The hit song All I Want for Christmas Is You has become a shared Christmas memory for many people, but you may never know the story behind the singer Mariah Carey...

Every Christmas, the song All I Want for Christmas Is You rings in your ears, but do you know the story of the singer Mariah Carey?

The Women Fan Editor will take you through the story of Mariah Carey in addition to the singer of All I Want for Christmas Is You, in order to deconstruct the public's one-sided understanding of her.

From a broken and disabled family

Mariah Carey was born in 1969 to a black father and a white mother.

One time Mariah Carey was painting her father's skin tone brown on a piece of drawing paper, and one of the teachers laughed and said, "You're using the wrong crayons." The image is still vividly remembered by Mariah Carey, "A feeling of discomfort and embarrassment stretched from my feet to my face. 」

Every time she was subjected to prejudice and discrimination because of her race, she felt that it was like a process of being deprived of her purity. Recalling a time when she was a student, she was locked in her bedroom by her classmates and repeatedly shouted insulting words at her, and she once said that the viciousness and hatred that these girls spewed at her were so strong that it made me feel as if I had detached myself from my body.

Mariah Carey, who experienced discrimination at school, found no solace in her family. In her 2020 memoir, The Meaning of Mariah Carey, she mentions that "when I was a child, I developed an instinct to sense that violence was coming," and that "it's not uncommon for holes in walls or other objects to fly." That's how Mariah Carey recalls the many arguments between her father and her brother.

Her sister had a drug Xi, and when Mariah Carey was 12 years old, her sister gave her cocaine, which caused her to suffer third-degree burns and send her to the hospital. Later, my sister made a pimp boyfriend, and once deliberately arranged for Mariah Carey to be alone with her boyfriend, and the man intended to sexually assault Mariah Carey in the car, but fortunately, the car suddenly appeared, and my sister's boyfriend was so frightened that he stopped.

As a result, a dysfunctional family and a bullied school make up the 24 hours of Mariah Carey's childhood.

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You have been involved in my success, but you have also caused me pain

In June 1993, she married Tommy Mottola, the director of Sony Music, and admitted that she owes part of her success to him. Tommy Motola gave her a record deal and convinced her to record a Christmas album that would later become the million-selling All I Want for Christmas Is You.

Unexpectedly, entering an intimate relationship became the beginning of another blow to Mariah Carey.

Although her husband was involved in her success, he also caused her pain, "In his world, I was just a constant money-making machine for the company, eating the work he fed me, and fulfilling another nightmare in the process of realizing my dreams. 」

Tommy Motorola's desire for control and jealousy cost Mariah Carey of power in the relationship, so that although she lives in a $32 million home, Mariah Carey describes it as a prison and she is the princess imprisoned in it.

It wasn't until five years later, after the two divorced, that Mariah Carey was finally free. Later, Mariah Carey will resort to music for the grievances of her marriage, and during the recording of her fifth album "Daydream" in 1995, she secretly recorded an alternative rock record expressing the anger and grievances she felt when her marriage broke down, which was released in 1995 under the pseudonym Chick.

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Turn discrimination into strength, write lyrics to redeem yourself

Mariah Carey later wrote about the experiences of growing up in the song, "Outside," in which the lyrics sing: "Essentially, it's always weird, not here and there, it's always a little out of place, it's ambiguous, there's a sense of belonging without touch. 」

She no longer longs for the salvation of others, but stretches out her hands to her childhood self, withdraws the hurt of childhood, and analyzes her upbringing as a mixed-race girl through the prism of a mature adult.

Although Mariah Carey's song All I Want for Christmas Is You has brought countless families and constructed the memories of Christmas that people share, what it has experienced is not always as warm and energetic as the songs, and behind the songs is more of an in-depth discussion of her past experiences.

Perhaps, as Mariah Carey puts it, "Singing is a form of escapism for me, and sometimes it feels like a therapy." In the way of music creation, Mariah Carey is still on the road, continuing to heal herself, and continue to let the listener's restless and restless hearts be at ease, this year's Christmas All I Want for Christmas Is You, will continue to be in all corners of life, becoming an opportunity for people to be contaminated with happiness.