Yan Yige, who first appeared in front of the public in the singing show "Super Avenue of Fame" a few years ago, may be moved by her songs, but do you know the story behind her? Let's see her living alone in different cities, and what new imaginations she has about home

Speaking of Yan Yige, which song is ringing in your ears?

Born in Beijing, raised in Singapore, moved to Hong Kong from high school, studied in the United States after university, and came to Taipei after graduation, it is now the eleventh year of Yan Yige's arrival in Taipei.

The process of adapting to different cities, constantly changing environments, trying to understand the local culture, and becoming a part of the process made Yan Yige feel like a chameleon, and gained a new definition of "home" - a cat and a person can be a home.

Yan Yige: Human beings are like water, when they are not constrained, they can obtain new nutrients

Looking back on his past experience of living in different cities, Yan Yige talked about his time in Hong Kong, which was an important stage of figuring out what kind of person he wanted to become. At that time, due to fate, Yan Yige came to the recording studio and recorded a song, which laid the foundation for her to become a pop singer in the future.

In fact, Yan Yige's connection with music is not only an accident recording in the studio, her father is a composer, and her mother is a guzheng player, but even if she was born in a musical family, her parents did not approve of her idea of embarking on music when they first heard about it.

When she received a record company contract for the first time at the age of 15, Yan Yige did not choose to sign immediately, she was not in a hurry, but instead completed the things and life she still wanted to experience, and went to the United States to complete her studies.

Looking back on the decision not to sign a contract, she said, "People are like water, when they are not constrained, they can get new nutrients and new opportunities." And from what you and I all know later, about the story of Yan Yige, she did get her own opportunity, and appeared in front of the public for the first time in the singing show "Super Avenue of Stars" a few years later.

While entering the public eye, she has used her own efforts to let her parents see her persistence in music, and has been recognized by her family on the road to music.

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Photo: Yan Yige IG

Leaving one's hometown does not constitute an obstacle for family members to freely express love

Because of work, Yan Yige and her family stayed in different countries, even if her parents cared about her, but because they were afraid of disturbing, they took the initiative to contact her, so they maintained the mode of working alone in a foreign land, until the epidemic cut off the convenience of physical communication between people, so Yan Yige found that he was a family lover, so going back and forth to Hong Kong and Taiwan is no longer just for work, and visiting his parents is no longer just a passing after work.

As for talking about love, it is also a learning between Yan Yige and his family after living alone in Taipei. From the first time that Yan Yige would feel shy when he said love to his family, now his parents can also accept this love and say love freely.

It is worth noting that the epidemic not only made Yan Yige understand that less gathering has never prevented us from saying love to our loved ones, but also deepened our understanding of ourselves. "Now I feel that letting go of my baggage and the eyes of others can bring me the most freedom and happiness." During the epidemic, Yan Yige can no longer use his busyness to avoid facing negative emotions, and can finally take time to understand himself.

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There is no limit to the composition of a family, and where there is me, you can start a family!

Now Yan Yige lives alone in Taipei, in those days when she lives alone, what she gains is full of love and security, she said, "The home I want is one, and the people who live here will not have a reserved place, it is a very safe space" Maybe just like the metaphor of Yan Yige's new album "Changing Room", the changing room (Changing Room) is the most private, undisguised place, home for Yan Yige, is exactly that kind of existence, is comfortable and stable.

In Yan Yige, we see that home is not a specific place, because every place is like a home for her, it turns out that as long as the heart can be placed, one person can become a family.

Photo: Yan Yige IG