The 2023 Diversity and Inclusion White Paper found that men will bear more social pressure than women to apply for parental leave, showing that workplace sexism is not limited to a single gender, and DEI strategies are the best solution to achieve workplace inclusion.

For a more detailed report, please see: Key Trends and Action Strategies for Talent Sustainability for Enterprises: 97.6% of Workers in Taiwan Care About Their Companies DEI!|2023 Diversity & Inclusion White Paper (1).

Taiwan's first diverse and inclusive ecosystem platform spanning industry, government and academia, Womany Women's Fans, together with three major human resources platforms: 104, Yourator and CakeResume, jointly promoted and surveyed the voices of professionals in the workplace and launched the "2023 Diversity and Inclusion White Paper - Equitable Development and Sustainable Governance Policy for Corporate Talents". The report identifies three major trends:

1. Talents pay more and more attention to the DEI strategy of enterprises

According to the study, a whopping 97.6% of professional workers believe that a company's focus on diversity, equity and inclusion is a key factor in their choice of whether to stay or join the company.

The exclusive data provided by the three HR platforms further confirms the importance of DEI policies in enterprises. According to the analysis of 104 Human Resources Bank, for companies with public DEI policies, job seekers are 1.3 times more willing to be invited for interviews than other companies.

Yourator, a digital talent matching platform, revealed that its DEI job search section has twice as many job openings as non-DEI companies, and the delivery rate is 80% higher. CakeResume's data on the semiconductor industry suggests that companies should strengthen the empowerment of female employees, promote gender-diverse leadership roles, and improve fertility support policies.

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2. The top five factors for professionals to consider when applying for a job

Salary and position, fair promotion and development opportunities, employee benefits, flexible working hours, and cultural fit are all related to DEI strategies. The Women's Fan Survey data also pointed out that when organizations fail to provide adequate DEI strategies, employees' actual experience in the workplace is negatively affected, such as "being despised as a woman's contribution in the workplace", "being discriminated against because of different gender orientations", and "there are differences in starting salaries and promotion rates between male and female employees".

Third, the report notes that 41 per cent of men believe that taking parental leave is not supported by their surroundings

This is 18 per cent higher than that of women, reflecting the persistence of stereotypes about the gender division of labour in society, where women are still expected to do more domestic work, while men are expected to work primarily in the economy, and the stereotypical expectations of gender roles need to be overcome.

In addition, Claudia Goldin, winner of the 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics, examines the impact of gender expectations on the division of labor: gender expectations influence decision-making when faced with the choice of opportunity.

Women's choices of opportunity are still often limited by expectations of marriage and family responsibilities. In addition, Godin's research points out that childbearing is the key to the widening income gap between parents. Companies expect talent to be readily available and flexible, and women often take on more childcare responsibilities, making it difficult for them to advance their careers and increase their salaries.

According to the status of DEI practice by Taiwanese organizations, in terms of welfare system and flexible work policy, in the latest data from 104 Manpower Bank, less than 4,000 enterprises in Taiwan meet the five indicators of "child-friendly", "focus on employee health", "flexible working hours", "flexible leave" and "EAP".

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In terms of salary status in Taiwan, according to the statistics of the Comptroller and Auditor's Office in 2022, the hourly wage of Taiwanese women is 84.2% of that of men, with a gap of 15.8%, so women need to work 58 more days to get the same annual salary as men. In addition, among the female non-labor force aged 25~64, more than 6% of the reasons for not wanting to work are due to doing housework or taking care of family members.

In the face of these challenges, women fans invite major organizations and companies to take immediate action and invest in DEI to ensure that all talents, regardless of background, gender or other characteristics, can be treated fairly, and create a friendly environment, so that enterprises can truly attract and retain outstanding talents and promote long-term corporate sustainability to achieve the sustainability goals of SDGs/ESG.

About the woman fan

Since its inception in 2011, Womany Women Fan has been committed to providing a platform for dialogue from multiple perspectives, and has repeatedly represented Taiwan at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) to deliver on women's economic empowerment issues and share Taiwan's successful experience, and in 2019, she was shortlisted for the WSIS Prizes, a global award created by the United Nations (UN) Geneva Plan, and in 2022, she took the lead in launching the "DEI Vision Award" that combines local and international perspectives, and released Taiwan's first DEI The strategy white paper gathers private and industry data, aiming to gain in-depth insight into talent needs, promote the implementation of enterprise and organization's DEI strategy, and guide organizations to improve their ESG performance and ensure the sustainable development of talent strategies with reference to the United Nations' SDGs sustainability goals.

In 2023, the "2023 Diversity and Inclusion White Paper - Equitable Development and Sustainable Governance Policy for Enterprise Talents" will be launched, which is the first part, and the introductory overview version of the PDF report will be officially released at the end of November, please go to the official website of Women's Fan to download it.