Do you always feel that you don't have enough time and are being chased by to-dos? Woman fans invite you to create infinity in a limited time, from self-awareness, to developing your own time management methods, and living yourself as a verb.

Women's fans Play with time handbook (small P book) has entered its seventh year, and according to the annual user feedback, it has been continuously iterated and upgraded, and step by step to create a handbook that combines self-awareness, self-exploration, and time management.

However, with good tools, there must also be good methods. So on a sunny Saturday on November 25, 2023, a woman fan held a one-day workshop on "Living Yourself as a Verb" Playwith Time. Three discovery workshops will be held by Founder & CEO of Woman Fans, Esdie Cheung, Chief Operating Officer of Woman Fans, Merci, and Director of Brand & Strategy of Woman Fans Audrey, guiding participants to become players of time.

It's not just a time management lesson, it's an intimate moment for women fans and veteran P-book users.

Zhang Weixuan: Live yourself as a verb, you are time

Photo: Founder and CEO of Women's Fans Zhang Weixuan

Looking back on the various creations of women's fans, Weixuan shared that he had the opportunity to step into time management - entrepreneurship makes everything uncontrollable, but if he can't become what he wants, he can't talk about the vision of women's fans.

Wei Xuan said that time and energy management is "personal management", so before "managing" time, you must first know your own time and find your own methods in order to live your true self.

In the interactive sharing before the lecture, many users mentioned that their relationship with time is constantly being chased and submerged. Wei Xuan told everyone that before trying to "manage" time, you can first jump out of the framework of time, rethink the relationship with time, and redefine time.

When you can play with time "actively", you will see and understand what you are having again.

Founder and CEO of Women's Fans, Zhang Weixuan

Picture | Woman fan "Live Yourself as a Verb" play with time time workshop

The kind of person you want to be will make your own time, and your time is how you want to spend it with important people.

The next step in finding your time is to find your own time management method. By dismantling the literal meaning of "method", Wei Xuan put forward the concept of "method follows the stream", and the method is not rigid, but flexible and malleable.

(Screening in the same scene: Zhang Weixuan's pen|2 tricks of time management to help you reduce stress and maximize your potential!)

We invite everyone to use the "APPLE Principles" to find their own way to build their own time management system through six steps: Aware, Priority, Passion, Limit, and Evaluation.

Through these six steps, you will find your own priorities, see what you care about, understand the time it takes to understand everything, and learn to Xi cherish the present moment in your limited time.

To live is to live towards death. We can't decide how we're born, but we can decide how we're going to die.

Founder and CEO of Women's Fans, Zhang Weixuan

Merci: Time is finite, creating the greatest value

Photo: Merci, Chief Operating Officer of Women's Fans

Following Wei Xuan's speech, we also prepared an inner exploration workshop for users, in which Merci, the Chief Operating Director of Women's Fans, shared her time management methods and led the students to become masters of time through inner awareness.

Merci first shared her mood change after becoming a mother, once planned to leave the workplace for childbirth, chose to stay with the policy support of women's fans, and realized that her relationship with time was changing from the road of parenting, consciously adjusted and changed, and now continues to walk on the road of practice.

For Merci, time is to create the most value in a limited 24 hours, and the so-called "maximum" is not necessarily the most, it is the most suitable and important for itself.

(Gaying in the same scene: Remote work from home diary|Cooperate with each other's rhythm, and also practice Xi be more patient with life)

I can't choose how much time I have, but I can choose to create the most value in my time.

Merci, Chief Operating Officer of Women Fans

Picture: Woman Fan Female Power Awakening Card Collector's Edition

Using her own experience to encourage students to be aware of their inner self, Merci combined with the Female Female Power Awakening Card Card, invited students to find the key courage to support themselves through inner exploration and group communication, and used the "Gratitude Diary Xi (SAFE)" to lead students to exercise their "faith muscles".

Merci says that a lot of times, you actually have the answer in your heart, you just need the way to see the wisdom within yourself. In the process of awareness and writing, in addition to seeing your own courage, more importantly, you can have the confidence to help yourself create courage the next time you face a challenge.

Everyone has their own inner treasures, all have an inner that is worth digging into, just needs to be seen. Be conscious of and change, and the answer lies in action.

Merci, Chief Operating Officer of Women Fans

Audrey: Time is when there are people with us, and there are women with you

Photo: Audrey, Director of Brand & Strategy of Women's Fans

After the inner exploration, Audrey, the brand and strategy director of women's fans, led the students to use the original "Wheel of Life" page of women's fans' handbooks to review and review 2023 and anchor for 2024.

After working as a woman fan for ten years, Audrey believes that the core of his support is "care", because there are people he cares about and a life mission he cares about. He also invited students to think about "the relationship between time and themselves", but also to think about "what must be in my time?" and "What do I want to put into my time order?"

By first perceiving, then creating, and understanding the order of time, we will have the opportunity to feel free in the order, and we will be able to create infinite feelings in a limited time and space.

Woman Fan Brand & Strategy Director Kotszen Audrey

Picture: Woman Fan x Sue Five People Joint 2024 Play With Time Journal

Audrey led the students to look back on 2023 and use the eight elements of life in the "Wheel of Life": "Career", "Finance", "Health", "Family and Friends", "Love", "Heart", "Play", and "Growth" to externalize their satisfaction with the current situation and examine their priorities at the moment.

(Gaying in the same scene: Every day is a new day - cleaning time is also the best time to take care of yourself)

He also reminded the trainees to let go of the anxiety of "grading themselves", focus on being aware of the highs and lows of the year, and feel free to leave blanks when facing uncertainty.

I believe that everyone has their own order of life, and everyone's answers and experiences are different. All the discoveries about this year are clues in planning for 2024.

Each awareness leads us to our own actions. Many times, when we think about how to generate action, we already have the answer.

Woman Fan Brand & Strategy Director Kotszen Audrey

Caring brings us together and becomes time together

At the event, we met veteran players who have used the small P book for 3 to 5 years, or even 7 years, and also saw many novice users who have just stepped into the field of hand ledger and are exploring how to use it.

Before the start of the activity, we asked them to draw their own relationship with time, some people think that running in different jobs and projects is like being covered by different clocks, and their time also includes other people's time, while others say that they are like being trapped in the torrent of time, allowing the big waves of time to continue to wash over their lives.

To be everyone's life coach, so that everyone can become their true selves without fear, is a woman fan, and it is also the life mission of all women's fans. We believe that through this time design workshop, users who have always supported us can find their own time and find themselves.

Picture | Woman fan "Live Yourself as a Verb" play with time time workshop

Thank you to "Green Vine me time", "NAMUA", and "Pei Lu Ya/Mine Cui" for working together to create the best event experience.

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No matter what questions you had with them, after a full day of workshops, everyone found their own answers at this moment.