"Talking to Xuan Xuan" invited actor Wu Kangren to talk about how he fits into each role and how he views the big and small mistakes he will experience as a human being.

Wu Kangren, who won the Golden Horse Award for Best Actor through the role of Abang in "Fudu Youth", has been in the industry for more than ten years, and everyone knows him through his role, perhaps the flying officer Guo Zhen in "A Handful of Green", the legal lawyer Wang Yu in "The Distance Between Us and Evil", or the hotel owner Liu Baolong in "The Beginning of the Lights".

has played many roles, and I have heard different voices, for example, someone once said that Wu Kangren played too hard. In this episode of "Talking to Xuanxuan", Wu Kangren told us that he has a set of self-identified contexts for acting, and he even said frankly: "I will definitely make mistakes again".

played the Fudu youth Abang, rubbing himself with the character

Wu Kangren plays the role of Abang, a foreign migrant worker who has lost his identity, in "Fudu Youth", Abang under his interpretation, all the pain and happiness are surfaced off the screen, making people believe that there is really a person named Abang in this world, who lives a life of survival in Malaysia.

In addition to Wu Kangren's profession as an actor, this interpretation also comes from going to Malaysia and entering the crowd, contacting and integrating into the local area from the physical world, so as to change the actor's understanding of the role.

"When we got to know those people, we realized that they actually had the same desire for life as we did. Wu Kangren said that as a human being, he is Xi to classify and use words to know others, so when he first looked at migrant workers, hard work and overcoming difficulties may be synonymous, but when he really got to know the migrant workers, he found that they were no different from each other, and they all shared a desire for life and life.

The experience is profound enough and the interpretation is so incisive that we can see Abang, even if there is no voice, just hand movements, but the audience can feel the voice from every sign language, feel his desire for life. The Golden Horse Award, which was once a lofty goal for Wu Kangren, was reached by him.

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Stills from "Fudu Youth".

Wu Kangren's theory of making mistakes: I will continue to make mistakes, but it doesn't matter if I make mistakes

"The road to Rome is always going to be different, you have to stick to it, sometimes you don't stick to it, even if you don't feel at a loss, you always want to do it and say it. 」

After winning the Golden Horse 60 Best Actor award, Wu Kangren is still on the road of acting, with a belief that will not change because of other people's criticism, and a neutral view of making mistakes.

"I will definitely make mistakes again, we will make mistakes, and we will make mistakes in acting, then I think it doesn't matter if I make mistakes, always do self-reflection and correction, it will never be the drama that is praised, don't worry about making mistakes, and then continue to act." He said.

Wei Xuan asked curiously, "Then how do we forgive ourselves or reconcile with our own mistakes and our own clumsiness?"

Wu Kangren's answer was brief, "Keep going. In his eyes, if you choose to stop after making a mistake, then the mistake will always exist, there is no opportunity to refute and change, and the audience's impression of you as an actor will therefore stay in the film of last year and the year before that, there will be no next play, there will be no future;

He used the metaphor of planting, making a mistake is like sealing a tree, being sealed in one place, another branch and leaf will naturally grow, and your life can continue to go down, so it doesn't matter if you make mistakes, he said with a smile.

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Stills from "Fudu Youth".

Wu Kangren: Nothing is more important than being myself, I become myself from the role

"The audience may have seen a certain performance or a certain picture of you in the past, and their impression of you is rigid, even if you are no longer what you used to be, it is difficult for you to tell these people that I am different now, I am not the Wu Kangren I used to be. 」

In addition to learning to look at mistakes neutrally, as an actor for more than ten years, Wu Kangren is very relieved of the biased, narrow, and one-sided definition, in his eyes, people always live in the past in the impression of others, and it is difficult to explain to everyone what you are like at this moment.

However, he is not discouraged, because he understands what he presents, and he also knows his own performance, so he has already let go of his attachment to the encouragement of others to establish self-identity, he is very purposeful towards what he wants to do, his heart is down-to-earth, and the power of affirmation is born from within, no longer seeking from outside, "A person's value is not just this side that everyone sees, and the annotations given to you by others may not be the real self. 」

Stills from "Fudu Youth".

He once again open-mindedly compared frustration to planting, "Where you cut and seal, the nutrients will go. Wu Kangren produces different things, living performances without being understood and restricted. Through each dialogue with the character, Wu Kangren is not only proving himself, but also understanding himself, and he can always find his own unique interpretation and experience from the process of understanding the character.

"It's a bit like having a thousand sails but always, not always. Wei Xuan said that after Wu Kangren watched so many roles, and then let so many characters into his life, although he continued to break through and interpret, he finally returned to Wu Kangren himself. Wu Kangren echoed and said, "Yes, in fact, in the end, Wu Kangren is Wu Kangren, nothing is more important than being yourself, you just be yourself. 」

In the future, if we make mistakes, we might as well learn Xi from Wu Kangren's attitude, regard mistakes as a mark of growth, and if we finally get a good report card, and then look back and spread out these mistakes in the past, maybe you will feel that everything is beautiful.