Under the new crown epidemic, people's distance has changed, but also new connections. Netflix's new drama "Here and Now" is set in the era of the raging epidemic and tells ten urban love stories that are happening...

Netflix's recently released Taiwanese drama "At This Moment", with the theme of "love", focuses on "modernity", and the trailer tastes different kinds of love from the perspective of viewing artworks, revealing the love throbbing between characters. Playwright Du Zhengzhe said, "The visual poster designed with window frames symbolizes that during the epidemic when people are restricted from moving, each character is like a member of the tenant, and the communication between people continues despite the masks. 」

The ten emotional connections of people in the corner of the metropolis open up the appearance of love and relationships, and the plot involves topics such as the division of housework, marital cheating, and gay coming out, opening up the breadth of discussion. If you have finished watching the article "Netflix is online at this moment, five couples, five golden sentences to analyze the Taiwan version of modern love", the women's fan editor will continue to take you to watch love stories about same-sex couples, sister-brother romance and so on.

Ge Jiahao, Huang Shaoguang: Love is like dodgeball, it feels good to be caught by another person

Huang Shaoguang: You don't have to force yourself to like girls, you don't have to force yourself to be unhappy people, I like you too, so you have to be yourself

Huang Shaoguang, a newcomer to the workplace, met the supervisor Ge Jiahao, and after a long time of getting along, Ge Jiahao gradually found himself in love with Huang Shaoguang, and the deep cabinet that had been buried for 33 years no longer chose to escape, and bravely faced his heart.

However, you and I may have experienced, those experiences of love but not can verify that not every love has a response, Huang Shaoguang also likes Ge Jiahao, but that love is gratitude, respect, and has nothing to do with love. Ge Jiahao mustered up his determination to say that he liked it, but he failed to meet the answer.

Stills from "Here and Now ".

Perhaps this is a reflection of the irreproducibility of love. You walk at a slow, expectant pace only to find that the other person is already far away in his time zone, or you take a fast, light step and find that you can't wait for the other person to slow down. It's like getting along with people, it's hard to blame both parties for not expecting the same amount of money in the relationship, and whose fault it is may be a fake issue.

As Ge Jiahao said, playing dodgeball is very similar to life, in the face of every sudden attack, as long as you can dodge and dodge, you can get out of the way. But after reading Ge Jiahao's confrontation with his heart and brave confession, his interpretation of life is still missing: "But sometimes we meet it head-on, regain the initiative in the relationship, and turn guests first, so that we have the opportunity to shorten the distance with true love." 」

(Gaying in the same scene: You can be gay, but don't be called a sissy? "Blue Boy in the Moonlight" talks about toxic masculinity: softness is true strength)

Stills from "Here and Now ".

Luo Xinlan, Ding Zhijie: You are like a ghost in my heart, but I am afraid of being treated as a ghost with you

Luo Xinlan: I don't want to take your hand and let go

In addition to male friendship, "Here and Now" also tries to deal with lesbian relationships. In the era when homosexual love is indisputable, Luo Xinlan and Ding Zhijie, as high school classmates who love each other, follow the rules of ordinary girls' friendship when they are out, not too intimate, not too excessive, and intimate interaction is limited to a small and dark room.

Unblessed romance must be protected by heterosexuality, carefully hiding likes, but it is precisely because of the inability to express likes arbitrarily that Luo Xinlan feels tired from every step of the way and sneaking. "I don't want to let go every time I take your hand. Although the words are plain, neither humble nor silent, you can feel the struggle, pull, and helplessness between the characters and the outside world.

Stills from "Here and Now ".

So, Luo Xinlan's pupils and gaze gradually changed when she looked at Ding Zhijie, it seemed that Ding Zhijie was no longer a normal person, but a ghost living in the sun, but because she liked it, even if it was a ghost that could only live in the dark, it didn't hurt for Ding Zhijie, she was willing to wait for Luo Xinlan to appear in Luo Xinlan's world again when she was no longer afraid.

However, this wait, that is, 20 years, the vicissitudes of life, until a funeral, the young first love of the student period met again, upholding the belief that not everyone has a second chance, Luo Xinlan and Ding Zhijie finally faced their hearts and walked generously in the sun.

A certain time in his youth coincided with this moment now, after experiencing a fork in the road, Luo Xinlan was finally defeated, and he was afraid that if he liked a girl, he would become a ghost.

Stills from "Here and Now".

Zhang Weixi, Zhao Tingyu: The victim's sympathy, will that pity be love?

Zhang Weixi: The Gu family is not my responsibility alone, and it takes two people to take care of it together to call the family

Housewife Zhang Weixi waited in the hotel lobby in order to confirm whether her husband was cheating, and at the same time, she was also worried, and another strange man, Zhao Tingyu, was also carrying out the same action.

