When love goes from two small guesses to three meals a day, how to maintain the relationship is probably the question that many people will have about their love long-distance running partners. This time, let's enjoy the love of the small people and the pusher of the Wangfu Orchestra, maybe you can find the answer from it.

Do you have an impression of the orchestra Wangfu from the humorous and interesting "Little Sheep Catching the Market" in the early days, or the warm and touching "Cuckoo"? Or the sweet and lovely "I'm in the air"?

After 25 years in the army, accumulating hundreds of songs, you will find that these songs are almost all composed of plain and warm words, why people rarely hear the sadness in Wangfu's singing. What is curious is, what supports Wangfu to produce a melody that comforts sorrow?

Wangfu: A sense of humor is important in our lives

"A sense of humor is very important in our lives, but it is not deliberately created, but it comes naturally" Wangfu guitarist Xiaomin's response explains why in Wangfu's works, you can always see cuckoos, little sheep and other small and lovely beings from life, and why their songs always give people a feeling of being warmed by the warm sun.

To further explain where this warmth comes from, the bass pusher said that it is probably hidden in life, and those humorous feelings that are not deliberately managed.

In her eyes, a sense of humor is a change of mind that helps people make their daily lives happy, so when something unpleasant happens, she doesn't rush to deal with it.

On the contrary, she chooses to try to put aside those unhappiness, and after a while, she can finally look at the unhappiness of the past from a relatively distant attitude, but she may see a different way of things because of this, and even find that things are not as serious as imagined, and negative thoughts are discarded.

Xiao Min added: "Joy does not necessarily need to pass through the breaking point, I prefer to be comfortable, leisurely and comfortable than big joys and big downs", in his view, happiness is not necessarily complicated, and those small accumulations in life can also be the factors of happiness.

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Small people, push machine: experience group members, partners, family, we are each other's best travel companions

In addition to the positive enthusiasm exuded by the song, the emotional wisdom of the members Xiaomin and the pusher who can freely switch between the different identities of the members, partners, and family members is also worth learning.

In fact, this year is the 12th year of their marriage, and you may wonder what is the key to making the two go from group members to family?

In the face of the questions that this society generally has about long-distance running partners, they gave a very "Wangfu-style" answer. "I have the passion to try new things in my life, so I want to pull Xiaomin along" Xiaomin echoed with a smile: "I'm like an experiment."

Using experiments as an analogy, the plain and pure answer gives us a new interpretation of relationships. It turns out that in a boring life, you can just rely on the expectation that the other party will join, and the expectation of "together" can collect time into those joyful daily lives, and slowly accumulate into decades of companionship.

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I no longer have to walk alone, but because we have walked together, I can draw the meaning of moving forward

In the relationship between Xiaomin and Pusher, we see how it is possible to integrate work and life, and at the same time understand that the purity and cleanliness of life can also be a self-proof of love.

Ten years ago, the lyrics of the song "Love You for a Trillion Years" proposed to the pusher were written like this: "I want to connect with you with a USB head, and update your software and my hardware at any time." Between the transformation of the relationship between the two from partners to lovers to family members, we can feel the weight of that love, the heart has already exceeded a trillion years of accumulation, between the two, humor and smile are like USB things that connect each other.

In the future, they will be like the lyrics of "Oyster Noodle Line": "If I feel lonely, I have you with me, it is so simple to rejoice." , open your eyes and find those small, simple happiness hidden in life, and there is always each other together.

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