The four stars of the hit BL series "Miracle" are here! Let's take a look at what they think of this drama, the characters and how to answer questions from netizens!

"Miracle" is adapted from Lin Peiyu's original novel of the same name, and is a popular BL drama series created by Taiwan-Japan transnational cooperation. This play describes Bai Zongyi (played by Lin Yutong), who is determined to practice medicine, and is forced to pick up the injured underworld fan Zherui (played by Xu Kai), the two have been in love for a long time in the process of getting along with each other, but because of a gang fight, Bai Zongyi was imprisoned for Fan Zherui's crime, and he has been strangers ever since;

Chen Yi (played by Chen Baiwen), who led to a series of misfortunes, also parted ways with Eddie (played by Jiang Dian). Four years later, fate makes the four meet again in different ways, how will they face the mistakes and regrets of the past in order to regain the happiness that belongs to each other?

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What is the opportunity for a woman fan to meet a BL actor?

The host Mio is an old acquaintance with Teacher Pei Yu, and when I watched her FB, I saw a post saying that in the continuous development of Taiwan's gender equality movement, BL is a way for her to express her position on equal rights. And women fans have also been advocating to be brave and be themselves, love is love, and choose what they believe in to be better themselves.

This incident is very clearly explained in both the woman fan and "Miracle", and it is also an opportunity for us to meet.

When you starred in "Miracle", what touched you the most?

Lin Yutong said:

He said that the core value of the BL drama "Miracle" is love, and it is very simple to tell about the love between people, especially the role of Bai Zongyi. In fact, every scene made him feel very loving, including with his family, or with Fan Zherui (played by Xu Kai), the whole conversation and the content of the script written by the teacher felt the weight of love.

Was there a scene that you were very eager to perform or to speak your lines? He thought it was a scene with his father. That period of mood was very complicated, including his return from prison, seeing his home from the door of the alley, and he did not come back for four years, implying a lot of debt to his family, but also containing anticipation and hesitation.

He also shared that the most dissimilar thing about Bai Zongyi is that he doesn't tell what is in his heart, he will say that he can, but in fact, it doesn't seem to be good. But the role of Zong Yi is to say whatever he has, show whatever emotions he has, and express his love without hesitation.

Mio responded softly to this, sometimes being brave is not just saying it, but admitting it in my heart also counts, admitting that I am not talented enough, and admitting that I am also brave even if I fall in love with this person.

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Xu Kai put it this way:

Xu Kai replied that when he first saw the script novel, he felt that Zherui's important core value was that he wanted to be accepted, because he was born in an emperor's family since he was a child, and then he was regarded as a useless illegitimate child, and even his closest mother suppressed his talent and didn't let him show it, so he indulged himself to join the gang.

When he got to the gang, he did see these people who didn't look like he had a background and grew up without a golden spoon, he felt a little fresh, and then he also wanted to fit in and be accepted. But in this process, he still has a different background from everyone, so he is not accepted in this gang, he is still out of place, and he is still treated as a half-ass.

But Zherui has long been accustomed to the world seeing him this way, so he uses a cynical, frivolous, and pretending to be indifferent to cover up his inferiority complex.

In some scenes, he saw the feeling of Zherui finally being accepted, and his heart was very healing, just like the scene where he shared his life experience with Zong Yi, letting the other party know all his fragile and embarrassing side, but Zong Yi didn't feel anything, but accepted him.

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Stills from "Miracle".

This is the first time Zherui has felt such a deep love, and Zherui has actually never accepted himself. "When I hugged you at that time, did you feel that you were loved?" Yutong asked, "Yes, I have the feeling that I have talked so much, maybe you find it boring and don't feel my vulnerability, so I explain all this to you in a way that I don't really care about and care. I just want you to know you're good."

"But I didn't expect you to be able to empathize with my emotions, and I felt caught at the moment." Xu Kai responded. The host Mio also said that Bai Fan CP is in a state of catching each other in the play, not that the life trajectory is exactly the same, but understanding each other in different life trajectories, which is a very healing existence.

