Have you seen the movie "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car"? and Xuan Xuan invited actor Zhou Yumin to talk about the process of one person playing two roles, and the meaning of home to him.

In 2001, Zhou Yumin played the flower class in "Meteor Garden" deeply burned the audience's heart, so far every girl seems to have lived in a flower class, 20 years have passed, you have seen "Ruffian Hero" The fierce and righteous Chen Zaitian, "Chasing Marriage Diary" gentle and firm Wang Wei, this year Zhou Yumin took his new work "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" to play two roles, and returned to the big screen after five years.

Zhou Yumin: Home is the last bastion of my personality, giving me a sense of stability that collapses wantonly

"Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" is based on the story of director Huang Wenying, who got along with his grandfather as a child, and tells the story of film art director Fuyue (played by Ariel Lin, the character prototype is Huang Wenying), who temporarily left the crew to work because his father was seriously ill and returned to his hometown of Chiayi. In the days when she accompanied her father in her hometown, the Xuantian God she believed in at home drew her thoughts and memories of her grandfather.

The core concept of the whole movie is what is home, how to become a home, and focus on Fuyue Ah Gong, and use this role to bring out the answer.

You may be curious, but for Zhou Yumin, the interpreter of the role of his grandfather, what does home represent? Zhou Yumin gave an interesting answer: "Home is the last bastion of personality for me. 」

As an actor, Zhou Yumin is under a lot of pressure, but home can be a support for him when he is under pressure outside, and when he is doing a lot of things outside that he is not good at, home provides a sense of stability, letting him know that he finally needs to have a place where he can metabolize all his emotions.

"It's a family in a broad sense, but it's actually a place in a home that has to have my memories and habits remaining, and I don't move the furnishings for thousands of years, and as soon as I get to that place, I know that I can have a breakdown and metabolize my emotions without affecting anyone. He gently and firmly added how home gave him a sense of stability.

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Stills from "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car".

Zhou Yumin played the two roles of "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" and found the overlap of the characters' shadows

Zhou Yumin said that because the characters played in "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" are all real characters around the director, when reading the script, when interpreting the role in the past, most of the actors would have a lot of communication with the screenwriter and director, but when Zhou Yumin interpreted the grandfather in the director's impression, it came more from Zhou Yumin's own understanding after he entered the set.

"I'm completely focused on rendering, not acting, it's a reaction of living in the moment, coming to the set every day, and being affected by the atmosphere. Recalling the process of interpreting the role, Zhou Yumin shared that all he thought about was how to reproduce the director's memories at that time and how to render the people who were important to the director.

And those questions such as "why can Ah Gong influence the director so deeply?", "The personality gap between Ah Gong and his father's roles" and other questions have also been self-proven in the performance process, and they are also Zhou Yumin's real gains.

In addition to the connection of family affection, for Zhou Yumin's arrangement in "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" to play the roles of grandfather and father, Wei Xuan said that what she saw in the movie was Zhou Yumin's efforts to melt into the role and try to interpret the overlap of the shadows of the two men.

"It is Ah Gong who influences you, and it is Ah Gong who influences your father, this is what inheritance means. As the interpreter of the role, Zhou Yumin said that if we look at it from Fuyue's point of view, in fact, in a certain period of time, she found that things overlapped from Chunshan and Ah Gong, and what he played was that overlapping image, and this spiritual concept well explained the arrangement of one person playing two roles.

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Stills from "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car".

22 years of actor road, never think of himself enough

Zhou Yumin, who made his debut work with "Meteor Garden", tried to play multiple roles, shuttling between large and small screens to bring the audience a different viewing experience, but even though he was repeatedly praised and had high expectations for himself, Zhou Yumin said that he was never satisfied after playing any role.

"Even if the director has already said that a certain scene is okay, after the play, I still think about the last scene and feel that the performance is not good enough. As an audience, I probably don't know that Zhou Yumin's seemingly able to always rub himself into the back of each role is the result of picking bones in his own performance.

It wasn't until later that Zhou Yumin realized that maybe the so-called perfect performance was no longer there, and what was really needed was a defective performance, "After understanding that the so-called perfect performance may not exist, I let go of some of my own limitations, and what I pursued on the scene was no longer a nominal perfect performance, but a performance that could not go back and forth between dialogues, but could interject and be closer to life. 」

Stills from "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car".

In the 22-year actor road, Zhou Yumin has acted from campus to the workplace and family, and behind the ease of interpreting various roles, it is his preset that he has no talent.

"I don't think I'm talented, so I can tell everyone early that I need time, but as long as I am given time, I can make sure I can do it. From Zhou Yumin's answer, in addition to seeing a responsible attitude that has not dissipated over time, it also makes people look forward to what kind of image Zhou Yumin will reappear in front of the audience in the future, full of expectations.