In the post-epidemic and labor shortage era, the culture of diversity and inclusion (DEI) will be the key to turning the crisis into a turnaround.

At present, the world is in the post-epidemic era and the great shortage of workers, and the 2023 Diversity and Inclusion White Paper further points out that recruiting, retaining, and communicating inefficiently are the three major challenges facing enterprises now.

It can be seen that DEI culture is the key for enterprises to turn crises into turnarounds. Below, we will introduce several cross-industry DEI practice cases to see the generation of enterprise diversity and inclusion circles.

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Flipping the culture of the restaurant industry: TOASTERiA CAFE in Toastlia

This year, Toastlia cooperated with the Taipei Municipal Bureau of Industry to promote the vision project of diversity, inclusion and friendliness of the workplace.

The highlight of the Diversity & Inclusion Friendly Workplace Vision Project is the transformation of corporate governance, Toastlia encourages employees to start their own businesses and work hard to give full play to their talents, and also provides in-house training courses for employees, from grassroots store clerks to supervisors, a total of 66 professional courses can be taken.

In addition, Toastlia also held an internal workplace friendly workshop to discuss the imagination of a friendly workplace with employees, create a learning map, establish a communication mechanism and a learning organization, and incorporate it into the company's system and operation strategy.

Toastlia attempts to break the impression of high working hours and low pay in the catering industry, and establish a model of diverse and inclusive workplace in the catering industry.

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Creating a new beauty: L'Oréal, the Léal Group

As the world's largest beauty group, it is important to consider how to meet the beauty needs of consumers, and how to use "beauty" as a force for diversity and inclusion.

Leyard actively implements diversity and inclusion through different aspects, such as flexible working from home in the workplace, 14 weeks of maternity leave benefits, sustainability courses, etc. In addition to career development, it also responds to the needs of the local community through its sub-brands.

For example, Léa Paris launched a fight against harassment, stood up for the STANDUP program, advocated the issue of sexual harassment on the street, and also promoted it on campus. In addition, Leyard has also actively promoted the empowerment of science and technology, and launched the world's first intelligent makeup application device designed for people with limited hand and arm movements, so that beauty is no longer limited.

Laia Group hopes that in addition to the different possibilities of beauty, it also hopes that diversity and inclusion can become a new force that moves the world.

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Human-Centered Innovation: Samsung Electronics, Samsung Electronics, Samsung

Samsung Electronics values people and technology to create excellent products and services, and firmly believes that DEI corporate culture is the key to maintaining innovation vitality.

Samsung Electronics has many DEI institutionalization measures, such as setting up ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) for gender, LGBTQ+, veterans, etc., by region, and collecting opinions through members to exchange ideas with each other as development resources.

Not only that, Samsung also organizes the WITS (Samsung Women in Technology) event to provide career development opportunities for women, such as industry conferences, courses, and to form an organizational support network to help each other grow.

Samsung integrates the meaning of people into the development of the organization, and organizes various events to discuss DEI and understand the dilemmas faced by different employees. More than just technological innovation, Samsung aspires to practice diversity and inclusion and unleash the potential of each member.

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Talent to achieve zero emissions in transportation: Citybus Limited

Citybus is a bus service in Hong Kong, and with the merger of franchises, it is actively recruiting various talents to join.

Citybus aims to achieve zero emissions for all its fleet by 2045, and leveraging diverse talent is an important driving force for its development. In order to create a diverse and inclusive workplace, Citybus has signed the "Racial Diversity and Inclusion Employer Charter" to respect people of different nationalities and religions, and to adjust working hours according to religious beliefs.

At the same time, Citybus recruits female bus captains and provides support to employees with disabilities, such as setting up barrier-free passages and widening workplaces. In addition, Citybus encourages the adaptive development of its employees, as long as they have the ability and interest, they can seek different development opportunities internally.

Citybus hopes to bring DEI culture to public transportation and create a more comprehensive and inclusive transportation environment.

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Cheer for life: Sunshine Gas Station

Located in Taipei City, all employees of Sunshine Gas Station are physically and mentally disabled, including physical, mental, mental, and mental categories, and their most important goal is to "do well with disabilities." 」

In order to effectively adapt employees with disabilities to work, Sunshine Gas Station implements workflow analysis and provides job redesign and assistive device assistance programs. For example, people with intellectual disabilities have a poor sense of direction, so the Sunshine team designed small boxes with numbers and representing gas islands to help them remember where customers are.

The Sunshine Gas Station itself is the embodiment of the DEI field, and implements the construction of a diverse and inclusive workplace by assisting employees in their adaptive development, such as people who value details can serve as car washers, and people with lively personalities can act as salespeople.

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DEI Trends in the Workplace: D&I has gone from a plus to a must-have

From the perspective of enterprises, different industries reflect the possibility of implementing DEI from different perspectives, especially in the case of labor shortage, the practice of DEI is a powerful tool for enterprises to obtain talents.

From the perspective of talents, the 2023 "White Paper on Diversity and Inclusion - Fair Development and Sustainable Governance Policy for Enterprise Talents" points out that nearly 97.6% of workplace workers pay attention to the DEI culture of enterprises, which shows that whether the organization has DEI will become the key to employment.

Therefore, the understanding and practice of DEI will be a must for enterprise transformation!

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