We all hope that one day when we need it very much, when we are sad, and when we feel that the whole world has given up on us, there is someone who can accept us unconditionally.

Jiang Dian said:

Jiang Dian said that his favorite is the ninth episode, which is the intimate scene between Eddie and Chen Yi. At that time, the first time I read this paragraph, I thought it was a very, very good play. Because the actor's emotions have a focus point, and at the same time, there is unlimited room to play.

The conflict between Eddie's character and the previous character is very open and naked at this moment, at least these things have been done in words, and the rest is up to me, Chen Yi, and the team to visualize it together.

When it comes to Eddie's understanding of love, Jiang Dian thinks that when he first watched it, he could clearly know that Eddie loved Chen Yi, but he didn't think it was love, it was more possessive for him, and he wanted to occupy a person he wanted to protect and be protected.

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Chen Baiwen put it this way:

Bai Wen shared with us that he was not ranked for the role of Chen Yi when he first auditioned, and his impression was Eddie. But when reading the script, he felt that he wanted to try to see the role of Chen Yi, and he also felt that it was more in line with his appearance, which was the purest starting point.

In addition, he feels that he has been a person with a heavy sense of gain and loss since he was a child, and his family will not be so frank about his emotions, and Chen Yi is the same. After experiencing group life, he and Chen Yi found that everyone needed to help each other, and they could find someone to talk to each other, and then find the feeling of being loved from others.

Talking about this, the host Mio echoed Bai Wen's mention of gains and losses, and Mr. Pei Yu made a lot of comparisons in this script, skillfully showing the similarities and differences of the four characters.

We can see a lot of love from it, and there is also a lot of despair, and the despair is reflected in Chen Yi and Eddie, who have no intention of surviving. The touching thing about this is that even though I didn't plan to live, I thought there was no future in my life, and I was desperate but brave in love.

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Stills from "Miracle".

What do actors think of their roles?

Lin Yutong and Bai Zongyi

Lin Yutong thinks that Bai Zongyi bears a lot of pressure on himself, in fact, his father and sister have always supported him to do what he likes in the play, but he has seen the current situation of the family clearly, and he knows that he must work hard to change the original family.

Host Mio asks curiously: Will stress affect him to find himself in love with Fan? "No, because I don't think Bai Zongyi will suppress himself, he actually has some emotions and feelings that will be revealed, so when he falls in love with Fan Zherui, he is in love. It's simple, intuitive, just tell him I love you." Yutong replied with a smile.

Mio also talked about that in the play "Miracle", there are many female character situations that would appear in the early BL, and whether many emotional conflicts in the past came from the opposition of women or families, or it would be more traditional. But in "Miracle", the emotional conflict comes from external events, whether it is identity or emotion, not because of mundane relationships, which is very precise for the pulse of the world or the contemporary interpretation.

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Xu Kai and Fan Zherui

Xu Kai believes that Fan Zherui's problem lies in family and self-identity, "My feeling is that Zherui is unconditionally accepted, and it should have been given by his family, but his family didn't give it, but he met Zong Yi instead. When he slowly revealed his sincere self and was accepted by Zong Yi, he wanted to give out his love at that moment." He said.

After the conflict in the eighth episode, Zherui actually has a person who can fully accept him, but what he can't accept is himself. Xu Kai felt distressed for the role of Zherui, but there was no way to choose between his original family and childhood, so through this role, he understood that only he could change himself.

He also said that the reason why he likes Zherui and wants to play him is because some parts are actually a bit like him. Xu Kai said that he expects too much from what others think of him, and he cares more about things than Zherui because he wants to be liked too much.

He also shared his change in mentality, in fact, a certain level of inferiority is excessive narcissism, because you feel that others are judging you, we just need to be ourselves.


As for the difference between himself and Zherui, it should be that he has not experienced a wealthy family, he said that he has been in the middle of the family since he was a child, and he has been working since he was 14 years old, and it is really difficult to understand the values and etiquette of this character for money.