The collapse and peculiarity is that the husband and wife of the two are the objects of each other's affairs. From the beginning of the relationship, the two blamed each other because they were unacceptable, and it became an outlet for each other's emotions, and it expanded to the sympathy between the victims, and then love.

Later, both divorced, but did not come together. Zhao Tingyu once said, "Looking at art is very subjective, everyone will have different feelings, sometimes it is very present, it will directly reflect your mood, you will have your feelings, and I will have mine." 」

Equally subjective, there is the interpretation of relationships. The love made of pity is developable and predictable for Zhao Tingyu, Zhang Weixi narrowed this love into a line based on realistic considerations, and then narrowed it into a point in his heart, which can be perceived, but does not respond.

Love is the same as the sight of the eyes, there will be dead ends, in the dead ends of love, there are some hidden scenery that we have missed, Zhang Weixi and Zhao Tingyu may be the scenery missed in the dead corners for each other, but "missed, reunited, and loved", love is not so sorted.

After precipitation, a chance encounter, there is no lust attraction between the two, only the tenderness of the aftermath of the eyes, and the feelings of being able to understand each other and cherish each other, but this time this pity is no longer mixed with the feelings of men and women.

Stills from "Here and Now ".

Su Bairui, Zeng Wanyu: The male protagonist is inside and the female protagonist is outside, which is our comfort zone

Tsang Yuen-yu: It's going to be a long-term struggle. Together?

Su Bairui: Together

Is it feasible for the male protagonist to be inside and the female protagonist to be outside?

Su Bairui, the purchasing supervisor of the food company, told his wife Zeng Wanyu that he was dismissed by the company. As a result, the two adjusted the division of labor in the family, the husband took care of the house, learned to cook, and the wife, who was not used to family life, returned to the workplace. The preset replacement of the male protagonist and the female protagonist, the exchange of division of labor, but unexpectedly found the comfort zone belonging to the two.

If we simply follow the concept of "comparative interests" in economics, such a division of labor is the most efficient and appropriate way for this family. However, the division of household chores is not the same in society – gender is the only consideration, regardless of the male and female specializations and income.

Stills from "Here and Now ".

The steady pace between Su Bairui and Zeng Wanyu was disrupted by the sudden visit of their unsuspecting mother. However, the mother's incomprehension unexpectedly opened up a space for dialogue between the husband and wife, Zeng Wanyu finally understood Su Bairui's difficulties, and the male protagonist and the female protagonist became a new balance in this family.

The society generally ignores the value of housework, and the male protagonist is not equal to eating soft rice, but it is not easy to turn over this deep-rooted concept for a while, but because it is two people together, they are no longer stabbed by the inadvertent words of others, and they are no longer coerced by the eyes of others, not only calmly facing the society, but also honestly facing themselves, and life has been painted happy since then.

(Guess what: Nobel laureate in economics Goldin: we can't really talk about equal pay if we don't talk about the division of housework)

Stills from "Here and Now ".

Zhou Liwen, Wang Kejie: Messed up love will turn people into mud, but if you are disappointed, try to find hope!

Zhou Liwen: Love is a performance, not only to convince the other party, but also to convince yourself. Sometimes it's the same performance, but each actor interprets the script completely differently, and that's often the beginning of the mess

If all encounters in your life are predestined, will it be easier for you to let go of your obsession with this relationship in the face of a relationship break?

Assistant Wang Kejie, Zhou Liwen, the supervisor who takes care of everything in both work and life. After getting along day and night, the two had a good impression of each other but didn't dare to say anything, until one day they finally broke through the ambiguous defense line, and their love proved themselves in the moment of kissing.

Stills from "Here and Now ".

After the relationship between the two was exposed, Zhou Liwen bravely said that she was in love, but when she needed it most, Wang Kejie did not have the courage to admit that she liked it. This also gave Zhou Liwen the opportunity to look back at what the past relationship brought her, and then found and admitted that in real life, she talked about the love that was so bad that she didn't want to look back on it several times, but no matter what the ending was, she still wanted to say love happily, confess happily, turn around and leave happily, no matter whether she met or broke up, she had no regrets.

In her eyes, if you follow Laplace's demon and advance according to the formula from the moment the universe explodes, no matter who you meet in what year, month, or moment, you are doomed. If you believe in this hypothesis, that person will not be disappointed, because life is a written script, just like Zhang Ailing said, there is no earlier step, and there is no later step.

For Zhou Liwen and Wang Kejie, although their script clearly stated that they would part, they also wrote that when Wang Kejie finally mustered up the courage to face their love, the two would eventually be attached to each other's new chapter of love again.

Stills from "Here and Now ".

The story of ten couples, discussing the scarcity of sincerity, the variability of the stereotyped division of housework, etc., does not give a template of right and wrong, highlighting the nature of modern love, which cannot determine right and wrong. However, as long as we have an open mind and believe that every encounter in life is a miracle, we will have the opportunity to get closer to our own encounter.