Netflix's "At This Moment" describes the various encounters between people in different cities under the epidemic, intertwined love episodes, five couples, five golden sentences, and take you to think about the various questions of modern love.

The New York Times' popular column, Modern Love, which invites writers of all genres to write true stories about love and love, has been running since 2004 and has been updated with more than 1,000 love stories of the times.

Coincidentally, Netflix's recently released Taiwanese drama "At This Moment" also focuses on the 10,000-year-old topic of "love", focusing on "modernity", and the time and space background is set in the new crown epidemic that you and I are familiar with, taking place in different cities, and the love episodes intertwined by the encounters between people. The whole album opens the story chapter with a "Love Reality Show", stringing together ten encounters in modern society.

The editor of the woman fan will take you to analyze one by one what is hidden in this Taiwan version of modern love, which is worth thinking about, and the questions about love.

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Stills from "Here and Now ".

Zhang Yong, Xia Weiting: If love is a predicted plot, and every word confession is a routine, is there still sincerity between us?

Xia Weiting: "Love is in front of many people, I will feel very happy when I find that we are the same people, it is those things that you have not said, I know that you care about me very much, love is when I think that I will never see you again from today, I will be sad. 」

When love becomes a performance, sincerity becomes a scarce resource, and interpersonal interaction becomes an eye-catching performance, can we still make room for true love?

Regarding the movie, there is a saying that the audience's emotions when watching the movie are designed by the director, and they are replaced with a love reality show, which is also applicable.

"At This Moment" starts the plot with a love reality show, the time falls in 2020, the "mask", "social distance", "confirmed cases" are the key words, "social distancing", "temperature measurement", "scanning the code to enter" are the daily time points.

Stills from "Here and Now".

The two participants, Zhang Yong and Xia Weiting, the former are looking forward to finding true love, and the latter just wants to get a named role from now on, and the two who approached with different expectations, after the camera was turned on, entered the role-playing mode, and the sincere and purposeful words were confused, deceiving the audience and sometimes themselves.

This kind of purposeful relationship is reminiscent of the intermediary role of modern love that cannot be ignored - dating software, users are also approached with a purpose, whether the reason behind it is to find true love, satisfaction or pure communication, the purpose is neutral, whether it is right or wrong. In the love reality show, the relationship between putting away sincerity and using each other is the same, and there is no right or wrong.

Although sincerity is scarce, people are also very resilient, in this context, people then develop an ability to quickly identify each other's intentions, and then adjust their sincerity or not, so we can see that Xia Weiting is not sincere in the love reality show, and the performers then adjust the instant response to the mode of getting along.

In this era of plausible truth and falsehood, it has become a common norm to be unable to distinguish which of the people in front of you are real. The sentence that Zhang Yong said in the real love situation, "Can't we even tell the truth" may be the best indictment of the era of social proliferation and scarcity of sincerity.

Stills from "Here and Now".

Dajun, Qianqian: Love should hold hands first and then contact, can I hold your hand?

"I have never understood why so many people like to tell their hearts to strangers, so that those who will only meet once in a lifetime know the most unknown side of you, and then I found out that there are some things, the closer you are, the more you can't say it."

When a relationship starts with money, is it possible to end with true love?

Dajun, a hearing-impaired delivery person, had a physiological reaction when he received the service of the masseuse, and it happened that the person was facing the dilemma of being crushed by the economy, so he took the opportunity to propose the idea of being willing to provide sexual services.

Although money is involved, it is inevitable that people will think of the impurity, but we can see the concrete practice of respecting each other in intimate relationships from the relationship between two people. In the play, even if Dajun paid the money and expected that the scorpion could meet his physiological needs, he did not hold the idea that paying the money was equivalent to having the autonomy of the other party's body, but from the perspective of respecting the sting, he asked softly, "Can I hold your hand?"

Stills from "Here and Now".