Mio shared the "imposter syndrome" that women fans are concerned about, and we will have a feeling that we should not and do not deserve this love. Some artists also feel that they should not be liked on the stage, in fact, Fan Zherui also has such a shadow, because he does not accept himself, so no matter how the other party catches you, it is difficult to believe that he will be accepted well.

Jiang Dian and Eddie

Jiang Dianhe shared Eddie's views on the campus, he felt that Eddie actually knew that he was not suitable for entering the school, he was not completely satisfied with his life at that time, and he had not yet gotten what he really wanted. In addition, he said that unlike Eddie, he is not so irritable, and he does not necessarily go out of his way for the people he loves the most.

He thinks he and Eddie have the same love, but they don't necessarily have the ability to do these things.

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Chen Baiwen and Chen Yi

Chen Baiwen responded that he felt that the character of Chen Yi had always been ahead of Eddie, and he found that Chen Yi seemed to have the ability to get Eddie back on the so-called right track now, and he asked Eddie if he wanted to go back to school? Asking this question also reflects that maybe there is a place for the future.

was asked if Chen Yi wanted to go back? Bai Wen said that in Chen Yi's case, if Eddie wants to go back, he must stay to protect him, and for Eddie, if Chen Yi can't take care of himself, he can't live a good school life.

The biggest difference between himself and Chen Yi is that he will share the problems in his heart with others, seek advice from others, and find the most suitable way for himself.

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Those questions that netizens are most curious about!

1. How do you get yourself in the play, out of the play, and out of the play? How to cultivate mutual affection?

Bai Fan CP:

Lin Yutong said that his method of entering the play was practical, and before the start of filming, the director asked him to walk around and say what the role of Bai Zongyi would be happy about. He said that he thought of Bai Zongyi going to the breakfast shop to buy rice balls, and wanted to eat rice balls with eggs, but because he was very poor, he was reluctant to add eggs, and he didn't expect the boss to help him add eggs when he saw that he was a talent.

Xu Kai said that if he wants to enter the play, he is very willing to have a meaningful link with his opponent as an actor. If you want to play a love play, you must have emotions for each other, so it took a lot of time to understand each other. He mentioned that in fact, there was a generation gap between the connection and thought with Yutong at the beginning, and there were many places of mutual understanding.

However, he is very grateful that Yutong is a very funny, naïve but very smart person, and in the process of knowing and trusting each other, and entering each other's hearts. As for the play, he will go to the waterfall and jump into the sea to reset it. Because he likes nature very much, he will go to baptize nature after acting in a play.

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Chen Ai CP:

Jiang Dian thinks that the way he enters the role is intuitive, and it has good and bad. Before going to the play, he will think about the content to be filmed, including the motivation and direction of the whole scene, and after following these, he will live in the present.

However, because Eddie just does what he thinks, if he thinks too much, Eddie's character will not be comfortable enough.

When it comes to imagining Eddie, it is not difficult to find that his outfits are eye-catching, giving people a crazy image, wearing a bright yellow coat with bright purple clothes, and leopard print. He said that he also thought Eddie was crazy, but he wasn't sure what it would look like, but he found that his clothes were colorful and numerous.

When it comes to the tacit understanding with the rival actors, before filming, each other may say some dry words outside the camera, or improvise some things that may happen in this scene, and these improvisations can be carried over to the main scene.

Chen Yi smiled and said that Jiang Dian had answered very completely just now, and if he entered the play, he thought that he was not intuitive enough, and he needed to think clearly enough to do it. And Jiang Dian will share his ways with him to help each other get more into the play.

In the play, he said that he simply went to play a ball exercise, whether it was group sports or individual fitness, exercise was a good way to relieve stress.

Stills from "Miracle".

2. From the beginning of reading the book to actually getting to know each other's characters, do you have any changes in ideas that you can share?

Xu Kai said that the moment he thought was a miracle was that Yutong was Bai Zongyi. In the play, Zherui couldn't be sure that Zong Yi was the right person at first, but after actually getting along, he found out that he could change so much for the other party and pay his sincerity.

