In recent years, there has been a growing number of foreign tourists visiting Taiwan, and in the eyes of foreigners, what is the most exciting place in Taiwan?The foreign website Buzzfeed appears in an article, organized by author Kevin Tang ( 28 Reasons To Love Taipei , which has been read and echoed by many readers in a short period of time.womany reselected 20 of the reasons for empathy, and added some womany Edit your own views.Is it gourmet food , Grandview , or is it human?Let's take a look at the reason that foreigners get away from the streets of Taipei.

1. Convenient store: everything is sold, nothing strange.

4:30 AM, what can you do?With the convenience store, you can pay school fees, buy tickets for concerts, send mail, or buy a can of john walking!

2. Alternative public art: Street view after the election

The messing flag is full of streets, and is a symbol of pluralism and democracy. (Recommended reading: [Play Art] Surprise street art )

3. Coffee Shop: The coolest view of the North.

Some people say that the greatest dream of the Taipei people is not to conquer the world, but instead to open a coffee shop with friends.But there is a unique style of coffee shops in life. When you spare a few glasses of a cup of coffee, how can you ask for a little more?

4. No insomnia: insomnia goes out to check out the book

The Tunnan Eslite and the Eslite are good places to go to the night feline.As long as you are willing, you can soak up all night in the incense of the entire house.

5. Kara OK: All the way from the night to day by day

Typhoon days, one of the most popular activities of the Taipei people is to sing in the KTV to the dim.

6. Lobster Shrimp: In the hope of eating shrimp, you have to learn to catch shrimp first

For foreigners, shrimp is novel and quirty.Try a little beer, try the most nighttime activity in Taiwan!

7. Beef Bread: The Beef for the Food of Taipei

Beef is the culinary religion of the Taipei people, and the most delicious beef noodle shop is chosen in Taipei every year in Taipei.No one in Taipei doesn't love this kind of taste buds. Come on, try it!

8. Ewing and soybean milk: Breakfast of the best breakfast

The traditional soymilk store in the city of New Taipei is famous for all kinds of hideout, and it is worth looking for.

9. Yungkang Street Restaurant: The atmosphere of humanities and history

The large snack food in the alley is a good taste of many old plentities.

10. Independent music: Good music is fermented in the corner of the Taipei corner

The culture of the underground music ensemble in the north is flourishing, and the sounds are resonating and emasculated.

11. Music Festival: The melody and rhythm of the Beat in series

The music, the simple life festival, and the opening of the festival are all the annual events of the musicians. (Recommended reading: [Play music] Hey, turn over a summer world music festival! )

12. Night shops: less relaxed itinerary

Every weekend on the streets of the Eastern District, men and women are dressed up, and the moment they open the door in the night store.

13. Yangmingshan National Park: The Beautiful Scenes of the Beauty of the Beauty


on the bus, and can arrive at Yangmingshan, which is located on the outskirts of Taipei, an hour. The beautiful scenery gives you a depressing mood.

14. Hsimenting: The Paradise

District is

collection of young people in Taipei, and is even more of a paradise for the fans.

15. Drinking tea: The wind still

three, five good friends go to the cat to drink tea, and it is a prerequisite for each of the north people. (Recommended reading: 5 NG tea-drinking times for females )

16. Sinorama Shopping Mall

wants to buy an affordable electronic product, and you have to go to the Kuanghua Market.There, there is a vast array of tech products that you're looking for.

17. Night Market: The variety of snacks,

18. Peitou Hot Springs: It is the best winter in the winter for the hot springs of the rapid transit system

the hot of

(Recommended reading: < Taiwan Bay First Day Travel > South drop bubble hot )

19. Escape from the rainy season: The Kenting Kenting

travels to the ,

to reach the south side of the island in just over two hours.The beach, the bright sun, the passion and the summer enjoyment!


High-Speed Rail Train: The ubiquitous childhood heartless

Remember this lovely train, it will take you out of the city of the city! (Recommended reading: Three Impossible Fairy Tales )

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Data Source: Buzzfeed
This Text Author: womany editorial/Janice Wei