Under the script that is common in society and the two sides can tacitly hold hands after getting along a few times, Dajun's willingness to ask is very rare. What's more, the matter of holding hands will not be included in the fact that most people need to be informed in advance and extend their physical autonomy, but Dajun still chooses to ask for the consent of the other party, and it is not difficult to imagine that in his heart, he has actually set a set of development paths for intimate relationships - he should hold hands first, and then contact.

Although the story of the two is based on the exchange of money for lust, there is no pretentious erotic performance, more of a concrete implementation of emotional comfort, Dajun is full of imagination about life, the days under his eyes, there is a warm color of life, and the stinger is naturally contaminated with such a breath;

Stills from "Here and Now".

Xu Peiming, Wang Baolin: My love is not just for you, but it is still real

Xu Peiming: "On the first day of our acquaintance, it was obviously cloudy, but I lied to her that there was a sunset, and I told her that it was golden. Actually, at that moment, the sunset and the golden sea really appeared, but I didn't believe it."

Is a relationship that started with a lie doomed to fall apart?

The relationship between hair designer Xu Peiming and YouTuber Wang Baolin began with misunderstandings and lies, the former mistakenly thought that the latter was blind, and the latter made a mistake and started the relationship between the two as blind, originally thought that they could start a sweet love, but Xu Peiming gave warmth not only to Xu Baolin, and the love under the lie was more sour.

Xu Peiming is the opposite, his heart also has space limitations, but he can divide the space and rent out the limited space to others, so around him, there is always no shortage of objects for whom he is loved, regardless of gender and age.

On the surface, Xu Peiming's non-refusal is a kind of indulgence in being touted and pursued, but behind his amorous is actually more of a thirst for love, he thinks that he has to give a lot of love in order to get the corresponding love. So, he is the same warmth to everyone, making everyone think that they are special, some people call this central air conditioning, but if he is given the opportunity to speak, he will say that this society has taught him to help people in need, and not to deliberately distance themselves, but also to avoid hurting the other party's self-esteem.

Stills from "Here and Now".

"It's like the coat I lent out, I actually just lent it to them, but they seemed to think it was theirs", the love he gave out became the responsibility fell on him, and he became more and more unaware of what kind of relationship he wanted, until the counselor asked, "Could it not actually be what you need to do", Xu Peiming realized that the underlying belief is "being able to take care of others is a happy thing, and finding out that you are loved" He likes the feeling of being needed, so he tries his best to create opportunities to be needed, but the superfluous responsibilities should be relieved.

In addition to the non-one-to-one relationship, Xu Peiming and Wang Baolin's deception made the rupture of the relationship inevitable.

When the word "trust" first appeared, it meant "essential certainty and a deeply rooted sense of hope," and from the moment we have trust, we also gain a deeply rooted sense of hope. But it is also based on this foundation, once the trust you rely on breaks the hole, it will become a scar, which cannot be repeated, pushing the two of them to a fork in the road, and there is no turning back in one direction.

At the end of the album, we did not usher in the end of Xu Peiming and Wang Baolin, but this setting may be closer to reality, because it always takes time to rebuild trust, and even if they don't get together in the end, they have learned more about their needs in intimate relationships from these short days together.

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Stills from "Here and Now".

Yao Zhixuan, Lin Youde: If you cross over one day, we will meet again on the other side of the universe

Lin Youde: Love is that two hearts are on the same track, the speed and frequency should be consistent, if one of them only cares about himself moving forward, the other person seems to be retreating

If a relationship is known to have a shelf life, are you willing to commit to it?

The epidemic in the city is still spreading, and an unexpected love encounter is still happening. Thirty-year-old novelist Yao Zhixuan wakes up one day and unexpectedly finds herself traveling from a 20-year-old soul to 2021, however, she knows nothing about everything that happened in this decade.

