From the idol singing and dancing group to being shortlisted for the Golden Horse Best Supporting Actor, he has a brilliant rivalry with Wu Kangren in "Fudu Youth", what kind of person is this actor Chen Zeyao from Malaysia?

Tan Chak Yew – a name we are no longer familiar with, is a Malaysian actor who played his younger brother Adi in the popular movie "Fudu Youth" and was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Horse Awards.

In this episode of "Talking to Xuan Xuan", Chen Zeyao is invited to share with us his mental journey of starring in "Fudu Youth", as well as his acting career, life in Taiwan and other life stories.

How to get close to "Fudu Youth" Adi: Putting into life, we are no different

"Malaysia is a multi-ethnic place, and when I received the script outline, I first went to observe Fudu to see their lifestyle and mentality. Chan said that he used to look at migrant workers from a secular and self-righteous perspective, thinking that they were living a miserable life, but it was not inevitable that he would be close to them.

In the morning, they unload and prepare market stalls, in the afternoon, chefs can be seen in a fiery mood in the restaurant, and in the evening, some people set up stalls, smoke cigarettes on the side of the road, or sit and chat. They are satisfied with their income, take a shower after work in the evening, and go to drink and chat with friends, go to dances, and meet new people.

Migrant workers, like us, have a way of life that they recognize and love, and a world of their own.

"When we are playing or talking about the gap between the bottom and society, many people will understand it from a superior perspective. Wei Xuan said that Dan Zeyao understands it with his own eyes, so he can capture the pride, happiness and freedom of different worlds.

The filming of "Fudu Youth" is to let the audience know that there is a group of people living in such a corner of the world, and he also admitted frankly that he was wary of migrant workers in the past, firstly, because Malaysia's security is not very good, and secondly, he does not know them.

From acting in "Decibel Life", "Lost Andy" to "Fudu Youth", in the process of approaching and talking to them, Chen Zeyao deeply felt that the distance between people is due to mutual incomprehension, but after feeling, you will know that we are really too ignorant.

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Self-breakthrough in the actor's career: It's a pity to have stage fright when you meet a great opponent

Another antagonist protagonist in "Fudu Youth" is the well-known Wu Kangren, how can Chen Zeyao withstand this pressure?"Isn't it a pity to meet a great opponent but you have stage fright?" He also shared that in fact, the script first wrote the development line of his younger brother Adi, and at that time, he and the director were only thinking about how to find an actor suitable for playing his brother.

When it came to finding Brother Kangren to take the lead, he was very happy to have the opportunity to learn Xi, but he was also very nervous. From Wu Kangren, he saw the self-requirements and persistence of professional actors, and silently told himself in his heart: I can also ask for myself like this next time!

Speaking of pressure, he said that Li Xinjie, the producer of "Fudu Youth", did make him feel this way for a while. He saw Sister Xinjie's doubts about him: Can Chen Zeyao be qualified to be Adi?

In the process, Sister Xinjie also served as a spiritual mentor, chatting with him and giving him some advice, and the turning point that really gained recognition was the rehearsal of the prison scene. Chen Zeyao hopes to cultivate the tacit understanding and affection of the character, so he takes the initiative to practice sign language. He recalls rehearsing the prison scene, which was full of emotions and had many lines.

He was too involved in the rehearsal, he forgot to say the lines but played sign language, and he came back to his senses with tears in his eyes, and hurriedly apologized, but found that all the people around him were crying. The unintentional insertion of willows touched everyone at the scene, and at the same time, he also understood that the selection and dyeing power he brought to the story had made him go from being suspected to being affirmed.

"So, do you think you're a good actor?" Wei Xuan asked playfully, he shyly thought that the question was still left to the audience to define, "There is no right or wrong performance, only suitability. He has always believed that in the process, whenever he meets a great opponent, he will learn Xi with his heart.

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He walked through the identity change and continued to move forward, because he had himself in his heart

To be able to get to this day, Chen Zeyao does not forget the support of his family and the promotion of director Lilin. "Every stage is growth and Xi, which makes you different. He is at ease with the transition of identity at different stages of life, because he knows who he is.

In the past, he was a member of an idol boy group and was loved by many fans, and when asked if he would worry about the reaction of fans when they found out that they had a significant other, "I only care about acting well, and I don't think about increasing fans or fans. 」

Chen Zeyao said frankly that he knew that he just wanted to be a good actor, and he was basically good enough to be qualified to talk about the rest of the matter.

On the one hand, in order to perform well and not let others think that he is Malaysian in his performance, on the other hand, he has a heart that likes Taiwan, Chen Zeyao took the initiative to do many things that will help him integrate into Taiwan. For example, if you ask your friends how to pay for parking and how to borrow a shared locomotive, you will deliberately live next to a traditional market to see how life is changing.

In his yearning and persistence for the future, he always has himself in his heart - Tan Chak Yew, a Malaysian actor who loves and works hard to perform, this is him.

In this world, every character has a point of view of the world, and Chen Zeyao is the one who can capture the character's point of view. Wei Xuan said that Chen Zeyao is like a big tree, with deep roots, and it is constantly growing. With a grateful and fearless attitude, I believe that he is full of love and strength, and will continue to perform according to his heart's desire.

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