The movie "God on the Roof of the Car" talks about family, city, emotional connection... and Xuan Xuan invited Ariel Lin to talk to us about how she interprets this film and how she reflects on her relationship with her family from the movie.

Ariel Lin has rarely appeared in front of the audience in recent years, and this time she returned to the big screen with the movie "God Xuantian on the Roof of the Car" to explain the story of director Huang Wenying's emotional connection with his family as a child.

"When the right time comes, the right people and things will come your way. Looking back on the past few years, she has worked hard to break the so-called "Ariel Lin is a certain appearance", so now when we mention Ariel Lin, what comes to people's minds is no longer just Yuan Xiangqin, who is dedicated to the pursuit of true love, but from Cheng Youqing, Du Lala and other angles, know her more widely and like her.

Ariel Lin: In the 23 years since my debut, children have made people break the rules and be perfect, and I have become more comfortable

As an audience, Wei Xuan said that she has seen Ariel Lin become more beautiful, mature and comfortable in recent years.

Becoming comfortable at this point, Ariel Lin has a deep understanding.

Looking back on the hardships experienced as an actor in the past 20 years, Ariel Lin said that when he first debuted, his acting career was framed, and he couldn't receive mature roles, so he kept going around in high school and on campus for almost ten years, and then finally changed roles, but encountered the bottleneck of choice restrictions on the type of play.

However, even though the challenges and constraints faced at each stage are different, Ariel Lin is optimistic and energetic and chooses to keep moving forward, "Maybe one day when you walk, you will come to the bright future. 」

Ariel Lin then added that the catalyst point of becoming comfortable actually comes from a small life in life. "Children are so unpredictable, so I learned to let go of my own restrictions and rules. 」

Not only did Ariel Lin loosen the restrictions on herself, but Ariel Lin applied the same flexibility to children, trying not to give too many restrictions to the children around her, retaining flexibility and time to let certain things ferment and happen, "I can also feel satisfied when I lie down with children. Ariel Lin smiled and said those elastic that make people loose and soft in life.

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Photo: Ariel Lin

"Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" gathers generations of memories and achieves a corner of Fuyue

Perhaps it was the restriction imposed on himself that he had faded, and Ariel Lin's ability to feel was magnified. The script story of "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" spans three eras, although Ariel Lin did not participate in the performance of the first two eras, she can still feel that this film records the lives of small people in the big era.

In the process of interpreting the role of Fuyue, Fuyue seems to have replaced Ariel Lin, to experience the era she has never been in, and to feel the hardships that those fathers and subordinates had, how to become the current me.

Returning to her own life experience, like Fuyue, Ariel Lin's family has had a great influence on her, making her realize that as a person, we are not only myself, but those who have grown up in us, the values and the state of our souls are all born from the memories of several generations.

It is also with this belief that Ariel Lin shows how the family is connected and shapes a person, and these invisible and unbounded influences are very concretely displayed in front of people's eyes through Fuyue.

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Picture: "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" stills

Life and work are not a choice, interest can bring you precipitation experience

Fuyue in the play is full of stubbornness in her work and relationships, and Ariel Lin in real life also retains her own persistence. So even though being expected to be able to choose between work and life is an experience shared by many women, Ariel Lin can't see this kind of inevitable choice, she acts to her heart's content, goes to London to study, and has no regrets about making a decision.

Wei Xuan asked curiously, "As an actress who has tried many things, what do you think of the state that women are expected to be in society?"

"I consider myself a lucky exception. Ariel Lin said that because of the nature of her work, she can live a good life and prepare for the role at the same time, so for her, work and life are a state of multiplying and supplementing each other.

But she also believes that when women are looking for a sense of accomplishment at home and work, they should cultivate one or two more interests and hobbies, because these interests and hobbies can not only make people relax, but also a good source of adjustment and precipitation. "When you really concentrate on learning, it's a joy overall, and all art goes the same way, leading people to discover themselves and discover the beauty of nature. 」

Picture: "Xuantian God on the Roof of the Car" stills

Ariel Lin: Transparent exhibition, I will slowly age in front of the camera

At the end of the conversation, Ariel Lin said that she likes the English name of the movie "Be With Me", which is a feeling that many people stand with us. She encouraged everyone that as a human being, we are not alone, because we have many people's inherited blood, personality, and the feeling of inheriting the past and the future makes people no longer see themselves as small and no longer arrogant.

With such a firm and brave heart, Ariel Lin is not only not afraid of the transparent display in front of the public, but more calmly realizes that he may still be on the stage until the last moment of his life. We who like Ariel Lin can continue to look forward to and harvest, more from her performances.