Life seems to be suddenly out of control, coinciding with the day when Taipei City announced a three-level alert, when he was rushing to buy goods in the supermarket, Yao Zhixuan met Lin Youde, who claimed to be an alien, and unexpectedly learned that Lin Youde and himself were neighbors. At that time, loneliness seemed to have become a difficult topic for the community, the relationship between people was withdrawn, the silence of the city, and the rush to buy materials all made the love relationship more apocalyptic setting.

As a result, the relationship between people adds a time-sensitive tragic setting, and you never know if the epidemic has withdrawn from the relationship between you and the people around you.

Stills from "Here and Now".

In such a predictable end of the relationship, Yao Zhixuan is looking forward to a romantic relationship, and then destroy together, and Lin Youde will be that object. It's just that later, the two were destined to separate because of illness, but love is exactly like this, it has come, and it will disappear. If it doesn't hurt, it's like never loved, so love is like a bad cold in the brain, a masochistic disease.

But even if love is like swallowing the last breath, in the end it will be like a wisp of smoke, disappearing into the air, the two get along in vain, after Lin Youde left, Yao Zhixuan turned those stories into words and gathered them into a book, she will always believe in the mystery of the universe, and believe in the miracle of true love.

The song "Almost Mature'87" sounded like a musical melody from the last century, and maybe one day Yao Zhixuan crossed again, and the two would reunite on the other side of the universe.

Stills from "Here and Now".

Joe, Fang Ruonan: Good intentions in the name of love have become bad in your eyes

Fang Ruonan: It's not that I don't believe in him, I don't believe in promises, nothing will not change, including our love, I'm afraid that he will look forward to it forever, I just want to talk about carefree love, the harder I try, the more I can't go back.

Do people with good memories have to suffer more after the two are separated?

In the face of the sudden epidemic, Fang Ruonan temporarily lived in his ex-boyfriend Joe's house because his neighbor was infected with the epidemic and had nowhere to live. The old love reunited again, Joe admitted that he thought that he had met a new object and after falling in love, he would be able to forget the past, but in the end he found that only Fang Ruonan could occupy his brain capacity, but his memory was too good, so he could never forget the past relationship.

The memory goes back to the relationship between the two, for Joe, love is getting up together, eating, chatting about the same days every day, or arguing about the same day, plain and long-lasting, this love is accepted by Fang Ruonan well, but at the same time, he feels pressure on Joe's actions that are packaged as good intentions and think that he puts himself in the other party's shoes.

Giving in the name of love makes people stressful. Reunion could have been an opportunity to examine the relationship, to see what you can't accept, and you don't want the other person to be wronged or compromised, and then try to find a new balance in the relationship, or to deal with the scars left by the past, even if the end of the relationship is not guaranteed to lead to a new relationship, but it can allow the wounds of the past to be gently let go.

Stills from "Here and Now".

It's a pity that Joe and Fang Ruonan, who met again, still adopt the same mode of getting along, just like copying and pasting, Joe's one-way and thinking from his own point of view, Fang Ruonan is under pressure at the same time when he accepts kindness. The hearts of two people are not well passed on to each other, but deteriorated in the process of transmission, so that one person's self-righteous good becomes bad in the eyes of the other.

This encounter can't tell the story of the two, but it makes the breakdown of the relationship more clear. There is no blame for the separation, after all, the happiness of the past is real, but the difference in ideas and values is also real. In this reunion, the two finally knew what kind of distance they should keep from each other, which was suitable and safe.

Stills from "Here and Now".

Under the new crown epidemic, the virus has made everyone shut themselves up, and it is difficult to physically get close to life, although it has blinded something and contributed to some parting and staying, but it has also made people find that some thinking about love - the old-school holding hands first and then hugging, or falling in love with many people at one time like splitting the heart, in fact, has nothing to do with the epidemic, there is no discussion of right and wrong.

Perhaps by withdrawing the memory of the community about the spread of the epidemic, you and I can recognize it more clearly. Everyone's perception and perception of intimacy is so different. - Are you ready?