called home is not just a house, but a link between people, with blood and without blood." This change also starts with the interpretation of the original family.

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From a rebellious and angry daughter, to a good reconciliation with her mother and herself

Lin Chen said frankly that when she needed her mother when she was young, her mother was actually absent, but when her mother was about to die, she suddenly felt the reconciliation between the two at that moment, seemingly suddenly, but in fact, this was also Lin Chen's arrival after digesting the relationship with her mother several times.

She describes her relationship with her mother as follows: "Our relationship is very much like sticky things stuck together, when we want to separate, we will always contaminate each other, and then with part of each other's understanding of the world, to face our own lives, in the process you will grow your own things, and at the same time have a relationship with her."

The tone is flat, this time those who were once wrapped in love, from the mother's "can't" and "can't", is no longer just a pure denial, but finally has another interpretation - the mother is not against me being herself, but is worried that I will be hurt, and she does not want her daughter to be disliked.

In the future, when faced with similar problems, those prohibitions from her mother have been transformed into another force in Lin Chenlai, and she knows that she does not have to take the same response, as she said, this is to bring something from her mother to leave, so as to grow something that belongs to her own body, with a part of the correspondence that belongs to her mother, and her own shadow.

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Lin Chen: Under the undefined flow relationship, I like your original appearance

As for the intimate relationship, for Lin Chenlai, when looking at the object, she is together with appreciation, likes each other as they are, and is willing to treat each other as independent individuals, even if there is no definition of the relationship, or even if she does not say that she wants to be together, but she likes to get along with each other, which may also be another proof of love.

However, this layer of understanding of love is not in one step, because she has revealed her bisexual identity in the past, so no one has wanted to believe her feelings, but Lin Chen just smiled and said: "This is my feeling, how can you decide that my feelings are not right?"

It turns out that she clearly knows what the state of the relationship she wants to be, and looking back at her relationship from a later perspective, she finds that after having children, the relationship with her partner becomes closer, and before that it was fluid.

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Lin Chenlai: For me, raising children is never a sacrifice, I enjoy the trivialities

Maybe you are curious, so after the child appeared, what did Lin Chen understand?

Lin Chenlai's answer is interesting, she does not agree with a common narrative in society, that raising children is involved in sacrifice and dedication, for her, "the appearance of children makes me know that many things in life cannot be controlled, and the more you have to control those details, the more difficult it is for you to invest in and experience deeper things", she never felt that raising children was a sacrifice, but enjoyed the trivial and tense feelings.

The love experience between the sexes gave Lin Chen an insight into the relationship he wanted and what love was. Those presuppositions about gender are no longer there, but return to the interaction between people, and seriously open their eyes to see whether each other as a person can get along comfortably and comfortably. Through these years of deep self-reflection, inner voice, and stories telled, the collisions and entanglements that had been on Lin Chen's body in the past were slowly put down and turned into a peaceful, soft, and firm appearance.