If you have seen director Hou Hsiao-hsien's movies, you are probably no stranger to the name Huang Wenying. Talk to Xuan Xuan about inviting Huang Wenying, the director of "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car", to talk about how she got to the role of director and the meaning of home to her.

If you have watched "Millennium Mambo", "10+10 Golden Strings" and "Assassin Nie Yinniang" directed by Hou Hsiao-hsien, then you must be familiar with the name Huang Wenying.

Huang Wenying has participated in many art design shows of director Hou Hsiao-hsien in the past, and this year, she is no longer just the driving force behind the realization of Director Hou's imagination, but also takes on the role of director for the first time, shooting a film that explains her own story - "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car".

Crazy not to be understood, but I enjoy it

"You can feel the abundance of emotions in every frame and scene. After watching the test film, Wei Xuan said sincerely.

Although art is not entirely worth the fame and fortune it brings, Huang Wenying says she still cares about the box office.

Because the funds all come from friends, the support of friends is like a double-edged blade, supporting the filming of the movie, but also making Huang Wenying feel pressure.

Maybe Huang Wenying's obsession with movies, his preference for movies can't be caught, and he is the same, even his closest family and friends, few people understand why Huang Wenying wants to convert all interpersonal relationships and everyone's love for you into capital investment.

But Huang Wenying said softly: "Everyone always has to pay a price when they want to achieve their dreams or ideals, although I am a fool of making movies, even if there are hardships, making movies is a job that is difficult for me to leave once I get in, because it has a lot of charm. 」

Although she said that she was hard, it can be seen from Huang Wenying's expression that her work in the film made her happy from it, and she felt lucky to be able to engage in the work she liked and was interested in.

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"Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" director Huang Wenying

Pluck up the courage to find another way on the lonely road of film

"I think women in the film industry need to put more effort into it to be able to integrate more people to help you. Even if you have a passion for movies, the realization of your dreams always has to be implemented, and you can imagine the obstacles that you will experience when you put your dreams in real life.

However, the hardships of reality did not affect Huang Wenying's determination to pursue her dreams, and she tried to break the box and decided to recommend herself to Hou Xiaoxian.

She wrote down about the art insights of the film directed by Hou Xiaoxian, but at that time, Hou Xiaoxian was no longer the screenwriter of "Peach Blossom Girl Fighting Zhou Gong" that Huang Wenying saw in Chiayi Circle when he was a child, but a well-known director who won the best film in Venice through "City of Sadness" and the Jury Prize in Cannes for "Dream Life".

But this did not affect Huang Wenying's courage, and because of this courage, Huang Wenying received a reply letter from Hou Hsiao-hsien that "you can talk about it after returning to Taiwan". Perhaps, as she pursued, the sentence from Romain Rolland - the real hero is to recognize the truth of life, but still love life.

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"Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" director Huang Wenying

Director Huang Wenying: Work with people you like and admire!

Looking back on this period of time, Huang Wenying said that this courage probably comes from realizing that life is too short since she was a child, so she always believes that she must work with people she admires or likes, and there is no need to waste time.

Later, after returning to Taiwan, the two-hour dialogue with Hou Hsiao-hsien led to many works that have grown up in Taiwan and even in the world. After several years of accumulation, Huang Wenying had the idea of making his own films, but in fact, as early as 2005, when "The Best Time" was filmed, Huang Wenying had the idea of being a director.

But in the end, director Hou Hsiao-hsien completed the shooting. Referring to this past incident, Huang Wenying said with a comforting smile: "This way it is easier to find funds, and my brain is more mature now."

Later, after the experience of several films, he went to the mainland and Hong Kong to participate in the works of other directors, and now Huang Wenying, looking back at his script, found that the movies he handled were more layered, and he was very glad that he did not take the responsibility of directing, but chose the best time to tell the story he wanted to tell the most, and exported this "Xuantian God on the Roof".

"Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" director Huang Wenying

My family, which has influenced me deeply, I present it in film

And back to the core concept that the whole movie talks about - family.

Ah Gong, the core character of the interpretation family, actually left as early as Huang Wenying when he was 11 years old, so such a deep-rooted image of Ah Gong largely comes from his father's dictation.

So the movie seems to be a kind of cross-generational memory, omitting the generation of Huang Wenying's parents, but if you look carefully at the picture of the little boy in the movie, you will actually find that it represents Huang Wenying's father, and it is also through the perspective of this little boy that the story of Ah Gong is brought out.

When it comes to her father, Huang Wenying said sincerely that he is the person he loves deeply, and her father's death has affected her deeply, including her determination to shoot "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car".

"Before the age of 12, he received a Japanese-style education, and the image of a strict father was rooted in his heart. In Huang Wenying's impression, her father was serious. But it is such a serious figure that has become the emotional connection of three generations.

Huang Wenying went on to mention her family, "The greatest treasure in my life is the family I come from, so that I can always have good thoughts in my heart. 」

For Huang Wenying, the family has cultivated her personality traits, established a vision of the world, and brought her nutrients in life. Every time I encounter difficulties, I think of the stories my father told me about how Ah Gong survived the difficulties, and think about how Ah Gong would face the current problems if it were Ah Gong.

Later, Huang Wenying, under the influence of her grandfather, filmed "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car", even if she said that she cared about the box office, but at the same time she promised happily and firmly, even if the box office was not good, she still wanted to make more films in the next ten years, because that is what she loves to do.