Whether it is in the play or in reality, the miracle man is him.

3. Bai Zongyi and Eddie live behind bars in prison

Jiang Dian thought about it and felt that Eddie was in prison to protect Bai Zongyi. In fact, he didn't bother to pay attention to Bai Zongyi in the first place, as long as he made sure that he was safe, but they would still share some thoughts with each other.

4. Episode 9: Did Chen Yi really drink?

Chen Baiwen said that he did not drink alcohol, but drank wheat tea. The 4 actors in real life have a good relationship and have had a drink together.

5. Why didn't Eddie confess to Chen Yi directly? Why didn't Chen Yi confess to the boss?

Jiang Dian said that this is one of Eddie's contradictions, he feels that he can do everything and can't do anything. He knew that Chen Yi had always liked the boss, so he was even more reluctant to confess to Chen Yi when he had someone he liked. But he must hope in his heart that Chen Yi can accompany him forever, and he is the only one in his eyes, just like Chen Yi looks at the boss.

From this process, he also realized that love should be said out loud, let alone people who have no tomorrow. But because of certain desires, certain selfishness, certain possessiveness, these things affect the flow of love.

In the scene where Chen Yi was drunk, Eddie knew that he was just forcibly leaving Chen Yi behind, although what happened to them, it was not what he wanted, he hoped that Chen Yi could really love him and take a good look at each other.

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Chen Baiwen thinks that it is because they don't know if they will live tomorrow in the play, and they don't know if there will be a tomorrow, so are they qualified to fall in love? He also said that he wanted to hide, but was discovered. He felt that he didn't love the boss, but he cared about him very much, hoping to get recognition from him, instead of proving that I loved him.

The existence of the boss and the recognition of the boss are the reason why Chen Yi lives in this world.

6. In the 4 years that Bai Zongyi entered the prison, did you have hatred in your heart?

Lin Yutong thinks that Bai Zong's hateful person should be the person who dominates his relationship with Fan Zherui. In fact, he has been thinking about this question, is it because the people of the Fan family have caused him and Fan Zherui to become like this.

From Lin Yutong's own point of view, he himself hates being dominated by power very much, but he feels that Bai Zongyi will not hate, because he is a person who does whatever he wants, and then he is also very happy to accept what he encounters, and maintains a forward-looking attitude.

Card draw session: the hearts of the four actors

The four actors reveal their truth to each other through the questions in the relationship card card of the woman's obsession. And the question drawn this time is: what made you decide to be with me in the first place, and what do you like me the most now?

Xu Kai replied that Lin Yutong made him feel valuable and accepted. Once when Lin Yutong was working out, he said that he and Xu Kai became very happy and positive, which made Xu Kai very moved in his heart. Xu Kai also said that he let himself know that it is very meaningful to live in this world, and he also saw a kind of sincerity from the other party.

What he likes about Lin Yutong is that he is very smart and often feels that he has been helped, or he has his own unique opinions and ideas on professional matters. For Lin Yutong, what he likes the most is that Xu Kai has been enlightening him and giving him a lot of positive energy. He tried hard to take him outside and nature.

Chen Baiwen recalled that he had taken acting classes with Jiang Dian before, and he didn't know how to speak when he encountered a problem, so I would lock the problem. Once Jiang Dian told this incident, which made him feel more aware of himself, and also let him know that the other party saw his troubles and valued him.

Stills from "Miracle".

Jiang Dian mentioned that he is a perfectionist and will examine himself with high standards, while Bai Wen will give him the feeling that even if I don't meet my standards, he feels that I have done a good job. He will use his way to dissolve his negative emotions and give him a lot of psychological security.

Through the sharing of the four leading actors, do you know more about the drama "Miracle" or the actors themselves? In addition to the attractive love line, the drama "Miracle" also conveys an important meaning: it doesn't matter when you are vulnerable, there is such a person who can catch you, let's cherish that person!

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